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  1. NecroFlex

    Cv squads

    So basically, taking the Hosho for example, it has 2 TB squads and 1 fighter squad, looking at your logic, i could make 3 TB squads, so instead of just 1 shotting a BB each run i can now 1 shot a BB and badly hurt the other one or anyone else. Yeah no, they already have the easiest burst in the game and now you want them to have the biggest one aswell? (they do have it, but according to some scrubs, that doesn't count cuz it's only every 2min or so).
  2. NecroFlex

    Submarine Gameplay in "Steel Ocean" - chinese WoWS copy

    I saw a replay which was ok and was better in gameplay than WoWs, yes it need improvement, but those are minor ones...WoWs on the other hand...I'm still waiting for them to fix the loading times, i won't buy an SSD just cause they are too bad to fix it themselves, i can load fast into any other game, WoWs is the only one which takes that long...and BF4 full server...but that's expected from a game that big, especially in graphics, WoWs on the other hand...Graphics are like last-gen console ones and even those were better. Yes, the support would actually be better, they would atleast try to give a f**k and answer unlike WG which i'm still waiting for a reply regarding the warspite package which will end soon...well i will get the answer, when the deal ends...but that's to be expected from them. Graphics won't get better? Batman: Arkham Knight runs on UE3 version 10246, you're saying it's graphics are bad? Bioshock Infinite runs on Unreal Engine 3, bad graphics? Borderlands 2 runs on UE3 version 8623, super bad graphics right? Hell even the pre-sequel runs on it Deadpool runs on UE3 Mass Effect series runs on it, mucho bado graphico!!1!!11 and so on and so on: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Unreal_Engine_games#Unreal_Engine_3 also this: The popular children's TV show Lazy Town used UE3 during filming to generate virtual sets for real-time integration with footage of actors and puppets performing in front of green screens. In March 2012, the FBI licensed Epic's Unreal Engine 3 to use in a simulator for training. The animation software "Muvizu Play", which was released in April 2013, uses UE3. Do you still think UE3 can't produce better graphics? Ofc it can't compete with UE4 or Frostbite 3 and such, but for a 2004 engine it's pretty f***ing good, 100x better than this...this...thing of ''BigWorld'' engine...atleast it can actually load games properly... Russians don't have potato PC's...they use potatoes for vodka you dummy.
  3. NecroFlex

    Submarine Gameplay in "Steel Ocean" - chinese WoWS copy

    > implying WoWs has good graphics... This is a better version of WoWs, copy or not, it's better in every aspect but the graphics, which could be upgraded in the future, it will die cuz it's chinese, that's for sure, but that doesn't change the fact that it's better and i'm betting that the support is better and there are more contests and stuff...something WG EU haven't heard...ever Don't blame them for trying to block a better game they know it overtook them in gameplay and they will be a bit scared of it and block it in every was possible so it doesn't come outside of China.
  4. NecroFlex

    The Warspite package

    Yes i know there are quite a few posts already, but it's easier to start a new one than to put this in an old one which will probably not be answered. Anyway, here goes: So when OBT started you were able to buy the Warspite, but i was unable cause i wasn't home, was away on vacation and missed my window, so i did contact WG a bit after that if it's still possible to somehow buy it, but they said it will come back, that it can't be bought the way i asked. Didn't matter, just had to see if it was possible, so i waited and behold, she came back...with more than last time...which i don't really mind, i mean, i wanted to buy some gold anyway to convert XP and buy some port slots and for new captains and stuff like that, the only thing i don't like is the premium...gold can be preserved, spent later when needed...premium? not so much, you buy it and the countdown starts...i wouldn't mind if i had 30 days to no-life and play a lot of WoWs, but i have school and work, so i wouldn't be able to play that much if i could play at all some days, so premium would go to waste, which would be a waste of money... So, is there a way to get gold instead of that premium time? I'd rather get gold for what the premium time is worth, than get that package and let the prem. time go to waste, that's my only issue with the package, that it has premium time which quite a bit of people won't be able to use to it's full potential.
  5. NecroFlex

    terrible battleship captains

    TIL, you can angle to bounce torps... Ok, USN BBs are brawlers, heavy armor, well protected citadels, good torp bulges, but IJN BBs are snipers in general, Kongo can go in slightly, but her armour is slightly better than average, Fuso...you go in with a Fuso, you're gonna get citadeled instantly, Yamato is the only IJN brawler, other BBs are mostly snipers, USN BBs fall off t8+ with heavy armouring, so after t8, they tend to stick to higher ranges aswell, i'm not talking full on 20km+ sniping, that's useless, i like to snipe around 15km, imo, that's the sweet spot, at first ofc imma fire a few shots at 20km, the game barelly started, after thast i get closer, but no too close, 15km is good too cause most torps reach 10km max, so that's a bit more safety there
  6. NecroFlex

    terrible battleship captains

    You don't suck, you're just plain retarded ^^ BBs have to stay back cause of all the torps spam, HE spam...literally everything, CAs and DDs can dodge all of that, BBs can't, thus they have more health, which doesn't help when you literally get spammed upon by all the sh*t, come on, yolo into the battlefield with a BB, see how long you'll last with the torps from all directions, HE from everywhere and TBs coming at you. Your team ain't gonna follow you in there, i rather shoot from 20km than go in and die by all the torp spam you can get. First one u last till the end of the game, snipe for a bit then go in when it's a bit clear, last one u go in, shoot your salvo, eat 6 torps and some HE spam and boom, you're dead...u really contributed there captain
  7. NecroFlex

    What is the best angle to take a torpedo?

    It was in my Kongo, it was at a bit of an angle, but middle of the ship...but yes, Kongo has no bulges only seen 1 detonation via torp and that was on me, so i can't help you there
  8. NecroFlex

    What is the best angle to take a torpedo?

    that's weird, never happened to me, lowest damage i got was ~4k, never 0 or something like that, tho the system would work better if the damage was co-respondent to the angle it hit, if it hits at 90°, full damage (unless torpedo bulges, then reduce some of the damage), the higher the angle, the lower the damage, cause a torp hitting something dead on should deal more damage than a torp barely scraping a ship which tried to evade it but the rudder shift was too much.
  9. NecroFlex

    What is the best angle to take a torpedo?

    Sooooooo, me getting a torp in the middle of my ship where the torpedo bulge is the strongest resulted in me getting a detonation...yeah, many low damage confirmed... Try to evade them, wherever they hit, the damage is complete RNG, the bulges don't do jack sh*t, well, they do help a weeee bit, maybe 5% less damage than usual, that is if you don't get hit in your magazine... Very much true, but since DDs will cry if that get's implemented let's not talk about that What i really like is that even if the torp literally scrapes you and goes off, it deals a lot of damage...which makes less sense than the first issue, the explosive inside was a shaped charge, meaning the most damage a torp would do is if it would hit at a 90° angle, since the shaped charge is made to push the most force trough the front of the torp, damage is ofc all around, but most of it is in the front, if the torp scrapes you and detonates, the damage would have been...well...maybe if someone was smoking in the ammo storage and the shockwave would throw the cigarette on something and then boom, byebye ship, otherwise, probably some bruises and a bit of blood, the whole ship would shake and that would mostly be it, the damage would be next to 0.
  10. NecroFlex

    There is some really great BB players out there

    Oh yeah, this is gonna be fun, the amount of negative votes for trying to make a constructive post will be over 9000... Anyway, let's start: First i want to get out of the way that yes, i am a BB player, i also love CAs and i just started on CVs again, maybe DDs later when i get somewhere with BBs and CAs. Moving on I'm an average BB player, i try my best, yes i snipe at first, but what else can i do? if i go in, i'll be hailed upon by HE, AP and torps, both DDs and TBs...then my team will call me a noob...so yeah, great sentence you did there... So what do i do? I tend to stick to somewhere safe distance, still being able to go in if necessary and still far enough to not get buttf***ed by a barrage of torps every 30-40s...while i'm mentioning that, you said DDs have lower RoF than BBs? Well higher tiers yes, lower ones, not so much, but let's leave that out for now...ok so, i'm in the back supporting and go in when i see an opportunity or when i know nothing can just pop-up and annihilate my a** in a salvo, yes i as a BB can do that aswell....but the chances of that happening are....next to 0, since CBT till now, i have 1 shotted....once...well...he had around 85% of his HP and i hit 2 citadels (not counting 2 DDs i oneshotted using HEs), DD torps on the other hand...not saying OP, but like i was saying before, i tend to wait until i know random torps won't appear when i try to push into the enemy lines and 1 shot me, a full torp salvo from a DD the same tier or above will 1 shot me, or leave me at 10% HP max and don't go ''manouver and slow down and speed up'', when you push on, that means you need to go past islands and those are BBs worst nightmare and guess what, 90% of the maps are full of them, so i'm a bit sorry i don't yolo in and pray to god that i don't die.... Next, the ''Agar..'' guy/thing quote: For someone with only 65 battles in a BB and 400+ in each of the other class, you really know how BBs are played right? No offense, but if ppl are saying ''play DDs/CVs/CAs/BBs then if they are so easy and get to high tier and then tell me what to do etc.etc.'' then you have no right to speak about BBs. You don't just aim and fire and instakill someone, that's DDs job...well, higher rate of making that happen atleast, anyway, yes, you can hit citadels and do massive damage, but how many times did you do that? i can get quite a few citadels in 1 game, but mostly on different enemies, mostly more on a BB i brawl against...my favorite thing in this game atm is going 1v1 against another BB, close enough for the secondaries to fire and then sail in a circle with the enemy BB, that's fun, that's what i love to see...but then it usually gets ruined by some random DD (be it enemy or ally) that drops torps and the fun circling ends...I've had a lot of those fights, shooting, secondaries firing, burning up, etc. that is the thing that drives me to play more WoWs, the chance to have a duel like that...but in 90% it gets spoiled by either a teammate or an enemy and both of us have been angry after since the fighting we had was fun, i've seen an enemy BB later on TKing the DD for ruining the fight, but like i said, those fights are now rare, 1 in maybe 25+ battles. Ok, moving off-topic, gonna get back on track Dodging a BB salvo from max range in a CA is one of the easiest things in WoWs, you see the shells fired even thos the BB isn't visible, you see them for 12+ seconds and in those 12s, i can take a piss and come back to dodge, torps are only visible right next to you, i'm not saying broken, it's true adjusting your course a bit will make the torps probably miss, but for u to say it's hard to dodge BBs salvo from max range?...i'm surprised you have a 54% win ratio...tho being carried by your team would make sense. Ok...again, shells take 12s+ max BBs firing range, easy to dodge, easy to see if you're paying attention...yes, same goes for planes, you can try to dodge them by paying attention, but all that won't help you if you're trying to turn into them and they just change course by 90° in a split second and then drop torps, you being unable to dodge cause of the rudder shift, taking ~4 from USN or more from IJNs since they can pincer you with ease, yes, you may take 1 plane out, that's usually it, they tend to fall apart after dropping torps and returning, when you can magically destroy 2 more... There's no problem with CAs, it's HE that needs a rework, me shooting an Omaha (for example, don't want to use cleveland again), i do 3k damage since he tried to dodge or he was facing forward, so 30s to go, he's firing salvo after salvo, 5s reload per salvo, 4k+ damage per salvo + fires started, yes 2 fires and i usually repair since it would be too much, but 2 salvos later i again have a fire or 2 onboard, what does that mean? i either need to (by your logic) GitGut™ and somehow make a magic ''no fire'' barrier, or spend all my skills, upgrades and credits for premium repair just to get rid of the fires easier, which do a hell of a lot of damage to BBs. Literally, everything is anti-BB, you got HE, which ignores any an all armour and deals 4k+ damage per salvo from CAs, it makes fires which deal % of HP damage, which really hurts BBs, you have torps which are anti-BB, planes are anti-BB, even BBs are anti-BBs... and yes, i did up my BB gameplay, i get hit by less torps cause of course change every now and then, but that don't help with planes and that don't help when you have to go in and help your teammates and a wild DD appears 3km from you... I think that about does it...oh and one more thing, yes DDs need a buff or a rework in higher tiers, that is true, but saying lower tier DDs are hard and need buffs? take all my kek's
  11. NecroFlex

    Do NOT Buy the "Special Offer".

    Dude, this is EU, we have limited privilege But yeah, no nothing whatsoever...no wait, they did that tripitz thing where u bought the tripitz and some other useless autistic sh*t that noone wanted just so ScamGaming can make huge profits for it... Oh and let's not mention how they made some ships unavailable in the ingame store but only in the premium shop so the gold you bought will be useless for a while longer...
  12. NecroFlex

    Do NOT Buy the "Special Offer".

    oh, that i did not know, thanks
  13. NecroFlex

    Do NOT Buy the "Special Offer".

    Yes, it's legal, it can be done the way they did it, but if it gets found out, there can be big issues for them on the community side and then the news and such, not good for their image.
  14. NecroFlex

    Do NOT Buy the "Special Offer".

    i thought it was fishy when i saw it and looked at how much are the things on their own, now i see my gut was right...like...i've seen games coming to closed alpha with more bang and special offers than this...i've been in the HAWKEN closed alpha 2 times, both times it was quite a big announcement with mails being sent around...here...it's like watching elderly bingo...sh*t's boring as f**k
  15. NecroFlex

    250 gold / doublons for completing a WG survey

    oh look, i can got some gold and...oh...NA only.... literally, might aswell move to the NA servers, free gold, free ships, free discounts, etc.etc.etc. the ping can be compensated for, don't mind 100-150ms ping, especially when i get 24/7 free gold with ships, credits, premium, flags, consumables, a house, car and Emma Stone....