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  1. Maniattack

    Daily shipment rigged?

    wtf is going on with daily shipment? As I was about to get the "top rewards, it reset it self... Is there any official answer? cause it seems they disappeared these last few days. Maybe I should look it up on Reddit....
  2. Maniattack

    Matchmaker Improvements

    I still get some games with 5 dds on each side. Rare, but happens. What is also amazing is that 3 days ago there were 4 dds on enemy side, and only 3 on mine, (where 1 of us was a khaba) so... what improvements?
  3. Maniattack

    Ranked Sprint

    t5 rank sprint... It sucks. Rewards are awful, loads of potatoes that don't know the basics of the game, and as for t5 cruisers? Useless. The 8vs8 is worst actually. Too many ships. Completely unfair also for people who started the game later on and they don't have OP ships like kamikaze R. Ships like these should be either excluded or make it possible for others to acquire them. Last but not least, I had bought a (crap) Murmansk back in the days when I knew nothing about the game. . When you introduced the sprint, you didn't follow the usual way of "rebalancing" the ship, yet you introduced a 2nd version of that ship, so that the owners of the 1st version, are like the idiots who made the mistake of buying one in the first place. PS: On both sprints I managed easily to get ranked 1, so I am not "crying" because I couldn't do it. just stating what it is.
  4. Maniattack

    2 Tier Overmatch. Compensation

    Completely agree with the creator of this thread. Its stupid to have a t8 ship against t10s, as its stupid to have any ship facing another 2 tiers tiers higher in any battle. I have 8 t10s and I ve been through this matchmaking for too long. Of course there are games that you end up in the top, but the lack of repairs gives a huge disadvantage to you. Torpedo range on dds is not enough to provide safety from radars. Don't know if its true, but I remember a quote from a CC that the reason WarFailing is not fixing the mm is that this would create a longer que for the battle. Which is sad, cause I believe a lot more people would actually play t8s if they knew they are gonna have a good mm, plus there are a lot of people that don't play this game because of this mm system, as they had enough. As for some specific ships and setup, t8 is a curse. GL trying to play your Bismarck or Tirpitz with a secondary build when your concealment is 14.3 and your firing range is almost 20, when you have montanas, conquerors, republiques, and even many cruisers shooting at you from more than 20km... To further add, there are some feautures on the game like premium camos, for t8s, that WarFailing is counting for their income. Why should someone spend his money on a ship that he knows that he will be bottom tier 99/100 times? only an idiot would.
  5. Maniattack

    Pretty sure, that Stalingrad got ninja nerfed

    boohoo, my Extremely OP ship is just very OP...
  6. Maniattack

    Clan battles test season grey'ed out

    WarFailing ftw. zero respect to all of us idiots, who pay to aquire premium ships and accounts. That's ok, I wont be doing this mistake age.... Not a single announcement to the official forum, and people let us know that there was an announcement on Reddit... Pathetic
  7. WOW! this is your language and you understood that my life is based on a video game? I am amazed cause obviously you don't understand. Every gamer Mr Crystanthos has a life. I am 40 years old with a family and a job. Your life is dependent on a video game cause that's how you make a living. But for my personal entertainment , I choose to spend some of my free time to play a video game, without ever neglecting anything else. And please stop referring to WG as "they" cause everyone can see even in your avatar, that you are "WG staff" so you are a part of them. I hope your problems now are solved cause you might HAVE TO stream.... Food for though: If you were doing (WG, not you) such a good job, shouldn't this game have a growing community instead of a deteriorating?
  8. Criticism is constructive, except if you believe our opinion doesn't matter and you cant take it. 3 posts on forum on almost 3 years of gameplay says a lot.....
  9. no you don't understand the frustration. This is obviously your job and you are obligated to be here. Mine on the other hand is NOT, so I have to arrange my life so I can enjoy something which I repeat I pay for it. Its not only frustration, its also a waste of my money on people that cant deliver what I pay for. Got it bro?
  10. server downtime was according to plan? if you cant be responsible enough, like all of you there in the team, just quit. We don't pay premium accounts so you cant be trustworthy. Enough is enough