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  1. Mr_Too_Late

    The SIMS is awful now :(

    need more torp distance at least 6,5
  2. Mr_Too_Late

    Carriers must go

    i do not have anoff play time to make any conclution but i do not yet have any problems with cv, but i i have 2 games were i really wanted altleas 1 aa gun on my arkensa Me and my brother (pluss 1 dude) where chasing a CV (last man standing) We were going 20 ich and he was behind and island som clicks away. We were almost full health when we started and we both died. He probably did around 7-8 torp rounds with 2 planes on us and we were dodging left and right. maybe taking 1 each round but when you constantly starting to take in water your health is going away fast. If we had 1 aa gun each i would have made it, but we were like 2 fat kids trying to get up from the couch after eating tons of candy,. Yesterday the same situation. But this time we were like 5 bots going for him.3 died so i took off and tried to hide before the clock run out and we won capping. what i learned, dont case cv, if you are in a BB with no aa guns, just take the cap and jump into next battle
  3. Mr_Too_Late

    The "Shameship" that is the Arkansas

    i really like it. it's beautiful and ad som ekstra equipment and it all good.Love ripping apart those jap cruisers
  4. Mr_Too_Late

    Open Beta Forecast?

    sry my bad, i ment will it be 15 vs 15 in open beta
  5. Mr_Too_Late

    Open Beta Forecast?

    will it bee 15 vs 15 or 12 vs 12 like its now in Open Beta
  6. Mr_Too_Late

    We need a T50-2 in WOWS

    what about a KV 2 boat
  7. Mr_Too_Late

    Question: Tactics on loading map or not?

    dd should start cap in the first 2 min. (too pressure) i have only played around 200 games and i feel like going lemming train (push hard) is a good tactick
  8. Mr_Too_Late

    bring the torps

    just had a game i run from 18 torps(/1 hit show me yours
  9. Mr_Too_Late

    can platoon?

    you are a genius, thx you so much
  10. Mr_Too_Late

    can platoon?

    we are ready, but we cant platoon togehter with bb But when we tryed st.louis it was ok we could not platoon when 1 of us had an bb
  11. Mr_Too_Late

    can platoon?

    its can`t platoon
  12. Mr_Too_Late

    can platoon?

    cant platoon with 2 south carolina cant push the battle button? any reason?