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  1. Miragetank90

    GKD to gulag? (Kots)

    China is different nowadays. My relatives attest to that. That being said, I think I should remind everyone that cheating exists everywhere, it's not limited to specific backgrounds or countries.
  2. Miragetank90

    GKD to gulag? (Kots)

    @Aragathor Coming back to what you said earlier here, it doesn't make sense to me. If they did that, what would even be the point for them? Spending time/money to regrind in alt accounts, just to eventually play KOTS? Assuming they got far enough to get real rewards, wouldn't it just be useless, since it's not on their main accounts anyway? Not to mention, any prestige they could get from advancing through the contest would be wasted... Not saying they wouldn't, but it would be a waste of time. Unless they abandon their old accounts entirely and start from scratch... In which case, damn. I don't know what would be more sad. That, or cheating.
  3. Miragetank90

    GKD to gulag? (Kots)

    Basically, there are 3 rumours I've seen floating around. I didn't follow the games, these are just rumours that I can't confirm. 1 - They had an internal disagreement and some people were mad, and they couldn't field a team and had to pull out. 2 - They pulled out because they didn't want to get caught cheating. 3 - Salt at their losses. Boo dee hoo. In any case, they're known to be cheaters and I don't feel sorry for them at all. Get them out of my sight.
  4. CVs have been in KOTS in the past, and also since rework. KOTS 8 for example. Idk if it would be less 'boring' to watch, but having them breeds different tactics and different lineups to what you might have seen in KOTS 10.
  5. Miragetank90

    GKD to gulag? (Kots)

    They pulled out. And they won't be able to play again either. Since they're now permabanned from KOTS.
  6. Miragetank90

    what is this?

    He had just enough room to drop successfully. Nothing unusual here.
  7. I thought Bourg and Repu were totally immune to getting AP bomb cited, even by Haku. At least, I've never seen it happen or had it happen to me, and I've never pulled it off either since I try to avoid using AP bombers on them, because I thought it was impossible and thus a waste trying.
  8. Miragetank90

    General CV related discussions.

    *Spontaneous Eggplants* I missed it, I'll take a look Thanks babe
  9. Miragetank90

    General CV related discussions.

    Since we're tagging, I'm wondering if lower tier gameplay is being looked at at all, or if this is not considered a problem by WG. I'm asking 'cause I've been divving with some people who are new to the game and still at low tier, and there's just too many CVs. It's sad that I feel the need to clarify, but I'm not a CV hater, I'm a CV player. That being said, it's honestly really bad, and there is a massive amount of seal clubbing going on there right now. Far too many CVs being played at this tier which means double CV in every game, which means a terrible time for newbies who I could easily see being put off from playing this game entirely, which is unfortunate, because the atrocious state of the game at starting tiers is not reflective of the game as a whole at all. So, anything in the pipeline? Limit of one CV per side perhaps? More nerfs to Hosho especially maybe? @Crysantos@Sehales I mean, it's clear the CVs are far too prevalent and have too great an influence in games at this tier. Isn't the latter in contradiction to one of the stated goals of the rework? Or do you guys not think so?
  10. Miragetank90

    My clanmembers are 🍆 and I'm scared.

    You know, I just realised that everybody and their grandma is in THESO these days... 🍆🍆🍆 They're spreading! Soon the whole forum will be corrupted! But I'm on to you...
  11. Miragetank90

    - [XTREM] -

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  13. Miragetank90

    - [XTREM] -

  14. Miragetank90

    Sunday night teams

    I think I need an adult. No wait, I am an adult. I need some bleach then.
  15. Miragetank90

    Promotional Flags

    During certain times of the year, certain flags may come back. The Valentines day flag comes to mind. Not for resources though, usually as part of a mission. Which one did you want?