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  1. Yesterday I started WoWs once again, because I haven't played for a long time, did few battles and went to sleep. Today, when I continued playing, I didn't won not a single battle...I still haven't gained my 3x daily XP after 11 losses. I was playing with Kongo, two battles were with other ships, Iwaki Alpha and one U.S. tier 4 BB...lost with all of them, people in teams are poorly distributes, just like in WoT, equality is close to none, one team gets the good player base, while other gets bad player base. 3h of gameplay, still no result... It's a nice first impression when I come back to a game I haven't played for a long time, now I can keep not playing it and keep playing WoT instead. Why I was even in Alpha, the outcome is still fucked up for me. Any reason I should keep playing with fuc*ed up match making that is worse than the WoT match maker, beside that I like battleships of WW2 era?
  2. Nerf CA's (Cruisers), it's totally wrong that BB's have bad aim yet they are considered the artillery of WoW's, and Cruisers have even better range and are more accurate that BB's...what gives ? It doesn't make sense at all. Firstly - BB's require range increasing, or accuracy improvement...like seriously... and cruisers require to nerf range drastically. For example, such as Phoenix...its range is totally further than BB's at that tier range...and every BB at that tier range is inaccurate and short on range...it's totally wrong.
  3. This was suggested by me in alpha too...nothing new... You don't have to...I think the squadron would know what to do by themselves...because if we compare to reality, I do not think that just because carrier is down they gonna fly above the last position like idiots either wasting fuel, that in-game is never endless, or gonna try to sink the ship for revenge or something to go down with...not just stick around one spot...now that doesn't make sense...
  4. There is manual ? the hell...since when ? Wasn't in alpha...was it ?I once(one or two weeks ago) tried to change somehow trajectory by pressing all buttons that made sense usually, none of them had any effect, so I thought there isn't any kind of way...
  5. There is a problem for me, the torpedo bomber trajectory is quite...weird...for example, I set the aim position for straight ongoing enemy carrier, on the right side was island, so I set one torpedo squadron to shoot from upper left, other squadron more from straight left... so, while A Squadron went like planned, or was it B Squadron, meanwhile opposite squadron launched their torpedoes from the angle I did not said them to shoot...I was making sure, and I clearly know how I positioned them, and yet, squadron still insisted and went its own way of doing things...it launched from about from the same place in the same time with other squadron that did the job like I asked...and it's not the first time, yet I did not found any topic about it either...I hope I'm not the only one, because I definitely know that one of two squadrons, or probably both squadron can start choosing their own trajectory. This time at least I hit the carrier, but before when this magic happened, I missed, because of those stupid planes that didn't do what I ordered them to...specifically to shoot from the place I want, not from place they want... I will try to upload pics, to backup my story so that there wouldn't be silly comments about "they do just fine, they are programmed to evade obstacles etc bla bla" where there aren't any obstacles...
  6. smaddeus

    free xp bug?

    Too detailed, it's easier just to say that Elite status only allows you to enable transferring/converting XP to Free XP, but it'll cost you piasters, and that's one of the ways WG has thought out, so that you are forced (if you wish) to buy piasters, so that you could just transfer normal XP to Free XP... simple as that in two lines. Plus, why would you need a convert XP function, if elite ships were already only making free XP ? Well...check WoT, sometimes, if you unlock last thing for your tank without using additional Free XP to speed it up, but instead you use normal XP, sometimes there are leftovers, actually always there are leftovers if you don't use Free XP as helping tool to unlock last thing. And now comes the line that I already mentioned, about moneymaking... that if you wish to convert, use piasters, don't have piasters ? order them with real money, and then you can use it. Not saying it's stupid or anything, it's just that they thought about it and made it like this, they gave purpose to converting system, and additionally they gain more money that way, so it's Win Win : Lose, they win twice, while we lose more. Not against it, it's just sad to see that my prem ship currently holds so much Free XP... well, not so much compared to how much you can earn each game...half of it... ~900, but still...
  7. smaddeus

    The last Fujimoto battleship proposal

    Someones wet dreams it seems... Yamato class already weights normally 68k , and fully armed ~73'000 tons... how can this ship be about 10k lighter ? 4 guns on each of three turrets...and nothing is supporting weight at the back...and the inner turret can't shoot front nor back but only at sides because the middle turret is blocking its view...what's the point of this ship, it's not even ideal at all...ideal is the one from which you can shoot to all sides, and the normal BB's are the ideal ones, Yamato was almost ideal, just needed better armor below and some more AA's, other than that...screw the speed, it would be ideal Battleship, and most powerful.