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  1. gorgutzer

    Just became a credits billionaire

    I have more than 200 millions of credits in full upgrades ships.
  2. gorgutzer

    Stuck at rank 10?

    REMOVE symetrical carrier rule, took me ages to get enough games to achieve rank 1 this season. If u remove symetrical carrier u will encourage people to play more cvs too !,
  3. gorgutzer

    Anyone playing t10 cv?

    I said this was going to happen when 5.1 was launched.
  4. gorgutzer

    WTF? I've been stolen one ranked battle star!

    Super Mario took it.
  5. gorgutzer

    t10 CVs absent for MM

    Rigged matchmaking is crap, waiting queues must finish, if thye want to balance cvs balance the teams and put more ships in the team with better cvs.
  6. gorgutzer

    Ranked separateds pools......

  7. gorgutzer


    Hey at least u can play im rank 5 and i cant get matches.
  8. gorgutzer

    Ranked separateds pools......

    Just got Rank 5 this season (Started as rank 9). And i Just DISCOVERED they splited the players FROM rank 5 and rank 5+, In the last season it was from 1-10, any reason for this?. I want my pirate flag and now i have to wait dayss.............. It was fine as it was 1-10, now is even harder to get matches as cv... this is not fair.....
  9. gorgutzer

    Ranked MM fail again.

    What do u expect, bbs at tier 8 games are pretty op, they crush cruisers they have good handling and the t8 cvs sucks. I prefered much more when it was t7 not t8, its hard to find games searching as cv aswell... and then see 4 north carols in enemy team . Got rank 7 today so far.. but was very painfull to play with those shitty t8 cvs.
  10. gorgutzer

    Rigged Game

    With a TX cv u always get a TX cv in enemy team. And u wont face an enemy team full of TX ships.
  11. gorgutzer

    One salvo & 39436 HP damage

    Dont expose ur sides.
  12. gorgutzer

    Rigged Game

    This has been obvious from the beggining... Once u start to get many wins in a row u start to get harder GAMES. Top list game was Montana and Yamato together in same team XD agaisnt t8 bbs... thx god i was there to save the day, well me and the he spammers xD.
  13. gorgutzer

    With such MM i consider stop playing .....

    The only class rigged its the [edited]cv NICE RACISM HERE!. If someone has graphs of the number of cv games since 5.1 i would appreciate if he mind to share it.
  14. gorgutzer

    With such MM i consider stop playing .....

    Its funny cuz u can get matched so ez in a premade of 3 yamatos or montanas against lower tiers but u cant get a game as a Tier X CV