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  1. Miragetank90

    283mm gun sound

    Yes please
  2. Miragetank90

    Offtopical Disco

    KHEMMIS - LIVING PYRE(2021) The band is actually a recently discovery for me. But I've definitely become a big fan.
  3. Miragetank90

    Choose the Look of a New Map

    They all would look amazing... but the contrast of dark red and white in Kamchatka is too alluring. I just had to pick it. This is a nice little thing, voting for the next map.
  4. Miragetank90

    How many 21-Pts Captains do you have?

    I have a handful. IIRC it's 4 3 but in any case no more than 5 I think. I hate the new obscene cost to max out a captain.
  5. Miragetank90

    Most Fun T10 TL Battleship?

    I'm getting really excited for Schlieffen also. I will grind this line.
  6. Miragetank90

    Most Fun T10 TL Battleship?

    All of them. But I would give special mention to: Secondary, Legendary Repu with ALL possible ways to boost reload engaged You can get a reload between 10-15 seconds within 12.5km of a spotted enemy. It's crazy. It's ballsy. It's fun, and I love it. That being said, I don't recommend it lol
  7. Miragetank90

    WeeGee desperate for money?

    Nah, it never was like that. Like @Verblonde and @Europizza have said as well.
  8. Miragetank90

    WeeGee desperate for money?

    Yes, but the captain is trained for Diana. Not Sinop and the latter is a silver ship. If you had Sinop with a 10-pt captain moving to Diana or any other prem ship, THEN it would not need retraining.
  9. Miragetank90

    Offtopical Disco

    KHEMMIS - THE BEREAVED(2015) Enjoy your week, all.
  10. Miragetank90

    Torpedos are even more broken now!

    I remember the old days, when updates and content was more spaced-out relative to now. Better, more fun times.
  11. Miragetank90

    Important message for the community

    Do you think you guys have a lower approval rating right now than Sleepy Joes'?
  12. Miragetank90

    I hate the Aircraft Bureau Rivalry

    I mean... I just chose the centre one, because the emblem spoke to me first among the three.
  13. Miragetank90

    Please bring back some reward for achievements

    They were removed after all these years just so that, now, you have to spend more credits if you want to keep your ship optimal. Part of the squeeze.
  14. Miragetank90

    CHEATERS, come on it's just a game!

    Different ships have different detectability ranges and can remain unspotted for a long time depending on what they do.
  15. Miragetank90

    And subs are becoming more stealthier....

    If you love Civ as much as I do, keep an eye on ''Humankind'' by Amplitude. They're still working on bug fixes right now(it just got released) but I recommend it. A very solid competitor with a new approach to historically-inspired 4x strategy.