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  1. Muttley44

    Average Team Ranking vs Winrate

    I think win rate is totaly random for most players. Do not care what anyone else says as I am always right. WG could you please let me win more and give more points for camping, also would prefer a Caravan
  2. Muttley44

    CVs everywhere ruining the game experience - when removed?

    CV Nice flat thing very slow and burn well. Only problem is when you get a good cv player, and the one on your side is not so good. Do people really expect to float around shooting at others and expect no come back from others. Ah the voice of Reason, Captain Random and his burn em up cruisers. PS WG could you nerf all players who are better than me.
  3. Muttley44

    We are looking into ways to reduce the BB population

    I love BB's they move slowly and are big(and I can hit them), and mostly can not shoot straight, and they catch fire, and if I get too close run into my torpedoes, almost as fun as CV's. Of course even at tier 4 you get the one who appears to know what they are doing, and rather rudely shoots at you and hits you. Now if there are two of you say two CA,s, or you and a BB it can even be easier. Do not moan, get even, Captain Random of HE spamming Kuma and Phoniex 4.4 can not be ars*d to go too high, PS do not charge at a group of them on your own
  4. Muttley44

    The game feels like its rigged.

    Hi all just an observation. If it is fully random then the chances of being on a good team or bad team is 50%. Also if there are even matched teams or not hopefully is 50%, perhaps in the latter example you influence is greater and could have an affect. It is interesting that my win rate does not appear to be based on my skill or performance, although I am sure that my effort has helped win the games. When I was new and pretty useless my win rate was not much different. Although I do have it on great authority that there is a whole team of programmers tasked to p*ss only me off. (sarcasm alert) The Dog
  5. Muttley44

    Weekend premium subscription!

    If you read my earlier post you would see that I am not, just my experiences show that the weekday, day is a lot easier, so I expect that is why most forum gurus are against them. Trying to get the truth out there as opposed to the rantings of the few chicken hearts on here. PS war is random, and not everyone plays to the rules, get a life, and you may find out
  6. Muttley44

    Weekend premium subscription!

    So much better than you, cann't you cope.
  7. Muttley44

    Weekend premium subscription!

    Potatoes play, during weekdays days, and the kids etc must be better than the weekday, day self congratulators. I am a potato, check my stats out, however, I do better during weekday days, bit of a piece of p*ss. I then have greater trouble at night and at weekends. So how are the weekend players worse. Is it like my sons attitude, when I beat him at Risk, I played wrong. Just asking, interested in others theories where my experience does not reflect the g*bby sh*ts on this forum.
  8. Muttley44

    Limited number of DD's in a battle

    DD's only a problem if the DD's on your team are not very good. Then it can be a bit of a b*gger, unless your god is kind to you and it becomes a Turkey Shoot, unfortunatley my god is a potatoe.
  9. Muttley44

    Whats WRONG with people

    Sure am, sometimes a noob, sometimes a potato, some times even a good average, but do not expect to go to a supermarket and get insulted by another customer because they think they are better. By saying; I am better than you, so that makes your views and experiences worthless, is crass and unhelpful even if the other is a total (add own expletive). This is a bit of advice from Captain Pompous from HMS Irony
  10. Muttley44

    Whats WRONG with people

    This comment comes from a Beta Tester, and is insulting a bread and butter player. WG take note and get rid of the bully now, there as so many like this insulting normal people. Do not support the potatoes of society.
  11. Just remember in real sea battles one side often won because the other side contained noobs or potatoes, as in the real thing, your luck depends on which side contains the least.
  12. Muttley44

    Calling all Campers

    worried that very few on this forum have heard of Irony, think HMS Irony set sail, to the edge of the map, and is glinting away in the corner, latest premier ship, £300.00 or 2 euros