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  1. Sarmizegetusa_Regia

    Server lags?

    lag confirmed. last night i had 5 - 15 ms. now i jump to 900 ms ping. But somehow, i still managed to kill a DD in ranked, and thats ONLY because the guy i killed had 901 ms ping So, i believe we got ourselves a ,,chase the high-pingers weekend"
  2. Sarmizegetusa_Regia

    WoWReplays May Contests

    Jammin411, We checked and have noticed the fact that current time adjustment on our forum profile -Sarmizegetusa_Regia- is set to GMT + 3:00 hours.In respect to this issue, you were indeed entitled to feel that we were trolling you with those questions. Sorry for this incovenience. Thanks for your answer. GREAT JOB !
  3. Sarmizegetusa_Regia

    WoWReplays May Contests

    Dear Jammin411, A.S.A.P We are to understand and to note that these are the first sine qua non steps required to become a contributor for the Diamonds Contest Month, on EU WoW server: 1. subscribing to your Youtube channel, 2. submitting our entries no later than Tuesday nights at midnight CST (in order to be considered), and, 3. upload WoWS replays. *** Since, although you have stated that there is additional information here: http://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/special/grand-naval-battles-intro/ , we noticed that the information required in order to proceed is missing, Please elaborate the following: -for step 1: if our WoW account is bound to a yahoo.mail account, and our Youtube account is bound to a gmail.com account (by default), WHAT SHOULD I DO ? -for step 2: -----------2.A by ,,submitting our entries'' you mean submitting our uploads ? WHAT EXACTLY DO YOU MEAN BY SAYING ,,submitting our entries'' ? -----------2.B how can we submitt our entry for Week #1 (May 4th - 10th), if you started the topic on Tuesday, at 09:47 PM and you have edited it Wednesday, at 02:51 AM ? -----------2.C are we to understand that, for Week #1 (May 4th - 10th), we are to submitt our entries no later than Tuesday night, the 10th, at midnight CST ? -----------2.D. Especially that, Today, May 4th, at 02:50 AM, you stated ,,the event officially starts tomorrow", which is May 5th . -for step 3: in order to enable the WoW replay, please inform us if the procedure provisioned on March 16th 2015 at this link: http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/19170-enabling-wows-replays/ is 100% accurate and still in effect ? *** Sincerely yours, Sarmizegetusa_Regia
  4. Do you know if buying with Visacard in WoW's gameshop via Altapay is temporarily unavailable ? Who can i talk to about this issue ? ... As of today 2016-04-26, at 10:00 UTC, i am unable to buy goods (signals and doubloons, especially) from the World of Warships in-game shop, with Visacard via the Altapay payment form, though this morning i just bought some goods (signals and doubloons, especially), prior to 10:00 UTC and i checked my Visa Card. ...So, after waiting on this link:[https://wargamingeu.pensio.com/eCommerce/API/requestForm?pid=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] (i've put ,,x'' instead of the ,,financial-sensitive'' figures ), your site [https://eu.wargaming.net/shop/#fail] keeps saying:,,SORRY, SOMETHING WENT WRONG. Action temporarily unavailable. Please try again later. Confirm".Please observe this issue in the picture i've put in the attached thumbnails Am i the only one having this problem ? Thanks, Best regards, Sarmi