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  1. SteDorff

    Dunkerque no crosses on turrets?

    I only just now checked but the camo is fine now with all the crosses on the turrets as pictured in case someone wondered if it got fixed.
  2. SteDorff

    Dunkerque no crosses on turrets?

    Thanks it looks better with chrome and crosses (I would keep it anyway though) Yes that would be The templar cross although someone might think there could be a connection maybe it was a templar ship first that tooked the gold from France at the start of WWII to bury on Oak island.
  3. SteDorff

    Dunkerque no crosses on turrets?

    Everything is on high
  4. Dunqurke has no 3 templar crosses like shown in shop these kindah took me over the line to buy it.
  5. SteDorff

    Where is the Hood from the personal assigment?

    Just keep working out or start if you didn't good muscle wise is more important to chicks
  6. SteDorff

    1st of May, the weebos day

    I really like Eugen she is very soft throws in a 'feuer' now and then and giggles in the face of defeat.
  7. SteDorff

    I want pokemon captains

    Dunno about pokemon how is it gonna look like this in the end? yeah why not will be fun.
  8. SteDorff

    1st of May, the weebos day

    Its Prinzessin Eugena for me don't have that ship but she'll voice nicely on my Missoury will try out laterz.
  9. SteDorff

    1st of May, the weebos day

    Looks like I have to move to Japan to get the real deal other then that I might try one box for giggles to see what one comes out of not going buy an entire anime nest. Yiu used to be able to choose what one for the voice Youtube wise the most important thing for me. Didn't I have the Hood already? might have to get out the Missouri to play again dah game for the birb flag.
  10. SteDorff

    Ghost sub?

    I saw one too on april 1 got a print scr
  11. SteDorff

    Offtopical Disco

  12. SteDorff

    Giulio Cesare stays as it is + balance of other premiums

    That is a GUD decision, me likes here have a smiling cat picture.
  13. There is no ingame currency that I want or need I liked those ship all ships could be concidered OP to someone even the basic ones like Tirpitz. So last ships I bought are from black friday and it ends there as far as I am concerned since the are going to change the GC message also means other whatever they sell like camo gold containers etc. The last stuff I bought @ WoT are X mass boxes untill first week of januari and not going to buy any of their tanks or whatever anymore either since its the same company and it may carry over to that game as well. scrolling thorough my email back to 2013 I have been pritty much a fool of buying on a regular basis over the years there isn't a shop that I have been regularly buying in the real world like that not even talking about time grinding I waisted. now when I get bored I buy stuff on ebay instead at least it gibs me something i can hold in my hands.
  14. Hola wait a minute this is another thread I wanted tor respond to this but whatever. You seem to be very keen on agreeing with uptiering or refunding GC for gold Ok when I said Wot does not change tanks obviously I meant in a negative way maybe you didn't get the picture instead of me not getting a memo. Now for your statement you don't seem to be sure about the process either no it is NOT the same thing or we would see an uprise at wot forum > checking wot forum nope its all about premium tanks being OP monsters (but not getting nerfed-changed). Getting better preferential MM for a vehicle in one game does not equal uptiering (and therefore nerfing) a vehicle in this game none of mine or any oher premium tanks have been nerfed in one way or another with the even videos you stated are about NOT getting premiums powercreeped but buffed. So quite the opposite.
  15. This will be tough decission and I have to conpurr with Odo there I don't need the gold and I don't want it at T6 so I have a suggestion: A red button to blow it up in a final batle, firework atomic blast kind of booom for a minute.