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  1. The_Gearinator

    How not to suck at US Cruisers?

    @BLUB__BLUB, @Rusty_9, @Hummus and @Zimbit Thank you for all the advice, not gonna lie, after a few days of no replies bar the first one I didn't bother looking again until today. So, sorry I mostly ignored you all until now, but thank you all for the advice! Gonna go and see how it works out for me now, not rushing in, supporting DDs and all that. My main problem was dying very early on, so if I can avoid that then somethings going right at least
  2. The_Gearinator

    How not to suck at US Cruisers?

    I was thinking that, but I'm my lower tiers I'm not too bad. In the likes of the Yubari and Nassau I can fairly easily and regularly rack up 35-55k damage. That's what made me think it was more me not knowing how to play the cruisers. But hey, it's sound advice and after so long off, I might end up just starting a new line to ease myself back in anyway, cheers!
  3. The_Gearinator

    How not to suck at US Cruisers?

    Hello everyone! I played WoWs way back in beta and for a short while after release too. I somehow made it up to Tier 9 US Cruisers as well as T6 on a few other nations lines. I assume back then I didn't suck so much, or had at least a basic idea of how to play. Regardless, I decided to re-download the game on my new PC and have another go recently. Not only is my T9 no longer the Baltimore, but regardless of how I play the Buffalo, and the few ships preceding that I still own, I just suck... a lot. I don't know what I'm doing wrong or how to improve. I've tried looking on Youtube and the forums to get some general idea of how I might be going wrong, but no matter how I seem to try and play, who's advice I try and follow, I still find it excruciatingly difficult to even manage breaking 10k damage. I'm getting both somewhat frustrated and embarrassed at constantly being the bottom 3 people on my team, not only because I almost always loose about 30k silver (give or take 5k depending on the match) but I'm always more of a hindrance to the team winning than I would be where I not there. Hell, I feel the only way that I could be more of a hindrance is if I actively tried to sink friendlies. I'm not asking for a master class or anything like that, just tips, tricks and a few pointers to at least get a (might as well be) new player going in the right direction on how to actually be a benefit to the team, and maybe make some silver in the process. Anything constructive and helpful is much appreciated, thanks! :D