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  1. djmx1995

    Karlsruhe Preferencial MM

    This ship should only see tier 5 max, while it's ok at tier 4, it's completely useless in tier 6 games, it's way too slow and the guns have too little range. It struggles to get to it's shooting range. It's just a XP pinata for anything. If the enemy player is any smarter he'll just run away and shoot me and there's nothing i can do about it, because i can't catch him. And even if i get to shooting range, i'll just get murdered by everything in the enemy team. It basically needs to get to suicide range to be able to be effective.
  2. djmx1995

    Side Scraping in a Battleship

    i don't recall seeing someone sidecrape, but i already saw players playing peek-a-boo which is funny aswell
  3. djmx1995

    planes with torpedoes

    Carriers are OP, but only at tier 4 and tier 5, since AA is almost non-existant, from tier 6 and up, AA gets pretty good making carrier gameplay harder.
  4. djmx1995

    How has your "OBT" started?

    My stats since the account wipe, pretty decent, at least for now.
  5. djmx1995

    Your Favorite Cruiser

    Cleveland, it's OP, what's not to like about her?
  6. djmx1995

    HE ammo - far too effective

    The Japanese HE 140mm shells, especially in the Kuma, are ridiculous OP now, it fires 10 rpm, and it does maximum damage of 2900, that's only 300 less than the HE maximum damage on the 203mm guns, it's just ridiculous
  7. Thx Aslain, I love your modpacks, both for WoWs and WoT, keep up the great work.
  8. djmx1995


    +1 Ilha da Madeira
  9. djmx1995

    Aiming MOD Exposed!

    I'm not playing anymore until they release 0.3.1. I'm done getting hit in my Cruisers in the citadel by Battleships at 17km+ while turning
  10. djmx1995

    Domination mode length

    Just increase the max points from 1000 to 1500 or 2000. Quick and easy
  11. djmx1995

    Missions need more variety

    I'd like the idea of being able to skip missons, i currently have 2 torpedo missions, but i don't really like playing Destroyers
  12. djmx1995

    One shot. One kill.

    You probably hit it's magazine