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  1. Bullet1975

    Aufruf gegen Flaming/Hating

    Ich schließe mich an.
  2. Bullet1975

    General Cool Pictures - WWII

    Battleship Tirpitz anchorage at Faettenfjord (Norway) 1942
  3. Bullet1975

    General Cool Pictures - WWII

    Picture shows BC Gneisenau at Operation Juno firing on Aircraft Carrier Glorious.
  4. Bullet1975

    USS Missouri - BB-63

    I love the Ships of the IOWA Class. Nice work. THX
  5. Bullet1975

    Flugzeugträger B

    THX nice work.
  6. Bullet1975

    What is your favourite warship you want in the game???

    I hope this Ship Pocket Battleship "Admiral Graf Spee"