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  1. Miragetank90

    How to lose Karma

    Liked for Yuri. <3 I most recently I got reported in Friesland over 2 games. Once, because ''ing HE SPAMMER *spanish expletive*'' And second, is because I didn't fire my torps all game and used my guns.
  2. Miragetank90

    I wonder about this spotter plane design

    How it lands aside, the weird and somewhat triggering thing about catapult fighters for me is that since rework they summon several planes at once from the same catapult. The issue is not that several planes are summoned, it's that the animation could have been done better. e.g. Have the visuals show the launching of one plane from the catapult. Then have the rest come down from the sky to meet it, a la CV fighter consumable. The result: exact same effect, smoother animation, less ''wtf''
  3. Miragetank90

    Something funny.. Port Glitch.. New Bayern Model?

    Everyone laughing at poor Bayern, can't you see she is having an identity crisis right now? Like, I can't even... You guys are SOOO insensitive!
  4. Miragetank90

    Sov.Soyuz and the average to bad player story.

    Correcting you here, since this bit is no longer within the realm of opinion. The facts are thus:
  5. Miragetank90

    ARP Ships on 31st January ?

    Since I have them all already, I'm hoping I can at least have the option to get Maya, Musashi and Yamato.
  6. Miragetank90

    Official WG guide seems ever so slightly off

    After all this time, this is STILL not updated? That's a little sad.
  7. Miragetank90

    You think Savage Mode Shrinking Map would work in Randoms ?

    Inclement weather - i.e. Cyclones and thunderstorms already improve the ''gameplay flow'' by forcing different actions and pushing players into different situations, despite the complaints from some. In addition, these at least make sense within the confines of a naval-themed combat game. A shrinking map doesn't. To me, this would only be acceptable and fun in special modes, like April fools, etc.
  8. Miragetank90

    Time to Remove Christmas Theme from the Forum Header ?

    What are you saying?! I only JUST removed my Xmas tree yesterday, and I still have other decor still up! And am gradually working them out for Chinese new year ones.
  9. Miragetank90

    HrMS Tijger, Tijger-class battlecruiser - Dutch Splenid Cats

    I almost forgot these were fictional, and started to think, why is this all so new to me?
  10. Miragetank90

    The Beginning is a Very Delicate Time

    Can I come? We could protest outside WG HQ for funsies I'll bring placards!
  11. Miragetank90

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.1

    RIP Yueyang, you were already dead
  12. Miragetank90

    The Beginning is a Very Delicate Time

    I don't play low tiers much, if at all. However, in the odd time I have played them post-rework - I'm thinking that if I was a brand new player and I didn't like warships so much, I would not have stuck around. Largely thanks to Hosho. And lots of them. Now, I'm not one of the CV haters, but things in low tier seemed kind of egregious to me.
  13. Miragetank90

    Idiots tier 10 players

    Meh, I still think WoT community is the absolute worst among WG games. This one is no where near as bad, and that's an accomplishment!
  14. Miragetank90

    Georgia's sigma

    Are you using a secondary build? I built main guns. Improved USN dispersion module. Never had any issues with Georgias' accuracy.
  15. Miragetank90

    Hayate release poll - RESULTS ARE IN!

    Either Free XP or Coal would be nice. Heck, steel is just fine too. Basically I'm just down with anything that is NOT RESEARCH POINTS.