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  1. vcalchief

    Overall Stability

    Had a game last night. I watched the ping rate and it was dire. For an EU connection to the EU server, I was getting no less 60ms and up to 800ms. Ping rates were great before this latest patch. There was me thinking it was the graphics drivers. I can't be sure if it's my ISP or the WG server.
  2. vcalchief

    Overall Stability

    Even with those drivers, I was getting between 6 - 17fps consistently through the match. Is something wrong with the latest game patch?
  3. vcalchief

    Overall Stability

    Missed that. I just saw the notorious Vista.
  4. vcalchief

    Overall Stability

    I take it they work in Win7?
  5. vcalchief

    Overall Stability

    I couldn't find that one. I did get to download 260.89 though.
  6. vcalchief

    Overall Stability

    I think Nvidia needs to stop releasing drivers for outdated cards. Can you poke WG devs a bit and get them to sort out the loading times? It's just ridiculous that I get into a match when it's already started.
  7. vcalchief

    Overall Stability

    Rolled back to Nvidia driver v341.92 from last November. Performance has improved slightly, although I still get into the match after it has started. No pauses, very little stutter but still not ideal. I might be partly fixed but this is no excuse to think the problem has gone away.
  8. vcalchief

    huge fps drop

    These aren't the latest drivers and all this happened since the patch.
  9. vcalchief

    Overall Stability

    AMD FX8350 Black Asus M5A97LE r2.0 8Gb ram Win 7 64bit Nvidia GTX260 Nvidia driver v341.96 The pausing and stuttering I am getting is throughout all the game play. The only other game affected is Mechwarrior Online.
  10. vcalchief

    Overall Stability

    I am having severe playability issues where none existed before. The game runs as if I am playing on a processor which is too slow. I am running at 4Ghz. Severe game pauses, stutters and at times I even get logged out. Game loading takes longer. Map loading takes longer. I join the match once it has already started. This is unplayable now.
  11. vcalchief

    Bug in 1920x1200

    I have this issue with a resolution of 1440x900. I have to be careful how I select something. It was ok before the last update. When I watch it in OBS though, the cursor is in the correct place but on monitor it isn't. We need a fix NOW. Also, when I log in, some of my ships disappear. Why?
  12. vcalchief

    My game broke !

    Same here.