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  1. SplatterFest

    Best destroyer at Tier 7?

  2. SplatterFest

    Premium Ship Review: USS Kidd

    Awesome review. Now, let´s give it a try
  3. SplatterFest

    USS Kidd, tier 8 Fletcher class destroyer coming soon.

    Hold on.. how did I miss this in early april?! Saw this just last week.. funny how WG works, what took them so long? Guess it wont be out until... december now?
  4. SplatterFest

    November "sicrets" uncoded

    No Gremy, No Nikolai, No deal.
  5. SplatterFest

    Co op

    How does the mechanics work in Co-op? Bots focus the one that makes most dmg?
  6. SplatterFest

    disturbing move to "pay to win" with prem ships

    Ofc it´s gonna get out of hand, it´s a WG product ffs.... still things aren´t at the level as Wot...yet.
  7. SplatterFest

    Ranked Battles Season 6

    Agree on the VI. I guess I have to confess tho, I use the Belfast. And it's a joke. I might even get to rank 1 this time.
  8. SplatterFest

    6 tier vs 8 tier ^^

    I would cry more about the T5 Cruisers...
  9. SplatterFest


    Its good. Just like Murmansk. However the MM................
  10. SplatterFest

    Kamikaze 'green' and Smith in shop

    Green. This is looking more like WG in Wot, T-34 Black........... It´s a great ship, buuuuuut come on...
  11. SplatterFest

    Santa boxes

    Anyone still getting some boats, or are they out of stock..?
  12. SplatterFest

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    ​Yes and this is 110% truth, I asked some people in Facebook about if they got some prem ships in the Santa-thing, many paid much more then I´ll would expect, (like 10 Admiral packs + 20 Captains) so I guess WG seems to see this and that´s why we get bundles, gold % and gamble things from WG. We already know this from Wot, the bundles and so on, now the return of the E25..... Wows gonna be the same, Nikolai and Gremy was OP, not sold, but now... pay and win.
  13. SplatterFest

    Gift Containers a joke!

    Q: you guys that have many prem - does it work that you dont get a ship you got already again? I already have the once that seems to show up mostly...
  14. SplatterFest

    Blyskawica vs Leningrad

    Lenin have guided stalinium shells. Nuff said. :-D No but really, have them and the Lenin works out better for me. Always seem to screw up in the ORP B.
  15. SplatterFest

    Admiral Graf Spee- premium T6?

    WG fix the issue with mm for T5 and T6, then we can talk again.