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  1. Miragetank90

    Sound in high and ultra settings have not yet fixed.

    I'm having issues, too. The plane one has been said already, but I'm also getting strange distortion in the sounds. I use the ultra setting. It happens when there are a lot of things happening around my ship, I think. The sounds play, but they are slowed and very distorted, and there is a loud crackling. It's been happening since the rework went live, I believe.
  2. Miragetank90

    Are IFHE Rockets a good idea?

    Even if it did affect rockets(I thought it did? Maybe I'm wrong?) I would never take it, it's not worth it.
  3. Miragetank90

    T8 matchmaking "Fixed"?

    I haven't noticed a difference. *Shrug*
  4. Miragetank90

    trust me, DONT buy that soviet container!

    Congratulations! You gambled it all away, but at least you didn't win a vacation in gulag!
  5. Miragetank90

    The terror of the seven seas

    Yeah. Same deal with Tirpitz. A lot of people complain about it but honestly I love it, great ship.
  6. Miragetank90

    The terror of the seven seas

    A good song, and a good video to be sure.
  7. Miragetank90

    Weird glitch for my gun range.

    I think he means ship module, not game mod =)
  8. Miragetank90

    Neustrashimy price (+46% steel)

    It costs more steel because it took more steel to make Communism is notoriously wasteful Plz don't send me to gulag commissar, I was only joking, I swear
  9. Miragetank90

    Really a dictatorship???

    Why can't people just relax and have a beer
  10. Miragetank90

    Stalingrad - Do i still get it?

    I'm honestly not sure, but I'm getting to Bourgogne and I have both Stalingrad and Moskva. In any event, I wouldn't base my final decision on that review because that line of thinking is flawed - Stalingrad does not replace Moskva. While sure, it punishes enemy broadsides better, especially at range, there are many instances and positions where its flat out better to have Moskva by virtue of her guns having much better RoF, HE and fire damage potential. That isn't to say Moskva is invaluable to any lineup, just that between her and Stalingrad there are tangible differences, contrary to what this review claims, including in competitive.
  11. Miragetank90

    Shokaku cursed ship ?

    There's nothing wrong with going after the BBs, contrary to what some people might think a well played BB can swing a game. But application of damage when and where it is needed helps secure the win as opposed to just farming. Same deal with spotting.
  12. Miragetank90

    how to introduce a symbol in the chat ?

    Try this: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/159500-fun-fact-you-can-type-ship-icons-in-chat/
  13. Miragetank90

    how to introduce a symbol in the chat ?

    Huh... not seen this before. A mod maybe?
  14. Miragetank90

    Stat shamers and toxic behaviour. Why is this allowed ?

    You're getting triggered again. Nothing in this thread even comes close to flaming.
  15. Miragetank90

    Please keep carriers out of ranked

    Good to know I'm not the only one