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  1. SplatterFest

    New dutch cruiser line announced

    Soooo... the dutch had some really great AA back then... I guess...
  2. SplatterFest


    If the subs will be out for the summer they will do some changes anyway.
  3. SplatterFest

    Locking a campaign behind a paywall

    Ahh yes, I miss the good old going-full-retard Flamu
  4. SplatterFest

    World of Warships Advent Calendar

    The advent calender should be like the one in wot, I dont get it why they don´t do the same here in wows. The biggest selling point ofc would be that there would be some actual rare ships in it. And maybe not for £99.99...
  5. SplatterFest

    New Year Gifts and Rewards: Your One-Stop Guide

    Insane. Who does that?!
  6. SplatterFest

    New Year Gifts and Rewards: Your One-Stop Guide

    You must be locked in a nuthouse to do this missions. Edit. Really, like for real, if you have a life, or a family, or a job or even one friend you wanna see in these christmas times, you can´t. WG are just making a joke, look at Wot, look at QB and his time count with the missions for tanks, it´s a joke. If your not a unicorn, and most aren´t, it would take about 8 hours/day for that. And then this, 3500000000000000000 xp, like really. Really. The ones that go for this are truly insane. Or, ofc, you just get your wallet out. (Like that guy on the NA that spend like $500 on mega boxes for the Missouri, he didn´t get it, for his son), it´s just ridiculous. You can´t make this sh*t up.
  7. SplatterFest

    Results – Doubloon Doubles

    Really, 30 Days?! People have life´s you know.
  8. SplatterFest

    Update 0.8.9: Italian Cruisers

    Spot on.
  9. SplatterFest

    Submarines: the next step.

    Hold on boss, give it a try... and we might get a swedish prem sub
  10. SplatterFest

    Fight for Premium Ships – The Battle of Savo Island

    Yeah wtf is going on with that?!
  11. SplatterFest

    French Destroyers Event: the Full Guide

    Agree. It´s summer, better get out and catch some sun.
  12. Agree, still look at wot, things will become the same here…. WG, focus on things like new maps and maybe more operations with co-op.
  13. SplatterFest

    Ranked Battles: the Twelfth Season

    Wows is going the same path as Wot. WG is doing a great work with that. I started play wows the day I've got into CBT. And it was fine. But now, I see the same BS happen here as it did in Wot. One thing that is really bad, is the fact WG pushes all for t10. Just the same as in Wot. Im not even gonna start talk about all the other stuff...
  14. SplatterFest


    Horrible, had games with 6 CVs. CV players where really bad, but still, the other players where mad over the plane-fest.
  15. SplatterFest

    RN "Exeter" Marathon (starting March 1st)

    Ofc. My only day off from work for 7 Days and the shi* starts tomorrow….