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  1. Nirkrae

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.8

    deleted, found the answer to my question a second after asking lol
  2. Nirkrae

    discount or scam?

    i used the price that you pay when you buy it in the shop. i ignored "discounts" or anything and only took the price you pay because everything else is irrelevant. if you want to call it a discounted price please do so, then it is the base. but i never payed 137,06 for the package, nor have i bought so many credits ingame and payed this price then, therefore i used the "usual" price it is available for. i wouldn't call this biased to be honest, but closer to reality. why would i use the ingame credit as a baseprice? i deliberatly wanted to use (like i explained in the post, but maybe i haven't made that clear enough) "the cheapest(per unit) biggest package with a single type of content" edit: i now included the ingame credits so the difference to the shop price is visible. btw you can call it discount when you go up, or price increase when you go down, i chose the latter because you already included it the other way in the "discounts".
  3. Nirkrae

    discount or scam?

    yeah like that. it gives you more oversight that way because when comparing 2 packages of similar potatos with different weights and prices it helps to have a "per kg" price attached for comparison. in the same way i thought to introduce the "worthness" factor which is nothing more than a comparison of the "per unit price" to the biggest packages. edit: my original reason to make this was because i wanted to know if combined packages might be a better deal and the same for things like the admiral packages of ships in the armory. maybe i'll put aquila in as a gerneal comparison. it just compares the contents anyway, not if it is worth it for "you" personally.
  4. Nirkrae

    discount or scam?

    it's like i said in the post, i took the bigest package in the shop and used that as a "base-price" so you can compare things better i thought about using the new year price for premium but decided against it bc if the smaller packages are important to you and you want to know how much you pay extra / how much discount oyu miss out on then you are not using the new years one anyway. edit: for credits it is the "shipload of credits" package i used, therefore it has a 1.0 wortness
  5. Nirkrae

    Perma cammo without economic bonus

    i think all permacamos (especially when they cost the same es before) should automatically come with economic bonuses. everything else is just spitting into the customers face
  6. Nirkrae

    discount or scam?

    hi, i made a little price comparison sheet where you can see how much value vs price certain packages and deals have. you should be able to see all calculations in the cells of the excel, more explanation is in my post on reddit:
  7. Nirkrae

    Creating a great transformation

    i really like this idea and it remembers me of the level systems like in overwatch. they really give long-term motivation for playing more because youw ant that sweet xp and another level to add a star on your character frame
  8. Nirkrae

    Summer Days in the Armory

    without the economic bonus the "voyage" containers have lost 80% of their worth. why would you do that? i think every permacamo should come with a economic bonus
  9. Nirkrae

    Update 0.11.6 - General feedback

    suggestion: how about a filter so i can filter for ships with a permanent bonus
  10. ich hätte eine nicht unwichtige detailfrage zu spezialtarnungen (wie zB kobayashi tarnung bei der kii) jeder der die tarnungen bereits hat behält sowohl tarnung als auch den (angepassten) bonus, soweit so gut, außerdem werden die tarnungen (optisch) weiterhin im spiel bleiben [find ich gut, schaun tlw echt geil aus], aber was ich nicht ganz mitbekommen habe, was ist mit leuten die von zB der kobayashi tarnung für die kii den ökonomischen bous wollen aber noch nicht besitzen? Wird der bonus weiterhin erhältlich sein oder gibt es nur mehr den jeweiligen "standard" permabonus zu kaufen?
  11. Nirkrae


    "könnte das letzte mal sein" FOMO-angeln. entweder es kommt nicht mehr oder es kommt wieder aber "könnte" ist ein [edited] move
  12. there seems to be something wrong with the zoom cam with subs. might be a bug prduced bc of my monitor (samsung odyssey g9) in the picture oyu can see that all elements (like the power stages of the engine and the ship on the compass) once shown will stay and moved elements will be layed over it. this continous one as long as you are zoomed in and will make everything unreadable
  13. Nirkrae

    GPU Temps in Port

    how about wg releases a port that doesn't use so much gpu power. at least until they fixed it.
  14. Most important question: When?
  15. Nirkrae

    [Ergebnisse] Ostereiersuche

    ich habe auf teilnehmen gedrückt, 3 matches gespielt, keine eier. ich konnte erneut auf teilnehmen drücken, ich habe 2 matches gespielt....keine eier. wenn es echte sachpreise zu gewinnen gibt, dann macht das wenigstens fair.