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  1. LiddleTowers

    The most annoying CV nerf ?

    Actually and based on the limited number of games I played since 0.8.0 I was under the impression that has been changed, i.e. that: - prior to 0.8.0. planes could spot thru solid matter (islands) and ships could fire AA thru it - after 0.8.0. ships had to have line of sight on planes to shoot at them (in several battles my American AA cruiser wouldn't shoot on enemy planes who were just 3-4km away, but on the other side of an island); I can't rly comment on the plane spotting part since I didn't play any CV battles since, but it seems to me I couldn't be spotted by a plane thru an island
  2. LiddleTowers

    Old style RTS CV or not?

    Well, at least based on stats found @ https://stats.wotapi.ru/stats/wows/eu/total, the last time the game had >27k players was Feb, 10th: Since then, the daily max seems steady at 24-25k. But the daily average (more important imho) seems to be going down (I'm not a statistics expert to prove it, but anyone with e.g. Kaizen green belt can easily check it using the app):
  3. LiddleTowers

    CV's in game - toggle "in" or "none"

    I know double CVs were only possible up to T6. But how often did it happen? As for no CV game vs. no BB, CA or DD is not comparable imho since u don't see nearly as many people complaining on BB, CA or DD gameplay as they do now on CVs. And if they do it's about particular ships and their features, not the class as a whole. I didn't say removing CVs was a great idea. U are right, it's a ridiculous one. But sadly and thanks solely to WG's efforts, it's probably the best thing they can do right now to save their playerbase. Or at least it's most consistent part: grown up men (with cash!) who used to play the game for years and regularly (including myself, u can easily check my stats). Right now game is designed for 10yo kids. And I remember my son when he was a 10yo. For how long do you think did ANY game keep his attention back then? And don't get me wrong: I'm not against CVs and I've played some CV games myself, too. But (like many other players) I prefer them the way they were: RTS like. And yes, some tweaks and balancing were definitely needed. For starters, they probably should have been limited to T+-1 and not +-2 like the other ships above T4. Also, fighter strafing function should have been revised. But other than that there were no major flaws with it. And unlike some people here claimed: it was rly NOT easy to one-shot delete any ship (I truly believe that "devastating strike" comparision between classes and vs. number of played games can easlly show that). Except, and like I said in an another post: it was just not for everyone. And WG should have never tried making it accessible to everyone. I myself didn't like playing CVs at T8 and above as I wasn't rly good at it and there were many people out there who were much better at it than me. But I never desired for WG to change that so that I can be good at it, too. That was simply my limit, I accepted it and was happy with it. Like most of the players were. p.s. Thank you for constructive and non-abusive reply. So far people who acted on WG's behalf (or at least pretended to be doing so) only made things worse with ther aggresive and even abusive behaviour.
  4. LiddleTowers hotfix feedback

    Hey, calm down, why the long face? I'm sure WG will balance everything out by the end of this year... or the next, at the latest. Speaking of which: WG, shouldn't u give an ALPHA TESTER patch to every player playing the game right now?
  5. LiddleTowers

    Are you still enjoying the game or you are going to uninstall?

    Or to make things even worse: I think they managed to drive the older players away.... because the new CV gameplay is made for 10-year old kids... and kids don't have money.... grown ups do....
  6. LiddleTowers

    CV's in game - toggle "in" or "none"

    In how many battles prior to 0.8.0 u encountered a CV? Especially at T8+? 1 in 10? 1 in 15? Even less? In how many battles prior to 0.8.0 u encountered 2 CVs at T8-? 1 in 10? 1 in 15? Even less? Prior to 0.8.0 this was in fact a NO CV game since only 4% of the players used them (per WG itself). So that was the "going live" case and people liked it that way. Only WG knows why they decided to change that (and in the end for the worse). Just wait for the ranked season to end and then u will have the real trends....
  7. LiddleTowers

    Don't want this game to die WG...

    Yes, it's widely known that shooting down planes requires a lot of skill. So pls share ur knowledge with us so that we all become as effective players as u are:
  8. LiddleTowers

    Don't want this game to die WG...

    Yeap, number of active players keeps rising every day....
  9. LiddleTowers

    CV's in game - toggle "in" or "none"

    Completely wrong. CVs and DDs could have coordinated their play only prior to 0.8.0. Right now it's not possible at all since there's nothing a CV can do to protect a DD from the enemy planes (pls don't even mention the consumable since it's broken 100%). Right now DDs tend to loiter in the back, with the rest of the fleet, to avoid getting perma spotted and deleted in the first 2 minutes of a battle. Basically, they aren't doing anything they are supposed to do: CAP (or deny CAP) and spot. Torping? Only if u are an Asashio (but u will hardly hit anything from 20km)…. p.s. I have to note u are not a really good DD player urself, so I can understand that the 0.8.0. changes didn't affect ur gaming experience to a high degree.
  10. LiddleTowers

    1701's Verdict On 0.8.0

    Agree. That's why I proposed to have a poll in the game itself on the 1st login and thus get a 100% playerbase feedback. A short and a simple one: do you like CV gameplay more prior to 0.8.0. or afterwards. But even the now constant drop in online players gives a clue on that... and I expect it to drop further after the ranked season is over as many players now play just it since it's CV free....
  11. LiddleTowers

    CV's in game - toggle "in" or "none"

    I don't agree and also think that having the "no CV" option for random is probably the best quick fix WG can do right now. Because, right now they are losing their playerbase and soon there won't be much to split anyways. Just check the latest figures for the EU server (reminder: 0.8.0 went live January 30th or 31st, I think): Why this is not comparable to no DD, CA or BB option? How many threads have u seen on the forum on people complaining on DDs, CAs or BBs as a class? And to make things worse: CVs are not problem for and by themselves right now as they have literally ruined gameplay for another class, too: DDs. I do appreciate WG's efforts to improve CV gameplay as it rly needed some tweaking. But unfortunately, they rly blew it with 0.8.0 and made things much, much worse than before.
  12. LiddleTowers

    1701's Verdict On 0.8.0

    I could reply to every sentence that u wrote... but it would be rly hard to do without someone interpreting it as insulting u... But I will tell u one thing: if majority (80% per some polls) of the people think that some change is bad, it's not strange or unusual that they don't want to accommodate to it.
  13. LiddleTowers

    Are you still enjoying the game or you are going to uninstall?

    ... which the number of active players is showing too = one can easily notice a 5k drop last week (EU server data): Imho, it's not about balancing at all. The whole "dumbified" CV gameplay is wrong and no balancing can fix that. From my experience, many players moved from WoT to WoWS looking for a less FPS gaming experience (including myself). WoWS is still an arcade game, ofc, but it does require much more thinking than WoT, i.e. it's strategic component is much more important (or was, since that was the case prior to 0.8.0). And CV gameplay used to take it to an even higher level: it was all about positioning and planning ur attacks, while attacks themselves u could have even done using an auto-drop. It does require tremendous skill (and mindpower) to control 7 plane squadrons at the same time... and pardon me for saying this, but it's just not for everyone. WG say 4% of the population used to play CVs and to me that number seems just fine because u would meet a CV every 3rd or 4th battle... which was manageable (though some balancing was needed, yes). But WG wasn't satisfied and wanted to increase the number.... My question which is also analogy to the real life: how many admirals are there in a fleet with thousands of regular sailors? Does every seaman become an admiral? No, nor it's needed, nor it's possible.
  14. LiddleTowers

    This isn't even funny anymore...

    So, I haven't played the game for a few days (really lost the interest since 0.8.0)…. But thought to give it a try a few minutes ago.... When I logged in I noticed only 5 of the clan members were online.... So I wanted to check on the clan tab when some of the other members had played the game for the last time.... To my surprise, clicking the tab didn't bring on the usual clan stats but opened the WoWs web page instead?! (pls note the orange DOWNLOAD GAME button on the right.... hey, I am already in the [edited]game!!!) I tried several times, but the outcome was the same... So I figured: hey, maybe this is something they changed in the meantime with one of the hotfixes? (hope dies last) And so decided to check the news on the Game Center.... The latest one on game updates was Update Hotfix dated Feb 6th: But clicking on it gave me news on the Hotfix dated Feb 11th instead: Now, this isn't about the game balance and mechanics since 0.8.0 no more.... This is now about a completely broken game which is not even functioning properly anymore... And like said in the topic, it ain't even funny anymore... So I will definitely take a (long) break from the game.... because right now it seems as if someone is deliberately trying to kill it.... and I ain't planning on being a part of someone's bad practical joke at all....
  15. LiddleTowers

    CV nerfing went too far !

    Yes, it was Flamu or at least I heard him say it in a video on the new (ridiculous) Russian BB line... And one way to measure how many players have gone angry with the game would be to track the total number of battles per day. I think it shows more than the number of players since not all players are actually playing the game when logged in (as is the case with me right now). And that number seems to be going down too (had it's lowest yesteday):