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  1. HerasDeath

    Colorado is a joke

    She was my ship for ranked. Max her out, I grantee you will like her. However you must accept her speed and know when to push an area or disengage. Try shooting Sub 16km range, anything lower until 10km you pretty much becomes a beast. After Colorado its NC ;) Happy Days!!!
  2. HerasDeath

    Rest in peace Cruisers, may you be remembered.

    Yess, Hipper was my main until Eugen came out. Now I main Eugen
  3. HerasDeath

    Just returned after a lon absence, how do I play german BBs?

    sub 16km range, closer the better. sub 10km range is beast mode.
  4. so Premium RN cruiser gets HE shells? If so...SOLD. I am still upset at the Silver RN line though....no HE......
  5. HerasDeath

    Shells sound impact broken?

    same for me, i get muted sounds sometimes when shell make contact with my ship
  6. Is there a Premium Cammo for Prinz Eugen? Surely it cannot be this plain... ?
  7. HerasDeath

    Pick your votes for the sexiest ship ingame!

    For me Admiral Hipper and NC
  8. HerasDeath

    PVE Assault mode

    I wondered where this mode went to. In the test serve it wasnt fun when I had bots on my team.
  9. Thank you for those pictures, I have really enjoyed reading the cammo history. I think this game has done a really good job of accurately portraying this historic cammo. What I dont understand is why does the Baltic cammo stripes stop at the hull rather than travelling up towards the superstructure like you mentioned in your link. Even from the one you referenced. I feel like WG should of done the stripes all the way up!! I also found this while digging up.. https://www.bismarck-class.dk/bismarck/paint_schemes/paintbism1941.html I also think WG should give us multiple choices on Historic Cammo, I quite like the Dull Grey one. I feel like our Bismarck Cammo is half finished ?! So during the 15% discount Tier VIII- Tier X I finally brought my NC! I immediately brought her the premium Cammo and I absolutely love Hull A! I am also looking forward to using Hull B cammo. If I miss Hull A cammo I can just hop on to PVE
  10. Omg dude thank you for the find!!! Now i am drooling!! We are getting BOTH cammos!!!!!!!!!! So happy!!!!!!!!!!! This is the first time WG did this. I do hope German ships gets different choices as I like the stripes too! Would it be possible for you to show me a screenshot of the Cammo as I dont have Bismarck and not anytime soon since I am working on geting my NC..Much appreciated!
  11. NC is one of my favorite BB, I am 5mil short of purchasing it. What a joy it is to find out that the new Permanent Cammo is based on Type Measure 12 used in 1942. I would just like to say thank you WG for binging this. Anyone else think the same? I also brought Hipper Cammo and eagerly awaited for her Atlantic bow visual upgrade in one of the recent patches. Please do more
  12. I am deffintely buying this, Hipper is my favorite ship in game. Been waiting for Prinz Eugen for a long time!
  13. HerasDeath

    USN Cruiser line vs Russian Cruiser line

    Well USN cruisers line have high shell arc, so their travel time is pretty long, usually about 10 secs for a 16km shot. Russian cruisers have much flatter arc which makes a huge difference. But USN ships are so great at dodging shots Especially NO. Baltimore is tanky. I sail my favourite Hipper and that's the experience Ive got. Russian ships turn alot slower though. In terms of AA USN is amazing for escorting BB or cv. Indi is very very situational, the same slow shell travel time + 15 second reload means you must be good at aiming your shots or you miss precious DPM. I have both molotov and Indi but I cant decide which of the two i like more. My two cents
  14. Today I finally got to rank 15, after having bad teams last night I decided to stop. This afternoon feeling refreshed started the game with 10k players. I was Rank 16 1/3. Was sitting at rank 16 for 3 days (back and fourth stressing me the hell out with the bad team mates!) and the first 2 games was victorious. New Mexico was the ship that earned me my Midway Flag, I cannot wait to mount it on her. I changed ship to Indianapolis/ Yorck I Lost my first match as Rank 15 as Indi, Won 1 match with Yorck and Won the next again with Indi. Now I am in progress of finishing my Colardao (researched and brought Hll C, researched everything else just need the money to buy) as I find being a good BB in rank can carry a half fallen team towards mid game. Overall it has been a dramatic week for me.