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  1. Grumpy_Fink

    [Operation] Raptor Rescue

    Very easy tbh, first go 5*
  2. I dont need to practice dodging, i have no issues at close range or when i know i am being shot at. Its when your shot at from the other side of the map without knowledge its happening and BOOM you're gone. It used to be a rare occasion, now its happening more and more.
  3. I am sick to death of being obliterated in a CA from full heath from 20+km away, while being heavily angled by BB's. WG this has to stop, its just stupid. In beta when CA and BB could do this to DD, you removed DD citadels. I am not asking you do this, but you need to address the situation. Some suggestions to change this are: Change the over-match mechanics, so after a set distance shells can no longer over-match armor Change AP that after a set distance, its ability to penetrate drops off dramatically Change CA citadels so they are smaller, so tougher to hit a great distances Change BBs dispersion so it increase dramatically after a set distance Any of these would help and you never know some of them could help stop the high tier BB camping/sniping meta which now plagues the game. Thanks
  4. Grumpy_Fink

    Why are BB always top tier?

    Something i have noticed recently, and given how OP BBs are at the moment, i am not sure why it is that BB seem always to be top tier in every match. I am just not sure why, given there ability to delete anything at any range, surely it would be better balancing, making them bottom tier in each match?
  5. So MM at T8 just dealt me a match with the following on each side: 4 x DD 6 X CA 2 x BB It make a change not being BB heavy.......BUT...... the NME team had everyone with smoke bar the 2 BB! We just had our 4 DD with smoke, and no CA smoke cable ships, or ships with radar to counter it. We were just screwed. The whole match was just angry shell spitting smoke clouds. This has to be the worst WoWs game i have experienced, it was so one-sided, it wasn't even funny. Lets give every ship smoke and just make it "World of Smoke Clouds". The current smoke meta is destroying this game, smoke mechanics need some drastic changes.
  6. Grumpy_Fink

    Update 0.6.3. windows XP and vista support

    If your still on XP or Vista your a fool. XP support ended 3 years go, so your PC is wide open to all sorts of vulnerabilities, Vista support will end in little over a week. Let me guess you play the game at 800x600, your PC has a "turbo" button, your using AOL on dial-up from a free CD, and you still use Encarta 95?
  7. Grumpy_Fink

    Can it be?

    Some are saying they will be in the game, but just as part of an April fools mini game, like we had for Halloween. Also WG to you way to early for April fools, you needed to wait 5 more days.
  8. Grumpy_Fink

    Update 0.6.3. windows XP and vista support

    Given that MS don't support these OS anymore why should WG? XP is 16 years old Vista is 11 years old Its because people play on potato PCs with ancient OS that WG don't build a new game engine (stuck on the WoT old engin) that has better graphics and optimisation.
  9. Grumpy_Fink

    Since last Patch my stats have dropped..

    I have been seeing the same, and am thinking of taking a game break for a while. I have gone from a 56+% win rate down to 51% since Update 0.6.0
  10. IFHE has had a MUCH bigger impact on the game that RPF, considering the backlash RPF had when it was on the test servers. I hardly ever see anyone spec it now. IFHE on the other-hand has changed the game since it was introduced.
  11. Grumpy_Fink

    Aiming for a ship on map border

    If we had borderline maps you would never see a BB again, they would all just sail away to max range
  12. Grumpy_Fink

    Reduce the view distance in the middle of the smoke.

    At what point did i say it needs to be removed? I just said it needs to be changed to make firing out of smoke more inaccurate,to turn it back into a defensive ability, and not the sniper nest it is currently.
  13. Grumpy_Fink

    Change max ship classes in team compositions?

    Agreed, but i normally only see that if i venture back into the sub T7s
  14. Grumpy_Fink

    Reduce the view distance in the middle of the smoke.

    I sort of agree. I think smoke mechanics need to be look at and reworked, as smoke should be a defensive measure to stop you from being deleted when things get a a bit too hot from over extension. Unfortunately its turned into an offensive necessity of WG doing, where everyone now sits in smoke shooting out. I think that if your sitting in smoke and your team mates are spotting for you, your accuracy should be greatly reduced. It would stop the CA & BB using smoke as invisable sniping spot, as shots fired out would be blind luck. Yes RNG may favour you sometimes, but thats just WoWs.
  15. I am probably going to get flamed for this, and/or called a noob, etc, etc, etc, but here goes. IMO the max ship classes in team compositions need to be changed, as they have degraded considerably for the last new patches. I am seeing now that from T6/7-10 that the majority of games are: 1-2 x CV 5 x BB 4-5 x DD 1-3 CA And we just get the matches of BBs hug the outermost limits for the map, and try to snipe everything. DDs camping in smoke, and what CA are left smokeless and left to move about and look for some kind of engagement where they can see the target. I think that is the max limits for each class were change to: 2 CV 3 BB 3 DD Fill remainder with CA You would get more dynamic and interesting game play. Just my 2p, but though i would throw it out there.