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  1. I see a lot of WG fan boys around here. Didn't expect anything else than that. Detonation increase is a fact observed by many players that I have talked to. As about who is crying to the forum, that cant be me, cause as you see unlike the most attention whores here, I have only 50something posts to the forum, meaning, I don't give a _ _ _ _ , and I don't expect anything to be fixed from a company that still claims its a beta game after so many years. I will reply to any official WG staff if needed (I doubt they will answer on this subject) For the rest... Keep trolling ladies
  2. so, you are trying to prove me wrong, without any fact as well. You just trying to prove someones observation wrong, because of your doubt... Are you some kind of crazy, or you just sucking wg? Hoping to get something in return?
  3. And that's what I am saying. ships that never had a detonation problem before, they get detonation in EVERY game lately. What don't you understand? Today in 5 games, I witnessed a detonation in all 5 games, either from mine or enemy team....
  4. based on my and on every member of my clan. Simple as that. We cant all be crazy
  5. read before you write something. I mentioned that on the last couple updates you can see the detonation ratio increased. That was due to bad coding. I know how it was and when it changed, but when you see a ship that you had 300 battles and never had a detonation before, playing now and get detonated EVERY match, then you know that something changed.
  6. After the last couple of updates, you messed up the code so badly that in almost every game you see a detonation. So fix your mistake and stop being so incompetent for once in your life. The game is a joke. I got a detonation on my kremlin today on 72k hp remaining from 1 hipper torp on the nose. Pathetic.
  7. Maniattack

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.7

    Tyeah, but they give you free consumables!!! HAHAHAHA, 3 consumables approximate 75k, so in 100 games with a ship, you get the value of a t7 ship!!!! and you can buy doublons to unmount the upgrades from their shop, so you don't lose your money when you demount them!! see, they are looking after the community!!!!!
  8. Maniattack

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.7

    so, even though people has expressed that doesn't want the reset on a line, you still don't care and go on according to your plans? You really don't care at all about the community, and that's a proven fact now. As about AA changes. You "supposed" that you changed the game play of CV, so more people can join this gameplay, but even though people play less and less cvs after the last update, you still boost the AA. So that's another proven fact, that your priority was the xbox and PS4 players to be able to play them, and didn't care at all about the rest. Well done once again. Your nickname as WarFailing is strong.
  9. Maniattack

    Hidden upcoming AA changes

    When you buy a premium ship, you consider everything, and see the pros and cons. That decision is based not on the heat of the moment, but based on the stats, abilities, and factors of the ship. If that changes, EVERYONE should be able to get refund.
  10. Maniattack

    Hidden upcoming AA changes

    I want a refund for my atlanta too. Is that wrong?
  11. Maniattack

    Hidden upcoming AA changes

    It doesn't matter when it was tested, and for how long, and why it was announced in the last minute. What really matters, is the fact that people have paid to buy products that are effected a lot by these changes. Those products can be either premium CVs, or even non premium CVs, that people either bought, used converted XP from doublons, or even demounted upgrades with doublons to mount them on the next tier CV. ALL THESE transactions are affected by these changes, and users SHOULD have the option to test these changes and if they don't like them, take refund.
  12. Maniattack

    Hidden upcoming AA changes

    Thank you for the information, I see it was posted yesterday. I actually tried to post this yesterday, before that news patch, and then I had some problems in the area with my provided, so, my post was done today. So its official. I would like to see official answers to my questions though about the consumable, and the adrenaline rush skill.
  13. Maniattack

    Hidden upcoming AA changes

    Buddy, there is nothing on the patch notes, All these information are from users that read forums, and especially Reddit. You can check the notes in the page you provided and read the news. There is NOTHING there about this matter. As I said, hidden changes, unannounced. But definitely will effect peoples gameplay, especially those that bought Premium CVs
  14. Maniattack

    Hidden upcoming AA changes

    as confirmed from the user above, there is nothing there
  15. Maniattack

    Hidden upcoming AA changes

    Can you show me what notes? Cause as I have red the announcements on the news you receive in game and videos, I didn't saw anything there