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  1. TheGeneral359

    Impossible play with DD after this CV rework

    The new CV rework is worse than the old CVs. They were bad and overpowered, the current meta has 4 CVs in many matches with DD play seriously compromised. The power of AAA seems far less than it used to be and while CVs have less one strike hitting power than before. I've had 15-20k done to me by T8 CVs when I've been on full defensive fire in my Kutuzov. That's one strike. They then turn around and come back for another strike, then another, then another. It's sickening. Flipside though, T6 CVs see T8 ships all the time and seem almost completely ineffective. A complete joke. So the balance is seriously out of whack. CVs are far too effective against DDs and tbh, pretty much everything. Unless T6, in which case they are basically a joke. Defensive fire should do vastly more than a 100% boost. If that is all it is now, then I'd say give twice as many and halve the cooldown. I used to play DDs a lot and now I hardly play them. It's just not fun. Too many counters and the CV rework just killed the class stone dead.
  2. TheGeneral359

    Bug Reports

    I've lost all sound from the game. Never had any issues with that before. Have played with the settings in client and nothing makes any difference. I use an external Filo DAC for audio. I have tried selecting that specifically as the device but makes no difference.
  3. TheGeneral359

    Fix Atlanta AA please

    I concur. Played some Atlanta games. Had almost no impact on planes. The one ship that should be causing issues for a CV, was just being farmed. Very unhappy with this patch. Utter DISASTER.
  4. TheGeneral359

    WG, pls sack the CV re-work Manager!

    I'm here to also provide my opinion on this farce of an update. I am EXTREMELY UNHAPPY with the state of game right now.
  5. TheGeneral359

    Got a ST Ship E-mail?

    I also received this email and thought I was somehow being recognised. Logged into game, no ships. Came here, now I know I am just a nobody again lol.
  6. TheGeneral359

    US Cruisers

    Only it is NOT on my Cleveland. I made the comment about checking the Pepsi, because I expected someone to suggest it would be transfered to that ship as it is the T6 now.
  7. TheGeneral359

    US Cruisers

    I seem to have lost my permanent new year camo for my Cleveland. It's not on the Pepsi, I checked. Sent a ticket in to be told I should have the ny camo. With a link to an article confirming this. I still don't have it though. Useless.
  8. TheGeneral359

    Campaign "The Battle of the North Cape"

    The requirements and grind for this campaign were not just astonishingly unreasonable. Some of the missions created a disaster in the match making queues and resulted in games where people threw a match because they wanted the objective. Not the win. DD suicide runs in particular is incredibly common. Unless you have premium ships, a gold account and plenty of signals to boost certain things. And play these missions 24/7. You are going to have very little chance of completing them. It does not help that Duke of York is a poor ship either.
  9. TheGeneral359

    Update 0.6.12 Feedback - Smoke mechanic change - Overall

    It's hit the RN cruisers quite hard. Problem with RN cruisers anemic time on target shell performance. As well as appalling penetration at range/angles. Means it gets very hard to hit anything beyond 10-12km unless it is a very low, large target. Close in ambushes is where the RN line works well, hit and run, or stick it out and torp those getting close. The sweet spot is now tiny. They now have poor AP performance metric at ranges, so hanging further back is not effective. They are very, shockingly vulnerable to hits. A RN cruiser gets spotted, everyone shoots at it. With all the HE spam and abuse of the fire mechanics in this game and the god awful matchmaking for T5-T6 and T8 ships. You decided to focus on something people were not really complaining about. Slow clap. There are SO many counters for smokes right now. Radar, hydro, torps, CVs, dds rushing, spotter planes, shell tracers, random aircraft, radio finder. The life of cruisers and dds right now is getting very short. I enjoy all classes other than filthy CVs. It's becoming world of battleships.
  10. TheGeneral359

    Server Down

    Some here.
  11. TheGeneral359

    Ranked Season 7 Discussion

    Managed to get to ranked 1 last season, I have been playing since 8am and it is now 6:30pm. I have managed to drop from just shy of rank 2 to just shy of rank 6 today. This has officially broken me. AFK players, idiots rushing and then putting your team on a 2 death penalty. DDs not smoking up other classes. The worst of all those is when one team has a slight advantage over the other. Teamwork just flies right out the window and then it is a bunch of... just playing for their star. Fuso players being the absolute worst. Hiding at the back, spamming HE. No use to the team. None at all. Complete and utterly fed up. This has annoyed me so much, I am in 2 minds right now as to quitting the game completely. It has broken me.
  12. TheGeneral359

    Hood vs Scharnhorst

    Get the Scharnhorst. The AP pen of the Hoods guns as well as accuracy is very very bad. Hood is not a terrible ship but her guns seem worse than Warspite.
  13. TheGeneral359

    [PTS] is looking for active players

    If only my win rate was 1% better. Oh well.
  14. TheGeneral359

    Are you buying the HMS Hood?

    Maybe but not at the current price. £86 for the bundle? LOLOLOLOLOLOL, seriously? Put down the crack pipe Wargaming.
  15. TheGeneral359

    German BB's are making me want to quit this game...

    Yes, it has benefited my Colorado, North Cal and Iowa. I still maintain at these tiers that the German ships have the advantage in more situations. The meta makes them more forgiving.