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  1. HerrMansen

    Mutsuki - some tips?

    I was referring to the 6km torps, yes. Because someone adamantly insisted that they were viable (Which I commented on) I do use the 10km torps now, but frankly anything other than a parked battleship will see those coming and can turn away. You're lucky to get a single hit off now and then with optimal angling (in my experience at least - Still getting used to the slower speed and mental math predictions)
  2. HerrMansen

    Mutsuki - some tips?

    Just the one problem - You'll be spotted before you launch torpedoes, unless you launch them out of range and pray the gain on the enemy.
  3. HerrMansen

    Minekaze.... what have they done !

    If you think the Minekaze is bad after the nerfs, just wait till you upgrade to the Tier VI and LOSE another kilometer of Torpedo range. Enjoy being spotted before you even have a chance to drop torpedoes.
  4. HerrMansen

    Do NOT Buy the "Special Offer".

    You're making assumptions, your facts can't clear.
  5. HerrMansen

    USSR BBs?

    You skimmed the article, clearly. Note the part about its carrier in the CCCP.
  6. HerrMansen

    Hitting ships for no damage after update?

    I might be going crazy, but there are two distinctly different "bounce" sounds, yes? Either you get a hit sound or one of the two glancers?
  7. HerrMansen

    British and German Warships

    It'll take time of course - They want to roll out more than a few ships at a time. And they'll want to QA test them to make sure they don't skew balance noticeably compared to existing ships.
  8. HerrMansen

    Hitting ships for no damage after update?

    You can start fires with AP as well. Very unlikely though. On the topic of bounces and such - Does anyone know what each specific impact sound means? I am often unsure if I bounced, glanced or what have you. Makes it hard to know if AP is even effective or not without a voice cue.
  9. HerrMansen

    Should the "Atlantic" map be removed?

    Ocean - Never again.
  10. What CVs need is the ability for the AI to take over - Maybe then at least they won't hide in a corner, engines off all match.
  11. HerrMansen

    Do NOT Buy the "Special Offer".

    You can call it what you want - It's still a scam.
  12. HerrMansen

    Unified FreeXP

    Sure - For a week at the most before natural selection kicks in.
  13. HerrMansen

    Account not reset for launch?

    Uh... no? This was announced ages ago. The Closed to Open beta phase change was the final wipe...
  14. HerrMansen

    Mutsuki - some tips?

    Just got this one - Feels like such a punch to the nuts coming from an already heavily nerfed Minekaze. 6 Kilometer torpedoes... Excuse me what? I'll be spotted before I even get within a range where I can lay down a spread of torpedoes, much less escape it without a guaranteed need to pop repair at least once (often getting that ever so lucky twice engine death in a row salvo...) This ship has completely killed my interest in IJN Destroyers - They could at least have given us the 10km torps as a starting choice with the spotting changes.
  15. HerrMansen

    UI scaling

    The bumps will continue until wargaming takes 4K users serious.