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  1. ColonyDefender

    Public Test 0.10.10 - Bug Reports

    Division achievments also seem to be unreliable, I got them, my mate did not. 20211017_134740_PBSD110-Daring_16_OC_bees_to_honey.wowsreplay
  2. ColonyDefender

    Public Test 0.10.10 - Bug Reports

    Turrets of distant ships are not rendered.
  3. Pressing ALT does show the timer in the regular way we are all used to. This in return makes me think it is a bug in the implementation of the Alternate battle mode, which we all set after we first installed the game. I certainly hope it gets fixed so the timer is shown without having to press alt.
  4. ColonyDefender

    Event „Große Seegefechte“ ab 4.Mai

    Glaub auch das die Kreuzermisson einen Fehler hat. So weit ich weiß snid das doch BaseXP. Auftrag ist aber nicht erfüllt.