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  1. PixelMK

    Royal Navy funny signals

    That was funny i like it!
  2. PixelMK

    Game visual details.

    ^ ^ as the guy above said it would increase PG, and imo stop torturing my poor 4gb ram and my 1.99 ghz cpu pls. (although my graphic card can run star wars battlefront?) But im fine with it. I just imagine the ship being alive. stop me pls EDIT: The torps on the planes are fine though.
  3. PixelMK

    Anoying, simple Anoying.

    Sure it is a fun boat when i have fun games. And im not fighting pepsicolas, i get matched up with BB's and DD's of higher tiers mostly maybe a few clevelands (but a lot of other nation Cruisers) and what pisses me off most, is sure i can win a duel (heck i won a duel against a myoko and a yorck, i praised the kills and the enemy team said it was humiliating for them topkek), but then a high tier BB from i dont know where shots me down in 3 turret bursts, i even went so far to COMPLETELY change my tactic. (now i stay in base and wait for the enemy to pick targets, not playing actively like i did)
  4. PixelMK

    Anoying, simple Anoying.

    Nahh.. man i get put every 1.5 games into a high tier battle, im seriusly going to give up on getting Cleveland lol, although i plan to grind it today 15k exp left!
  5. PixelMK

    More about the Op Chariot.

    Well thats nice.
  6. PixelMK

    Why is the website suddenly in german?

    german bb line confirmed!??
  7. PixelMK

    PROJECT 1047

    i though this was a parody to all the ships that were made in project XX, and that this was a topic with a funny modern ship. dammit project 1047 is actually real lol.
  8. PixelMK

    Shokaku is OP.

    >60fps >tirpitz in squad y you torture my poor us cv soul?
  9. PixelMK

    HMAS Vampire Video

    OFF TOPIC: Any fun stories you can share from your service? I always wanted to hear about navy stories
  10. PixelMK

    No loadout is suitable for aircraft carrier!

    Well alright, i just finished the pain of Bogue only to go to Independence! Yay. What i did with Bogue is like this: >Bought bogue >really excited >do well >buy fighter setup and hangar >rek n00bs >cry because im useless to the team >drink chocolate milk >buy strike setup >play it >get to 30k exp >play stock setup >have 3k free exp to jump to independence >rejoice Seriusly i expected a upgrade from Bogue to Independence but its not there only real upgrade i see is "Yay stock setup has a 3rd squad WOOHOO" And in the flight control upgrades i expected to get 3 squads (since bogue goes from stock 2 to 3 squads) but ofc no. goddammit.
  11. PixelMK

    Pants i Cola...

    >still trying to get cleveland in my omaha (20k exp left)
  12. PixelMK

    Anoying, simple Anoying.

    i loled, this is worse than me being put in a tier VI and tier VII game with my Omaha. (even if i dont play in a division)
  13. PixelMK

    Odd gun emplacements (and stuff)

    Thanks, but i knew these already by playing. @VC381 Where can i read about the real life tactics?
  14. PixelMK

    The misery, the frustration, the contempt

    I understand totally, i really like when people work as a team, and i actually tried Division gameplay for the first time, made 2 friends actually we worked together and i managed to get a second kraken on my Hosho it was a really nice match. Im not educated into WoWs tactic meta but i always try to talk with team and devise SOME kind of tactic,mostly people listen. And i dont know about aiming,i just point and shoot, get frustrated if i miss and i shoot again xD