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  1. milospesic11


    If this kind of cv will be, there will be a disaster for those who play, and those who play against them, but if they come up with it they will let it in the game regardless of the comments, when the players were asked. Soon never. cv has to be a catastrophe. Invite friends, stupid.
  2. milospesic11


    The fired shells fall in front and behind the ships or disappear near the ship, if the ship sails right you have to aim to permanently repair, which was not happening before, so now the aim will be little, nothing more difficult than strange. Simple shells do not have a somewhat clear flight, or it is Something else in question
  3. milospesic11

    The Ultimate Frontier

    The Ultimate Frontier It's *Edited
  4. milospesic11

    Sunray in the Darkness ?

    Sunray in the Darkness continues to be unjust and impossible to do anything,WOWS continues with hidden tricks to deceive us.
  5. milospesic11

    Halloween waste of time

    Halloween is losing time,little experience,little earnings,hard to five stars.
  6. milospesic11

    wows fraud

    Saving Transylvania is a big fraud,not as before.
  7. milospesic11

    Defense of Naval Station

    Defense of Naval Station Newport It's a big scam.
  8. milospesic11

    French ships

    French ships are still making a lot of fires.need to fix Mr.WOWS
  9. milospesic11


    why the aurora slow, poor and AP grenades too bad
  10. milospesic11


    when it will be for other languages forum
  11. milospesic11

    Public Test 0.5.16 - Patch Notes

    why you can not log in to the test version, which I saw in a lot of them
  12. milospesic11

    Public Test 0.5.16 Feedback - General

    Why can not I log on test version
  13. milospesic11


    In the new first 5:15 transparency is lowered again and the boats are great on the screen, and for the Japanese destroyers remained the same, only more of them, and their artillery is now worse than it was, somewhere in the same range and smaller against other destroyers have no chance and are more dependent on torpedoes.
  14. milospesic11

    transparency environment

    In 0.5.14 is now little transparency around the ship to see the good things before it was better now poor should not have to change that.
  15. milospesic11

    Wargaming Login funktioniert nicht bei WOW

    When di Russian, American and Japanese destroyers somewhat equalize it would be super