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  1. milospesic11

    the game broke

    game crash,the players turn pink,penalties unsportsmanlike,a problem that will not be solved.
  2. Now Best to Us aircraft carrier is that nothing is touched, but none of what they have imagined will be accomplished,It is up to us to adapt,because they have changed everything in relation to them,it will be difficult to control,just to do as little damage as possible, and to give up as much as they do with artillery in WOT.
  3. milospesic11

    Comment on 0.8.0

    Any comment on 0.8.0 seems not worth it, nobody takes it in consideration.
  4. milospesic11

    question for everyone

    When we WG made a poll, whether for the changes that plan to fly or do anything to change, it would be good to see how much it is for how much it is against, that it does not happen like with a tank of disasters.
  5. milospesic11


    .that at least the newspapers were developed with cv, it seems they did not arrive or did not have time, but they let it go
  6. milospesic11


    the changes that will be in 8.0 seem to have been made by the creators themselves without asking or not making (your opinion on the game) a poll that is let out on time. The tent version that comes with big changes is I think of cv bicolour and for those who play with cv and for those who play against cv.
  7. milospesic11

    0.8.0 PTS - General Feedback

    they completely changed the cv, removed four of them, the commands are completely different, even complicated that it will take time for the player to fit in and forget about the old cv, a bad attempt to popularize the warplanes, even changed the skills, in one word the change to the top but it will rebuke the comments to be
  8. milospesic11

    game wg

    All that WG ideas are good or badly inserted into the game, regardless of the comments they obviously do not care about
  9. milospesic11


    If this kind of cv will be, there will be a disaster for those who play, and those who play against them, but if they come up with it they will let it in the game regardless of the comments, when the players were asked. Soon never. cv has to be a catastrophe. Invite friends, stupid.
  10. milospesic11


    The fired shells fall in front and behind the ships or disappear near the ship, if the ship sails right you have to aim to permanently repair, which was not happening before, so now the aim will be little, nothing more difficult than strange. Simple shells do not have a somewhat clear flight, or it is Something else in question
  11. milospesic11

    The Ultimate Frontier

    The Ultimate Frontier It's *Edited
  12. milospesic11

    Sunray in the Darkness ?

    Sunray in the Darkness continues to be unjust and impossible to do anything,WOWS continues with hidden tricks to deceive us.
  13. milospesic11

    Halloween waste of time

    Halloween is losing time,little experience,little earnings,hard to five stars.
  14. milospesic11

    wows fraud

    Saving Transylvania is a big fraud,not as before.