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  1. GeneralWF

    Fan made Dutch Navy tech tree

    Lets start with one ship! The Java or the Ruyter. And if those ships sell good, make plans for a whole tree. Iam a Dutchman my self and i realy want a dutch ship in the game.
  2. GeneralWF

    HNLMS/RNLN De Ruyter

    They have to ad this ship! (WG) Don't care what tier it wil be. It will be an insta buy!
  3. Hoi zou ik toegevoegd kunnen worden? Ik ben een battleship speler, heb ook een aantal premiums.
  4. GeneralWF

    Dutch ships

    A tier 2 or 3 Premium the Hr.Ms. Soemba or the Hr.Ms. Flores Floresklasse ships. They were called the Terrible Twins. and fought in ww2. Did bombing in Italy and in Frace during D-day. I would buy this and the de Ruyter of course.