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  1. Ahoy there me scurvy shipmates! Here I am again after long time. How are you all doing and how is EU server doing? I play in NA server since 2016 & I am a clan member of [DKM] the real Kriegsmarine but not the fake one with [_DKM_] or [-DKM-]. Most of our clan members are from Germany, couple of US & I am from Netherlands. DKM is Always highest league since CW was introuced. Our clan recruiting new shipmates! we got another 14 ports left in our clan base for new shipmate. All EU based NA players are welcom to join Kriegsmarine! What we offer ---------------------- * Divisions to pad stats and share the salt * Feedback so that you can stop being a filthy potato and join the unicom master race * Discor Server * German language courses because we swear a lot Requirements for the new applicants ----------------------------------------------------------- * Must be over 18 years old * Above 50% winrate * Have played at least 2000 random battles and 2 T10 Ships * Actually want to improve as a player Contact me for further info in Discord OMG_Noob #8808 or you can contact me in port chat. My in game same as here OMG_Noob Proud to be a Kriegsmarine and have fun commanders! Fair Winds and Following Seas! OMG_Noob
  2. OMG_Noob

    Graf Zeppelin

    Dude you love that CV I am sure, I am not a CV player but I love that CV. Just I saw that CV game play in t8 battle with my t6 DD. Zeppelin just dropped bombs on enemy Tirpitz & she was like over 50K HP, no destination but the premium BB just vanished!!! Our CV tester said, just testing.. again just testing!
  3. OMG_Noob

    EU always late!

    Now I started grainding there in NA under my primary account OMG_Noob Yesterday I bout German premium BB Why I say "it's much better there" is; Here I would like to say my opinion/feeling, I get more help/assignments in NA than in EU!
  4. OMG_Noob

    EU always late!

    WG EU shows they are always late with events/updates NA we got update today EU you need to wait until tomorrow Why this kind of delay?
  5. OMG_Noob

    Where are the players?

    Hi, I think its time for this topic after the 0.6.0 How many of you miss your division mates after the last patch? Feel free to discuss Greets OMG
  6. OMG_Noob

    Should WG remove RPF ?

    Finally players don't need to install any MODS/AIM ASSISTS LooooooooooooooL WG going to introduce the Internal AIM ASSIST Now its time we all players ban WG?
  7. OMG_Noob

    Regarding update 0.6.0!

    Thats what they did to WOWP! and sadly its seems here too
  8. OMG_Noob

    Regarding update 0.6.0!

    Hi, Recently I am following topics/news about upcoming updates of WOWS. (More) players are unhappy about the upcoming patch! Hey WG! Almost this what you did after 1.4 patch on WOWP (remember? how many of those amazing pros/good hearted/paying customers gone forever from wowp?!) I have already posted a topic about "Kind request to WG" This is what I was trying to say on that topic and here too; -Please review the feedback what those sincere players say after the PT(Public Test). -Make a topic about upcoming updtes (on forum by devs) discus with players and let them vote for the update before you finalize the update -Encourage players those who don't follow WG NEWS/ Forum to stick with NEWS and Forum to improve this game -Do not make any similar mistake that you did in WOWP! (WOWP history) -Never go fastest updates! because players need time to test/play/discus & give feedback. -Customers are the key for a company! So please take care of the customers. -Money come today and totally goes away in any moment (like players lose money during holiday missions) My final conclusion is "Please don't make any suicidal updates" Thanks
  9. OMG_Noob

    Calling All Hands - To An Open Boycott

    This little boy say "Stop" lol
  10. OMG_Noob

    Calling All Hands - To An Open Boycott

    Nice post AnuSuaraj, We know the pain of playing WOWP & how they ruined the game! I think after some future updates, new tech line this game will be another WOWP for sure! May be after 1.4 patch of wows (as wowp) LOL
  11. OMG_Noob

    Wg already have an integraded Aim assist?

    I doubt this battle was played with the help of aim assist (which WG banned & I am damn happy with it). Then the player captured the video by replaying the saved game without aim assist mod. Also the video was published on Jul 10, 2016 (6 months ago)
  12. OMG_Noob

    Immediate explanation REQUIRED WG'ing

    Thanks Hans, but I left EU (99%) with tears in my eyes . Playing on NA/RU and once in a blue moon in EU!
  13. OMG_Noob

    Kind request to WG!

    Hi WG, I kindly request to WG! Please take best care about those players who support to this game and paying to this game. I don't want to see the less population or any threads which goes about "where are the players", "where is the population" like that. Treat EU players as other communities treat! You guys know what I mean and request! Good luck everyone and Happy New year 2017
  14. OMG_Noob

    Immediate explanation REQUIRED WG'ing

    Its free, but there are players paying real money. Those who spend real money are the Customers so customers can demand right? If I get a free hair dresser I can't demand him/her but if I pay him I can demand right?