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  1. Mr_ShoveNstuff

    Developer Bulletin: Update 0.9.2

    Just wondering, when do we get more dynamic crosshairs to choose from? Is it that hard to convert the static ones to dynamic?
  2. Mr_ShoveNstuff, Ranked Sprint: Tier VIII Duels

    I understand you're frustration sir. But i disagree that the Tirpitz has the upperhand from start. Its how you play against it. I also play most battles with the Tirpitz (B). The main reason is because Tirpitz has torps. Dose torps did help me win alot of fights because players just come to close. (Want to ram you) You never know against what ship you gonna fight next so the Tirpitz is a good choice because you have a chance to win agains every ship (CV's excluded). I gues no matter what tier ranked is the majority of players will take the best ship(s) of that tier.
  3. Mr_ShoveNstuff, Ranked Sprint: Tier VIII Duels

    Well, i have to agree that a CV in this ranked sprint is a totaly unfair fight. First i thought that BB vs DD also would be unfair. But i've manege to win the most of them with a BB. CA vs BB is gonna be a though battle for the CA but think its possible if played right. But against a CV...... I won once with a DD, with some luck. The CV player did not realy paid attention when his planes where detected. So he did keep roaming around the map searching for me, sometimes very close calls in spotting me, until it was to late for him. Second time an other CV player knews how to expoild the detected system. Very easy to find a ship through that in 1v1. In a BB vs a CV fight you totaly lose as BB. Befor your ship is even up to speed his plains are already with you. Even with a DD at start, before u get 1 square further the CV is almost on top of you. How can you win this? Only luck. He knows pretty fast where you are and only have to run away or keep hidding behind a island. You are pretty mutch defenceless. Before you even get close to the cap zone you're BB HP is probably already down to 50% or less. 1 v 1 is a cool concept and like to see it more, but not when CV's are in it. Or they need to be nerved/handicap some how in ranked. But best is none.
  4. Mr_ShoveNstuff

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    In this ridiculous mm i took out the enemy dd and the 2 cv's alone. Not bad i think. It was a random battle but late at night sometimes the mm makes games like this.
  5. Mr_ShoveNstuff

    PT 0.6.6 Feedback - Operations - Balance

    I realy like the scenario concept. Mutch different missions to play. But i think the npc's are just a bit to accurrate. Also if you play a dd its very hard to hit them with torps. Its like they see the torps miles away already. And they are expert torp dodgers. Maybe in only scenerios a torp speed and or detection buff. I've play also as bb and cruiser. Cruiser was the most suiteble for me because of the agility, fast reload and aim. But don't get to far in the frontline because you're dead in a minute by there excelent aim. As a bb, when planes come and you're in a battle with some ships..... Torp plaines, HE spam, AP from enemy bb's and you can go inspect the fish down below very quickly. Saw this with alot of bb and cruiser players. Maybe adding some scenario-only cruisers, bb's, dd's, cv's in the future. Also in don't know if this was already added in prev updates but like in the aegis mission i realy like the airbase you made, very nicely done. Would be nice if that base could give us support to. Qua details on the maps we don't need to complain i gues because the lower sea levels around the islands are also nicely done. I only can say you're doing a great job WG. There's offcourse still some work but hey, nothing is perfect. Keep it up guy's.
  6. Mr_ShoveNstuff

    PT 0.6.6 Feedback - Operations - Balance

    When you play the mission where you'll need to rescue the carrier, if u get in the green circle of the engineer (ship) you're ship wil be repaird slowly. Don't realy know in other scenarios yet.
  7. Hi, has anyone else have a problem with the challenge of 3250xp? I've read on the forum that the xp from the first victory of the day also count and flags. It states now that the maximum xp eared was 3195xp. Normally if you do better and achieve more then the 3250xp it will update but for now it doesn't. I've had a few battles already where my xp was higher then the requested 3250xp, also without the first victory of the day xp and flags for extra xp. With the Tirpitz i had a few battles with more then requested xp and also with my Izokaze, but that was with the first victory of the day. So anyone else have the same problem? And if it is a bug, what should i do? Create a ticked? Thanks on advance guy's.
  8. Mr_ShoveNstuff

    Project R

    Don't think i'm gonna make it. The're past the 9M mark. And yes its through the weekly's that u can earn extra pearls. Completed the weekly's yesterday, raised my pearlstack from 179 to 236. But still not enough. If i had played from the beginning i would have enough pearls by now, but i noticed Project R when it was almost half way. Maybe next time then. Or maybe i'm one of the 2000 lucky winners. How knows. A big thank you to all of you for the reply's and the help. Wish you all good battles and fun games.
  9. Mr_ShoveNstuff

    Project R

    If you see the speed that the pearls are collected i don't think it will last until end februari. Maybe one week, max two i gues. But i don't say you're wrong about it. I don't know. WG said when they reach the 10M mark they will give away the destroyer. So you'll need to be patient for a bit before you get it. I got stuck on 179 pearls the last few days and don't know how to collect the other 80 pearls. I'm gonna try to do the weekly challenges like GoT_PcDealer said and see if i get more. Congrats with the new destroyer you will get. I wish you happy hunting and a lot of fun games with it. ;)
  10. Mr_ShoveNstuff

    Project R

    Ok, thx for the reply GoT_PcDealer. Maybe i still can hit that 260 mark after all.
  11. Mr_ShoveNstuff

    Project R

    Hi, does anyone know how to earn more pearls for Project R? I've completed all the missions from the project, when i count them there are about 122 pearls to obtain through dose missions. I now have about 179 pearls so it seems that u get pearls for other things but i don't know with what. There's not mutch info about it so thats why i come here. Maybe other people have noticed or know how to obtain extra pearls.
  12. Mr_ShoveNstuff


    Hi, i realy wonder how the battlemechanics are with the airplaines of the carrier figthers. Last i was against a same tier IV (langly) and my plaines got chuwed up by his,. My figthers even didnt get 1 plaine down. When u think i have my Langly fully upgraded, my carrier has the airgroups 1 modification upgrade and my commander has the dogfighting expert upgrade and even i didnt get 1 plaine of his squad. it was 1 on 1, no other ships the supported his plaines or mine. The amount of airplaines where the same (six blocks eatch, i think if he had the air supremacy upgrade i would see 7 blocks, one figther extra). There is nothing else to upgrade when your ship has al the upgrades exept the next carrier. So how can this be possible? It realy fustrates me sometimes. So i want to learn wha makes youre plaines better then the opponent. (plaine upgrades, commander upgrades, yeah i know, but further?) Why has the langly only got 1 figther squad and 1 torpedo squad wile the japanese tier IV has 1 figther squad and 2 torpedo squads? I feel so helples sometimes because of only one torpedo squad. Plus the japanese tier IV carrier goes 25 knots and the langly only 15?!?!? Is this a joke? This cant be realistic. Or the langly needs to get 1 figther or torpedo squad extra (i prefer torpedo) OR/AND the speed of the langly should be mutch more so you can keep up with the main battleforce. Because of the one torpedo squad you have to reload that one squad more so you need to be closer to the battle front. Otherwise it takes to long to realy help the team. One other thing, if youre in a division with youre friend why do you get placed (most of the time) on the most outside of the starting positions? A division is a team right? And it doesnt matter what type u have. Mostly u get sepperated very far. Weird idea of a division don't u think.
  13. Mr_ShoveNstuff

    Game Modifications: Pros and Cons

    I've played 5 battle's now and i even hit some ships already with the first salvo. If they run in a straight line its pretty easy. Call it luck for now. But it sure is possible to learn. And you will not always be sure if you're gonna hit it. It depends on the skill of the captain. But thats what make the game exciting, will you hit him or not. Will he hit you or not. So i definitely think there is totaly no need for a aimbot or what ever like that. If you think you'll need a aimbot or so, or think you event can't learn it in a few battles then youre stupid or to young to play a game like this period. (ps : sry for my bad english)