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  1. DrHippo

    New Content?

    I have a couple of Tier 8's and yeah I havent played them that much because I dont find the game play to be as fun at that tier, and above so whats your point? Why would I play half the ships when they are for want of a better word bad? From stats and reviews I wanted to skip the ones I thought would be boring and I didnt like so I did. It was crap enough playing the Furutaka and the US Battleships im not going to do it again to get to the one or two ships in a line I think may actually be enjoyable. And i think you will find with the Mogami I played the whole line up to her and got bored with how crazy te grind gets at higher tiers and the lack of rewards at those tiers. When I got the Mogami it was after one of the 5.something patch's where they had screwed everything up and the gameplay was crap sh i havent played it much. Regardless, my question wasnt about what ships I have or havent played it was about if there were any announcements about new content because as I said 'for me' the Germans and Russians werent very good, if i want a cruiser thats made of paper ill play the Atlanta, if I want a DD that shoots a lot I can play the Atlanta. Grinding through lines of ships I dont enjoy just because they are there isnt my idea of fun.
  2. DrHippo

    New Content?

    Hello, not played much recently and probs a bit behind on the news. I was wondering if there had been any update on some new content to the game? I saw that there was some anime skin stuff coming but thats just flair, any news on actual ship lines or new nations or maps? Its been a while since we got some content and for me the German Cruisers were quite a disappointment and not much of DD player so the Russian DD's dont interest me.
  3. One thing I have found that has put myself and my friends off is the lack of team and social stuff in the game, we were hoping that when it was released something would be added but we still only have divisions, while they are ok for a couple of people they dont promote any community and if more than three of us want to play a game together we cant so we just play something else. The lack of progress that can be made if you only play casually has also put off some people I know because they just feel like they are getting no where with it once they reach tier 5/6 so they arent interested.
  4. DrHippo

    Question About Gifting

    Cool, do you know if you need their email address or their in game name?
  5. DrHippo

    Question About Gifting

    Im want to gift my friend something in the premium shop but have a couple of questions. In the Recipient box do we put their email address or account name? Where is the My Gifts page in the premium shop? Can you only see it when you have a gift?