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  1. SpartanFretum

    0.10.0 - Commander Skills Update

    Did you really expect solid work for this Arcade game? This update is a huge buff to all the premium ships, forcing BBs to stay in the back and snipe. Another "historically accurate" feature for world of warshits.
  2. SpartanFretum

    Karma system is totally broken

    karma was always broken. Its only for streamers and WG stuff. You probably got reported because you killed them, Thats how it is, and will be. Dont expect anything from Developers, they are busy making new premium ships!
  3. SpartanFretum

    Rental Midways - ROFL!!!!

    Another EPIC Fail from the uber wg team.
  4. SpartanFretum

    Continous chat bans

    you cant chat in port when you have 1 to 3 day chatban. So thats a fail expalaination.
  5. SpartanFretum

    Ranked Battles: the Eighteenth Season

    Since when divisions were allowed on Ranked games? Except if you confuse the sprints, which is the ranks for everyone I wish there were more players that didnt join Ranked games. Every game we have to carry the 40% potatoes... PS: The shitshow has began....
  6. SpartanFretum

    Dindu Nuffin Daily Potatoes

    seal clubing ftw. An easy way to fix stats :)
  7. SpartanFretum

    Update 0.9.6: German Carriers

    Rusiian Battleships have left this conversation....
  8. SpartanFretum

    Continous chat bans

    As WG explained countless times? HAHAHAHA. That must be the joke of the day brah... Believe me, even while chatbanned, i have experienced my chatban beeing extended for misbehaviour in chat by automated system. So that is not a fact. As about the ticket you suggest, i once tried to appeal it. I made a total of 14 tickets in 3-4 days, getting an automated answer from a bot, until i got an actual person replying to me, and he said, he cant do anything about it, as the penalty comes from the automated system. Maybe he could and he just didnt care. God knows. The only lesson i learned from that experience? Not a single penny again to WG. Since that day, i havent bought anything from premium shop.
  9. SpartanFretum

    Continous chat bans

    Yeap. The real problem with chatban is especially on ranks, when you have to communicate with some players that the actually deserve to get to rank 1. what that system does in reality pusish even them cause they cant communicate with you.
  10. SpartanFretum

    Continous chat bans

    Report system should change asap. There should be an option to report someone for beeing completely useless, and of course beein able to do 7 reports per game insteam of 7 per day. As for automated system? it is useless. I have my chat disabbled from aslain, so as to avoid getting chatbanned, and i still get chatban, just because some divition decided to report me for misbehaviour in chat, just cause i edited* them in game. And i dont wanna talk about reports when i play my enterprise... Every game on that CV is a -3 to 5 karma. This is WG, just another useless feauture in the game. edit: language please
  11. SpartanFretum

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    I was spotted for a single second since i was behind a mountain at the time, that was enough i guess, but you are missing the point. People are talking about counterplay, and complaining about cvs, since there is no counterplay. What is the counterplay of a BB that has 18-19km range, and he gets deleted from 25+km? What is the counterplay when you cant do anything since there is overmatch? Stop looking at the tree and start looking at the forest.
  12. SpartanFretum

    for about Moskva Camouflage

    According to Terms, WG has the right to do whatever they want, so we are not getting our money back for the camo. Is that morale? NO! Absolutely NO, but since when WG gives a "toss" about the community? They are showing us the middle finger with that dicision, and personaly, i am showing them back the same by having stopped dropping a single cent on imaginary "historically accurate hahahaha" ships.
  13. SpartanFretum

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Matchamking.... Playing a T8 bb, vs shikishima. That crap is way too accurate. 55k from 25km, THIS IS TOTAL BS, and i hope the guy (or team) that decide the mm, go... (thats a ban, cause its worst that anything you can think of)
  14. SpartanFretum

    Mods Policy

    So, as far as I can read, you can Use modstation, but not aslain. So if you end up reporting a bot, you will be punished, cause on your screen shot, it would appear a mod that WG doesn't approve, even if its completely fair to the gameplay. Seriously WG, are you making money from modstation and aslain didn't cut you a deal so you ban him? Because modstation is pretty similar to aslains mod. Just tiny differences, purely cosmetic.
  15. SpartanFretum

    Now were getting serious numbers of AAA DD's...

    well, we play a WWII game, with dds from 1956!!! That's WG logic, which means no logic. Its very logical to have dds with better AA than AA cruisers for them....