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  1. Miragetank90

    Offtopical Disco

    DARK SOULS III OST - Lorian, Elder Prince & Lothric, Younger Prince
  2. Miragetank90

    Wargaming should Participate in Clanbattles.

    Off topic but this triggered a memory of my Kyokushin days. I'll never forget that fight. My 2nd opponent the day, best out of 3. The guy was my junior by some grades, and I had been training for much longer than him and had greater flexibility and technique, but he had good instincts as a fighter, and he was almost my height but significantly heavier. He basically brute forced me down. Finally, I got a bad sprain in my toe, I can't remember how - or maybe I broke it, idk. Then it was definitely downhill from there and I ended up on the ground. Next round I didn't do much better on account of my toe(I didn't tell anyone =p) and I was eliminated. Prolonged grappling, striking the head with hands or elbows, or striking the groin is not allowed, those are basically the only rules. And we don't wear any protection either >.< It hurts like a But it was fun And it was family
  3. Miragetank90

    Wargaming should Participate in Clanbattles.

    It's not really rubbish. Challenging you is a part of the mode. We have to work to get higher, we have to earn it. Otherwise whats the point? The higher reward is there in the form of point scoring. If you beat a clan in a higher league than your current one you get significantly more points and climb higher, faster. Likewise, if you lose to them, you lose significantly less points in the rating. And if a clan in a higher league loses to you, they lose more points than if they had lost to a clan in the same league or higher.
  4. Miragetank90

    - [XTREM] -

  5. Miragetank90

    Wargaming should Participate in Clanbattles.

    I think you're misunderstanding something here. WG is fully aware of ''how things work'', and of the associated issues people have with CBs, the latter has been quite literally shouted at them from day 1. What they have is a different vision for the future of this mode, one that is not compatible with an invested portion of the playerbase - who have a different vision of how they want things to be, and what is OK and what is not. This is the crux of the issue. CVs are just a part of the picture.
  6. Miragetank90

    Grosser Kurfurst Torpedoes

    Because it would be too much. GK is a beast already. inb4 ''Mirage, you noob. Don't you know it's a bad ship cOz GeRmAn?!!111''
  7. Georgia is very tough, as long as ones' favourite 'tactic' isn't to play bow in stationary/reverse, or yolo into crossfires. Armour scheme is great, she's not easy to citadel, shes the fastest BB, her conceal is good, torp protection is fine, AND she has a extremely fast heal CD. Well handled you will not have much issue surviving under pressure. Georgia is such a lolbote.
  8. I would give you advice, but whats the point of me doing so? You have more battles in Georgia than I do and are clearly more experienced. Also, after reading your responses in this thread I don't think I want to anymore. Sorry.
  9. Miragetank90

    - [XTREM] -

  10. Miragetank90

    Champagne still available?

    Trust me, you're not missing much. Possibly the one prem I seriously regret buying She is boring as hell and has a completely one-dimensional style of play without being able to do much else.
  11. Miragetank90

    - [XTREM] -

  12. Miragetank90

    Shikishima review

    @HaachamaShipping I use a similar build as well, secondary Shiki I didn't like her much at first, to me she felt like an inferior Yama, but I realised I was unfairly comparing the 2. Shiki is never going to beat Yama at Yama things, but secondary specced, memes aside - I've found to be brutally effective. And heaps of fun, it's a blast. I mean, I've out-secondaried Ohios and Kurfursts. Just look at this. I love it. 112,393 sec damage total from fires+pens. And I don't even notice a big difference in main gun accuracy tbh. Love playing her this way.
  13. Miragetank90

    i am so so mad at wargaiming ( rant )

    Chikor strikes again
  14. Miragetank90

    Pommern , wtf is this crap?

    Kurfurst is ''almost out of meta''? Who told you that? That's hilarious. I suppose you think Kremlin is also crap, because it has even worse long range consistency than Kurfurst. Just because a ship isn't an amazing sniper doesn't make said ship crap.
  15. Miragetank90

    Pommern , wtf is this crap?

    You will probably not be convinced otherwise, but Pommern is going to prove to be a strong BB. Mark my words. In any case, you have not yet played the ship or yet know how it performs to be asking for buffs, and you are overly focusing on one aspect of the ship rather than considering the whole.