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  2. bogdanandrei1998

    [Guide]How levels works

    Hello guys! I write this guide for newcomers (Beta testers). Congratz guys! So, let's go. Level 1: This is a first level. You receive that on first battle. If you have this level, you can play only CO-OP battles (battles with bots). For level up, you need to win 1-2 battles on CO-OP gamemode. Level 2: If you have level 2, you are an advanced player. Here, you can play RANDOM battles (PVP - players vs. players). You will receive 25k credits (25.000). Level 3: Level 3 have a great surprise for you: DAILY MISSIONS. On Daily Missions, you can win: credits, free XP and piasters (gold). Every mission have delay. You can complete 3 missions per day. Level 4: If you reached level 4, you will have acces to the FREE XP. With Free XP you can research modules and ships. If you want to convert ships XP in Free XP, you need piasters (gold). You will receive 3k free experience (3.000). Level 5: If you reached this level, you are an expert player. You have COMMANDER for each ship. You can use and reserch skills. Every commander have 19 skills. You will receive 50k credits (50.000). Level 6: This is final level. If you reach this level, you can buy and use upgrades. You will receive 75k credits (75.000). This is my first guide. I hope you will learn all about WoWs. Good luck! Action Stations!
  3. bogdanandrei1998

    Instal problem

    Check your network connection (network speed).
  4. bogdanandrei1998

    Just downloaded the closed beta client

    Server is online. You need to update the client or download again.
  5. bogdanandrei1998

    Problem signing up

    Try to use Opera or Google Chrome on your phone.
  6. bogdanandrei1998

    World of Tanks Generals - Closed Beta starts

    Yea, good idea or WoWS Blitz.
  7. bogdanandrei1998

    World of Tanks Generals - Closed Beta starts

    Hello captains! I post this thing here because WoT Generals Managers choose Beta testers. Go to mail and look if you are lucky.
  8. bogdanandrei1998

    French warships list

    Look here English Version: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_active_French_Navy_ships
  9. Someone for Division? Tier 4-5-6.

  10. bogdanandrei1998

    Battleship YAMATO || World War II battle

    Yes, that's true. EDIT: Beautiful movie, very realistic.
  11. Hello! I found a video with YAMATO Battleship on battle. Look at this video.
  12. bogdanandrei1998

    Battle of Tsushima

    Good info's, thanks! +1 rep