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  1. FireSource_

    Aircraft Carrier Beta Round 3 - Feedback Thread

    Cruiser Dallas' AA seems completely ineffective, and she is the strongest at her tier so i can't imagine what the other ships are like. During these two games, aircraft carriers were both focussing me (in both games) and during this time I had my fighters up and my anti air running most of the time. I also had one side reenforced most of the time, and I put them back to neutral when i had planes on both sides (so both sides became 100% again)
  2. FireSource_

    Suggestions thread

    Suggestion #1: I would like to have a button to lock/unlock rotation for individual Guns and or Torpedo tubes. Example of a reason why it is needed: Let's say you have the legendary mod of the shimakaze. Your torp tubes rotate really slowly, but you have 3 tubes, all trying to aim at your reticle. If you could lock one to aim to the other side of your ship this would give the ship much more flexibility in situations where they are surrounded. The way this should be implemented is that you always have a torp tube or gun turret selected, like you do when you are in binocular view and you can switch between the selected turret or tube by pressing C (just like you can now, but this should also be possible when not in binocular view). There should then be a single key to lock/unlock that particular turret/tube, similar to how you can press P to turn off/on AA. This way, the mechanics of the game can stay the same as they are, but people who want to min-max certain situations can rotate individual tubes or guns, when they are surrounded. Suggestion #2: I'm suggesting ship compartment healths to replace the current bow/citadel/stern/superstructure system. Different ships historically have different compartment make-up. If each compartment has it's own health pool, you can simulate individual compartments being destroyed, flooded or on fire. This way fire,flood and even shell damage can be rebalanced. This suggestion in response to the ideas of making shells do 10% damage when they hit modules, which with the current health pool system would completely change the balance of the game for the worse. Additionally, with the coming change of aircraft carriers the damage of floods and fires needs to be rethought. Currently when hitting the nose or stern of any ship, a flood is almost guaranteed. The fact is, that this can and should be left as it is, but flooding damage should not be able to completely destroy a ship when in real life this particular ship would be able to sustain flooding in the nose. In fact, the only thing a torpedo bulge is in real life is a section of the ship that can flood without much repercussion. As you know Wargaming, there have been ships that survived even their stern completely being broken off (which happened in a particular event that I don't remember, but it was a friendly ram on an American cruiser and a destroyer if i remember correctly). The reason these ships could sustain this kind of damage, is because their stern is a compartment which could be sealed off from the rest of the ship, so that the rest of the ship does not flood. This system may be harder to balance as ships with many compartments may become exceptionally tanky, but it sure is way more historically accurate, and it may give more flexibility for upcoming changes. I hope you consider this idea.
  3. FireSource_

    Halloween 2018

    Great work on submarines, love how on a technical level the submarines move like they should, under water they have body roll like a plane in corners (top rolls into the corner), and on the surface they have body roll like a ship (top rolls out of the corner). Really well done on all the details. Although i enjoy(ed) playing the submarines, I have to say that it is really difficult to judge distance with something else than the numbers on screen, especially when you are under water. Also i think surfacing is a little unbalanced, you are punished for surfacing on your own, and reward for emergency blowing out. I'll explain this: If you surface on your own, the movement is really slugish, and the time it takes before you start generating oxygen compared to the amount of time you are already above the water ready to be hit is much greater than if you emergency blow. When you emergency blow your oxygen starts to refill when you're nose touches the surface even if the rest of your sub is still under water, and you can immediately dive again with about 15s of oxygen without the enemy having barely any time to shoot at you. If you play this way, it's easy to stay alive pretty long, even on your own. Just go around on depth level 1, and when you have 10s or less left on oxygen, just dive deeper so you emergency blow vertically and you are good to go!
  4. FireSource_

    Suggestions thread

    I want to give a small suggestion with probably huge implications and huge developing time :P -Can you make it so that you can change your load out of your ship during the game loading time. The effect would be that you could take defensive anti air instead of hydro if you meet a CV and vice versa. There is a lot more implications, but thats the best example.
  5. FireSource_

    Update 0.7.10 - General Feedback

    About the Wargaming.net Gamecenter Overall nice app. I would like to request a "move game folder" button, and a feature to not autoupdate games. I currently have WoWsPTS, WoWs, and WoT installed, but i haven't played WoT in a while, however if I want to add WoT to the game center, it wants to update it, which I don't have enough room for on my hard disk. So i have it installed, but not yet added it in the app because of this. About 7.10 Nice update overall but -I didn't enjoy the way operations auto-rotated, mostly because it wasn't clear when which operation would be in up. Not sure if you are going to do it like this in the public server too, but I would advice to only have the newest halloween event available for random queue's and the older ones just for platoons, or alternatively make it more clear what is happening. -Many missions were hidden, which is not enjoyable. I did not receive any new submarines after completing the submarine mission on hard with 5 stars, and normal on 3 stars (don't ask how). Still unsure how to unlock the 3 other submarines. -More on the topic of hidden missions: you cannot check the rewards for missions in your end game screen, because the crate that you have to hover over is hidden in the pop-up. -Haven't noticed significant differences on torpedoes, can you explain the mechanics that have been changed? That can help us test it. -Daily login seems bare, and I didn't notice that it had two tabs at first, so that might tell you something.
  6. FireSource_

    Other changes (UI, Ships, Sounds & more)

    I want to make a small suggestion to change this screen: and make it look something like this. I know it's only something really minor so take it or leave it :P
  7. FireSource_

    Suggestions thread

    Here's an idea: It would be nice that when you hit an enemy, you could see an x-ray or section view (slowmotion replay) of your shell (or bomb) impact. I imagine it looking a little like Sniper elite's bone breaking shots. This would not only look amazing, but also help people understand what's happening with their shells (and bombs) under the hood.
  8. FireSource_

    Bug Reports

    1. DescriptionKey for show ship stats in battle (default key H) doesn't save after rebinding to another key. 2. Reproduction steps Rebind key U and I (Consumable 4 and 5) to G and H respectively. Rebind H (Show ship status) to I. Restart game. 3. ResultAll keys are rebound as expected, apart from the Show Ship Status. 4. Expected resultKeysbindings should have been saved 5. Technical detailsBug is present since the feature "Show Ship Status" was in the game.
  9. FireSource_

    Update 0.6.0 Feedback - Bugs

    1. DescriptionInfinite travel distance on the occasional (Hatsuharu?) Torpedo 2. Reproduction steps I have not reproduced this but the steps are: Select Hatsuharu > Play the Trap (Prey) map > Shoot torpedoes in a direction that isn't obstructed. 3. ResultTorpedo will travel an infinite distance. You can track the torpedo with the object tracking camera, far beyond the playable area of the map. At a certain point, you can't track it with the camera anymore (possibly when it's outside of the playable area, and you press the "track object" key again. My platoon mate can confirm this happened on his side too, so this is a client side event. 4. Expected resultTorpedo should have traveled 10.0 km. 5. Technical detailsDate 17.01.23 Time UTC+1 22:17 https://wowreplays.com/Replay/28924-FireSource_-Wakaba-Trap
  10. FireSource_

    Update 0.6.0 Feedback - Bugs

    1. DescriptionKey for show ship stats in battle (default key H) doesn't save after rebinding to another key. 2. Reproduction steps Rebind key U and I (Consumable 4 and 5) to G and H respectively. Rebind H (Show ship status) to I. Restart game. 3. ResultAll keys are rebound as expected, apart from the Show Ship Status. 4. Expected resultKeysbindings should have been saved 5. Technical detailsBug is present since the feature "Show Ship Status" was in the game, I just didn't report it earlier.
  11. FireSource_

    Epicenter maps

    The problem I have with this game mode, is that there is no way to have tactical gameplay. Once your team loses or wins the destroyer battle in the middle the game is decided, as there is no way to push in the middle if there are destroyers there. They can pop a smoke even if you push agressive, and you won't have anything to protect yourself against the whole enemy team who is now focusing you. This game mode needs a major overhaul. Some suggestions: -Make the circles independent, that way battleships can still push in the outer circle and try to shoot of the enemy. The enemy has to respond by putting something in the outer circle as well, and can't just have DD's in the center. This way, more people can have a role, as all rings need to be occupied. -Do this on a map with high islands or lots of islands that provide cover. For example: try this on Two brothers. Yes use the middle canal. This way you can push in and control the engagement, instead of pushing in and being attacked from all sides at once. -Put in spotting towers from the Bastion game mode. These spotting towers should be able to spot out DD's in the middle circle so they can't just stay there.
  12. FireSource_

    Please get more competent supertesters

    PR account is not the same as Super test account. PR is press, so possibly a youtuber, or something like that.
  13. FireSource_

    ARP Missions reward? More like punishment.

    Yeah, where is ARP Iona.
  14. FireSource_

    Bugs Feedback

    I'm not judging, just trying to find an explaination. Can't say much about what happens unless I see it ofcourse. Do you have a replay?
  15. FireSource_

    Disappearing GUI bug

    What happens if you press ctrl+shift+g (try it twice, to toggle it off and on again). Does it come back, or no effect?