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  1. lemonidasm

    Important message for the community

    We are players from around the planet and way more than 500 . Fix your game , desync , curving torps, remove subs that nobody asked for , fix useless AA , do not nerf ships just because you wanna sell new ships and MANY MANY OTHER . THEN monetize proudly what you want , no casino tactics , fair and square.
  2. lemonidasm

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    errmm the rest of the team friend. Its not a single player game and i think their numbers say everything.
  3. lemonidasm

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    I do not claim look at the screenshot
  4. lemonidasm

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Ohhh wow its you again , well explain since you know everything then , or are you here only for ironic comments ?
  5. lemonidasm

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    You guys with your graphs and charts are absolutely out of reality . Look at the real live numbers. And you try to tell us about matchmaking and selecting players from your range. See the below and tell me about mm range and slaughter which happens in every damned game. As far as i understand you intentionaly keep players for canon fodder and other specific players you give RNG with the tons. I used to actively support wargaming in several communities but no more. Your charts say nothing to me since one day of the week its godly RNG and the rest of the days RNG makes you miss targets at 6 km.
  6. lemonidasm

    World of Warships - Anti-Cheat Policy warning

    I got the same warning , I dont use cheats , hell i dont even use modstation or Aslain . I dont know what they use to detect such "modifications" but they probably never heard of false positives either. They gave me the same robotic reply as always , strange thing is they did not asked samples of the modified files they claimed they found in my game files which makes it weird . They didnt even ask for the computer config to examine what hardware could cause their so called modification , IF it is hardware related.
  7. lemonidasm

    PSA: Desync issue

    Dear Aspen , Just for the information , This guy @YabbaCoe is the most approachable person in wows and loves interacting and evolving the game. We all know that staff members have nothing to do with company decisions my friend. Some of them are just messengers of decisions and undertake difficult jobs like gather info from the forum in the form of survey or other ways. The desync you talk about is because WG gave weight to US market instead of repairing/upgrading existing infrastructure in EU . I am in no way related to WG other than playing the game , but some things are very obvious. Why do you think they separated forums for the different regions Sad thing is that also RNG(stands for uncapable programmers) is broken when you think you overshoot or your shell damage does not register at all. The guilty part of WG is that they use YOU and ME to troubleshoot their own software. Instead of testing it first . And the people who decide the features have done half thinking. Keeping Beta the game does not allow a game to die. Its the trick of the century. What i would do ? Freeze imaginary updates every now BUT inform the players first , fix ALL problems , dont poop out SO many Ranked and new features in Clan battles and finally come back with a major update to regain the trust of the playerbase. Go transparent and clean as ASPEN said and ALL your players will be die hard fans. But who would listen a player considered only for his pocket. Right ?
  8. lemonidasm

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Where the heck you see balance in the game . I have since this morning 15 battles 2 of them in same T6 all the rest are T8 . What MM are mumbling about . Seems devs you create problems not resolving them . And if anyone says im salty we are at sea dumbasses. But oh no dont critisize the game its free. Free my .....
  9. lemonidasm

    PSA: Desync issue

    Still no solution. And its not only desync , one in 2 shots are not registering , and support can only blame your computer , your connection , your settings. It seems that WG does everthing in their power to push away its player base. It seems all WG cares to make easy & fast profit with minimum or no investment, With opportunistic releases and no troubleshooting actual and critical software problems. Im sad to sse so many ppl flee from this game especially some of my friends that we started this game with. Sad to see such an amazing game left to die, because eventually this will happen ,when you do not address the problems and not trying to fix it.
  10. lemonidasm

    server down again ?

    I have no lag , my pc is brand new, just the server are for the garbage . You get so much money Wargaming . BUY NEW equipment. Im not a free player but i will be. Stop introducing new ships anf fix your problems Time to go to War Thunder again
  11. lemonidasm

    Naval Legends: Georgios Averof

    One of a kind , it must be added ASAP. This ship was actually called satan ship by its opponents and for a good reason !!! It should go to T7 at least , as a heavy cruiser due to its 234mm british canons and the heavy armor reinforcements. 8km would be the best range for its torps.
  12. lemonidasm

    Bad FPS on a good laptop

    Check your task manager for extreme use of resources , WOWS is a broken game and that's a fact , all it takes for you to understand this is have a look in profile folder at python logs. Exclude WOWS folder from windows builtin antivirus scanning. Check again for resources usage in Task manager. If this continues lower the resolution to see if it continues. Limit FPS to 60 in settings and select "reduce fire effects". Run manufacturers diagnostic for your hard drives. secondary drive is mechanical there might be damage or drive imminent failure, disconnect it and try the game again. If not make a clean install of the game by completely erasing old installation ( includes manual deletion of folders ) Lastly if you cannot find it , seek pro help.
  13. lemonidasm

    a needed smolensk tweek

    Rion \ «Рион», Auxiliary Cruiser (1901; ex-Dobroflot liner Smolensk \ «Смоленск») - Commissioned 1904, returned to Dobroflot 1905 and served under the old name, commissioned as Training vessel Rion 1913, Transport 1914, captured by White Army 1919, interned by France in Bizerte 1920, returned to Soviet Russia 1924 and sold for BU Pre WW1 ships converted into toxic monster post WW2 ship. How low will you go wargaming.
  14. lemonidasm

    Bad economy , bad calculations ? You be the judge.

    LOL it just happened that they did not focus at me , Balls ??? or pure luck ??? just watch the replay before you call a real life spartan like that. Yes i live there. I suppose you re British since you drink tea angrily. Wasn't you the ones that said that Heroes fight like Greeks ? Good day to you too.