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  1. Fojar

    Fojar Plays World of Warships

    Carrying my team in a ranked battle:
  2. Check out these 2 videos below and if you like them let me know and maybe check out my channel and subscribe?
  3. Fojar

    Fojar Plays

    Just uploaded my first of several division gameplay videos, check it out if you want to see how much teamwork improves WOWS! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxdNd0OX6Iu4v_bS67ojKmA Bump.
  4. Fojar

    Fojar Plays

    Most recent video can be found here, don't forget to like and subscribe!
  5. Fojar

    Fojar Plays

    New Videos every Wednesday and Saturday at least for the foreseeable future, check it out if you haven't already and hit that subscribe button for more.
  6. Fojar

    Fojar Plays

    I have figured out how to schedule videos now so keep an eye out of new videos every couple of days, or subscribe either or!