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  1. Valmorian

    5.8 AA effects? bring them back!

    I thought something changed about them.... MAKE IT AN OPTINAL THING!!! Fck sake WG, stop with this utter [edited]!! There are TONS of people who have a DECENT ENOUGH pc to run it, if you dont, well too bad :/ there is a reason why there is a "low quality" button in the option menu :/ IF you tone it down do it for LOW only... not for those who can run it on Ultra, oh and also if you cant run this game decently enough on LOW then you really really REALLY needa concider going to concole because oh boy you cant be saved... my PC is 3 years old with a fairly old CPU/GPU and I can run it on 60/70 fps MAXED so if you have issues you REALLY needa upgrade or GTFO XD Specs for those who want em: CPU FX 6300 3.5 GHz (OC'd to 4,5GHZ) GPU: AMD Radeon R270x 2GB RAM: Kingston Hyper X 16GB's (4 sticks)
  2. Valmorian

    In-game Soviet Cruiser event

    Boooooo! They shouldve atleast pulled in the Germans with them, cause last time they did it aswell.... I call BS
  3. Valmorian

    0.5.3 Commander Skills - Behind The Scenes

    Nerfing the Cruisers again? GG WG, GG.... so now the Destroyers are going to be even more OP XD their spotting distance is already BS XD
  4. Valmorian

    What just happened?

    about 5min ago I was shooting at a cruiser, I killed it and my game insta-crashed, I was like the f*ck just happened!? so I booted the game up again and then it said the servers where down, now I am able to play again but what happened!? Anyone that had the same issue? now itll take forever to get my 30 cruiser kills xD
  5. Valmorian

    Public Test General Feedback

    Absolutely love the fact that you can change your port! imo it would be really cool if you guys added ships to the ocean port, cause now its just ocean everywhere, would be really cool if there where a few ships arround, gives you the feeling youre in a fleet which is cool. in the last public test you guys had more "alarms" when there was a fire, when you came near someone I believe and when you came too close to an island, please add those alarms back in, gives you a more realistic feeling, I loved it! but you guys didnt do crapwith it xD please add a ship horn aswell since people still cant watch where theyre sailing.... or driving or what ever Battleships still dont do asmuch damage as they should imo... their reload is long which is no problem if you actually did damage... got 5 hits on a battleships with my New Mexico on another New Mexico and I just did 1,5k damage... I know shells can bounch but it was straight on the deck xD please buff Battleships... theyre unaccurate as hell, their reload is slow and if you hit you dont do damage atall unless youre lucky. for the rest im having fun and trying out the new things. keep up the good work!
  6. Valmorian

    Public Test 0.5.1 Changelog

    Loved the new maps!! Add weather effects, makes it 10x more interesting
  7. Valmorian

    Wipe after Open Beta?

    Thanks allot
  8. Valmorian

    Wipe after Open Beta?

    Nice!! Thanks allot! Now I can enjoy WoWS without having to worry my progression will get lost again :p
  9. Valmorian

    Wipe after Open Beta?

    So I have been asking arround and been lookng on the forum, but the other one says there will be a wipe and the other one says there wont be a wipe, I cant seem to find a post about it so thats why I am making this post :p I want to know!! I dont wanna spend hours of grinding, and then have to start over... AGAIN XD Thanks in advance!
  10. Valmorian

    Desync, movement delay

    That sucks man!! D: im just sad I cant play.... but then again after Beta theyre probably gonna wipe it again so im kinda glad :p
  11. Valmorian

    Major lag issues!?

    Its funny cause WoT/WoWS are the ONLY 2 GAMES that I cannot run propperly, FPS and internet wise, like I always get DC'd in WoT for no reason at all, like im starting the game BAM DC, im standing still for 5 sec BAM DC'd and now WoWS freezes my ships... its just no fun playing their games anymore... well im like the "special" one that has all the major problems ofcourse :p
  12. Valmorian

    Major lag issues!?

    Well the problem is that my PC can run all games fine... and my internet is... quite good... like I get 70 fps in WoWS and my ping is just all over the place, but I had the same when it was in closed beta, but I never had any issues playing WoWS UNTILL open beta, I reinstalled it but still the same issue... I play on EU aswell
  13. Valmorian

    Major lag issues!?

    So since the game went in open beta ive been getting MAJOR lag, I get like 80 fps and 30ms and no other programs are running (I am not retarded okay) But is this a common issue? Cause the game is unplayable fo rme.... I get into a game, I can tturn my ships and it just freezes in place, just like anything else but the game still goes on, so my ship is still in-game and gets shot at but im still at our base... and then I can play after like 2min for 10 sec and then it freezes again...
  14. Valmorian

    Russian in Europe

    Throw in Holland while youre at it :/ Sorry mr RussianHotdog, but you have no right to say youre being discriminated.... its called EU for a reason, I know a part of Russia is in Europe but you DONT belong to Europe. your country may be close to us but you're not in the EU... youre close but youre not in it... and there is a Russian server/forum so why dont you just go there? Sorry man but you have no rights to say youre discriminated...
  15. Valmorian

    will british ships be at lauch ?

    just dont make the Russian navy OP like you did in WoT pls that'd be great