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  1. Arrivano i sottomarini?

    Sì, introducono i sottomarini per l'evento di Halloween. Se poi il feedback sarà positivo, li faranno anche per il PvP ma ci vorrà un bel po' prima di vederli...
  2. Bug Reports

    1. Description Clan tag disappeared on background patch in game. 2. Reproduction steps In game, I was dead and I was in camera mode on a clan mate ship. His patch showed tag ITA in the bottom side of the background patch. 3. Result When he died, on-patch tag disappeared and a sailor knot appeared on it. 4. Expected result I expected the on-patch tag to not disappear. 5. Technical details none
  3. Ranked Battles Season 1 Flag

    It's kind of a mystery, is not it? That flag is very beautiful and I would like to mount it...
  4. Ranked Battles Season 1 Flag

    Thank you guys! Perhaps wiki is wrong and this flag does not exist...
  5. Ranked Battles Season 1 Flag

    The fact is that the only answer I found was on reddit where they said that there is no flag and that the wiki is wrong. So I was wondering if that flag really exists or not. Does anyone have it?
  6. Ranked Battles Season 1 Flag

    I was browsing the game wiki when I saw a flag for the ranked battles of the first season... this one: It's a commemorative flag granted for participating in the First season of Ranked Battles. (I am not talking about Jolly Roger Flag awarded for reaching Rank 1) I participated in EU Server Ranked Battles First Season (aka Pilot Season) reaching rank 15. Was it enough? Does this flag really exist? Thank you all for a possible answer
  7. [ITA] Regia Marina Italiana

    Ciao, ti rispondo subito per pm. P.
  8. [ITA] Regia Marina Italiana

    Ciao Cuspide_scarlatta, ti rispondo subito in pm per darti i dettagli del Clan A presto
  9. Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Congratulations to all winners!
  10. Cosa vorresti nel 2018?

    Mi piacerebbe che ci fosse qualche nuovo effetto grafico come il mare mosso con le onde, tipo quando c'è il ciclone
  11. Happy New Year 2018!

    Happy new year!!!
  12. Hi Aslain, this is the icon for [ITA] Thx & regards
  13. cercasi clan

    Ciao sdotti, ti ricordi? Ti andrebbe di entrare in ITA? Ti scrivo via pm
  14. [ITA] Regia Marina Italiana

    Ciao The_Dictator_94, intanto grazie per averci contattato. Ti rispondo in pm per darti più dettagli. A presto
  15. Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I would like to join the raffle! 1. Roma if available, if not Graf Zepplin 2. Missouri 3. Tirpitz 4. Blyskawica ...Doubloons Thanks!