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  1. T0rad

    BBs and APs

    You know, ive had same issues with WoWs as you have... no flooding from shells, % based dotas, RNG lottery, mechanical and historical castration of reality. I've tried Steel Ocean. I'm not gonna tell you which is better, because im on T9 here and on T4 there, but it feels more real. If you wanna stay in wows - well this is my advice: 22km shooting is good, dont aim at cruisers, pick BBs that cou can plunge. ideal dodging range for cruiser is 14-17 kms if you are 1 on 1, unless you play sick mind games and fire one turret at each place he can be by the time shells arrive, hes gonna burn you and there is nothing to be done about it. ideal range for you is 11 to 14 i feel. because if you get to 8 kms, you can actually kill better but you get closer to their BBs and they will kill you. Learn a pattern of engage and diengage between the salvos of enemy BBs. Anything closer than 8 to heavy cruiser (T7 for USN, T5 for IJN, T7 for KM) means he will penetrate your broaside and citadel you if you let him. And if RNGsus shits on you blue semish captain boots, he will damage you havily before you can take him out.
  2. T0rad


    Sooo... i played some more. T4 now on multiple branches. Things seem - ok... im getting that feeling from SO that i didnt get from WoWs. The behaviour of ships, the dispersion that changes with turning and so on. I feel much much less screwed by RNG, i almost doesent happen. If i die i know its because of my bad decisions and that is a blessing, compared to RNGsus shi*ing on your boots. Scale of the game is a bit smaller and interia of objects is smaller (i wish they would add to these two). At all you have much more to worry about. Happens very rarely that there would be nothing to do, for example waiting for reload for nothing. Feels less like total arcade, bit more like simulation. which is good. If it was possible to merge WoWs and SO into one beautiful complex i'd be one happy otterducker . The SO is however plagued by lower number of players.
  3. T0rad

    The Selling Your Beloved Ship Guilt

    I sold Nurmberg for Yorck... In nurmberg, when the game allowed close encounter, i dominated whoever i wanted. But ive been promised that Hipper is worth the grind
  4. T0rad


    Hello, to introduce this thread, i'd like to say that i like WoWs very much, have invested a lot of time and money into it. How ever there are things in there that i hate about the - those are mailny: Driving ships ingame doesent even feel like driving nautical vehicle. So i've accidentaly found another game: Steel Ocean and i invested a bit of time (to get to T3) and have some idea about the game. I've did some comparison to Wows for those whod be interested. For now, im playing both games. Wows pros: -much better arranged - easier to see what is happening -much better graphics (and by much i mean 10 years of a gap) -more accurate ranges of things. SO pros: -ships behave like ships mechanically -much more controll (you can control secondaries and AA manually) and less assist (no aim assist for torps) -better ship balance (classes are not balanced 1v1) -subs -aiming -radars and radios There are some massive drowbacks for each of games thogh Wows cons: -absolutely unreal and unbeliavble damage system -absolutely wrong banace, not skill based game -stealth fighters, % fire and flooding SO cons: -doesent have EU server, small chiniese company -not much tutorial, shorter ranges of everything. -game somewhat punishes you for playing aggresive (gun acuracy drops with turning) -ships stop and get moving way to fast (more action game, less tactical) -guns feel wrong a bit So, in the end, game experience comes from all thing combined. WoWs is the winner for me now, but i feel like the errors of SO could be eradicated with time and development, while WoWs by serious changes of gameplay, which WG simply doesent do. I sincerely hope that existence of competition will force WG to change thins, since i really like the game. Does any of you have a lot of play time there? how does high Tier gameplay look like (im on T3 there) Is it worth more time investing.
  5. T0rad

    Shell dispersion

    shoot at waterline, not above... the only way. And its craptastic...
  6. T0rad


    And if you have limited amount of free time and intend to have a good time but someone purposefully ruins it? I think that courts would be fine - purely voluntary with small lets say dubleon or little bit bigger credit reward. And with harsh punishment if repetadly trolled or gave wrong decision. max lvl players only... t9 or higher players only. Definitely doable.
  7. T0rad

    Suggestions about Iowa's upgrades

    I have accuracy, aquisition, AA buffs, rudder and damage control. on captain i dont have a 5th skill yet, but i have Surv, Marks, High alert, AFT and MFCA. Bit overkill in AA, will reset with bonus point. Right now im pretty comfy against T10 CV (turn into one bomb squad, focus the other)
  8. T0rad

    Shell dispersion

    And overall there would be ways to do this game more realistic without losing the "fun" and without making it unaccesable for new players. But its AAA title, where did you see such titles to change? anywhere in game industry? and particularly because the developers are russian. Very proud nation, not very prone to change and certainly not very good at listening to outsiders... have few russian friends myself and i see it every day. Thats why i stopped making those posts, it was as meaning less as trying to convince my friends to do something they did not come to do in a first place.
  9. T0rad

    Shell dispersion

    Oh the solutions were offered, but they would require WG to do something out of the box and that is not their strong part Look up my very old posts to see, if you want to. And the solution were something like: slot based battles, BBs being much more expensive to service than other clases, abandoning the concept of HP for buoyance and modules with shells causing flooding if hit right (and add non % ship flooding).... Overall dont balance the game 1v1. It was possible with tanks where light tank was.. lets say 2 - 3 times less massive than heavy. Thats something you can balance. But the BB being 40 or more times more massive than a DD... also very much more expensive to build and much better equipped and so on and on. You cant balance that without screwing with the class hard. But as i said before, that would require WG to do something curageous, and they are not up to it
  10. T0rad

    Yorck? like really

    So i've finally reacher Yorck. I read all the fora about Yorck being terrible pain, but hey, i've read that about Pensacola too and it was very strong ship. So far ive had few games in it, probably less than 10 and i came to conclusion that this ship indeed is horribad... AP - no power at all... out of 3 perfectly places salvos in side of pensacora only two citadels? at 9km? really? arc of fire - i had dueled atlanta at 11 km and my arc were worse.... like what? This is a heavy cruiser? maybe it has catapults instead of guns and WG forgot to model it? Arc is terrible and hitting anything is pain - ship has no sweetspot for engage - would be nice on 3km, but thats absurd for T7 Maneuverability - turning is ok, but stopping and moving again is nightmare. i think lot of BBs might feel more suble in that way. Armour - is somewhat acceptable. Still feels worse than Nurmberg though. Dispersion - feels really unaccurate, will see later, with more games. While playing Nurmberg was a real delight if the map allowed to close distance to your target this one feels really like pure pain - No real use at all.
  11. T0rad

    o Armour pierce or set aflame?

    Yeah, didnt think abot destroyed compartment. usually helps just to reaim a bit. By the way, can non-citadel AP destroy modules? or incap, doesent matter which.
  12. T0rad

    New Orleans turret upgrade

    Frankly id like Balti more, maybe even Des Moines, so i dont plan on keeping the ship.
  13. T0rad

    New Orleans turret upgrade

    Well thats why im asking A have lot of ship trees and im always somewhat short on credits, so i have to think up fron. I even gave up some trees just because i could not spend few mil on them. Was it useless upgrade, id save the credits.
  14. T0rad

    o Armour pierce or set aflame?

    Im pretty sure he meant it the other way around. I think that cruised against cruised -ap is preferable unless there is very low chance of getting a citadel. You will learn which cruisers you can penetrate. For example, you cannot penetrate St. Louis. But other Phoenixes, Omahas, Kumas, Furutakas - all day long. Yesterday i took out 2 Furutakas in my Marblehead alone just because they fired HE and i fired AP. Also what is the 1% AP for DD purpose?
  15. T0rad

    New Orleans turret upgrade

    Ahoy skippers, I was just wondering - in your opinion is it worth it to upgrade turrets on NO? the bonus seems bit marginal on paper, maybe even non existent due to increased traverse speed. Or is there any other hidden bonus to it?