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  1. Br1ckbuster

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Very true DW torps are better imo, however I can see your point with the AP/HE bombs.
  2. Br1ckbuster

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    What I like about the current system: +Easy to get into, hard to master +Forgiving if you make some mistakes +USN and IJN CVs are actually different, rather than the IJN being superior for basically the entire line (say up to t10) What I dislike: -Battleships with low maneuverability (even escorted by aa cruisers) can get stomped by just a single player with torpedo bombers- perhaps a longer cooldown after drop might make this easier -No control over the ship at all when flying planes. Would it be possible to add in a system where you can switch to your CV but the squadron circles where you last were controlling it, or something like this?
  3. Br1ckbuster


    1. Description Plotting Room modification says -5% Dispersion, but increases it by 5% 2. Reproduction steps 1. Check the dispersion the main battery guns before mounting the Plotting room mod (I used the New Mexico) 2. Mount it and it should go from 209m to 233m (for the New Mexico) 3. Result The modification doesn't do what it says with regards to the shell dispersion. 4. Expected result The dispersion would decrease by 5% I imagine this is a typo
  4. Br1ckbuster

    General Feedback

    Ah, yeah. Thanks
  5. Br1ckbuster

    General Feedback

    1.Yeah fair point, but I was thinking along the lines of the WOT Test Server 2. I don't fully understand- you mean Co-OP ?
  6. Br1ckbuster

    General Feedback

    Well if you give out all of the ships, everyone will only play tier 10s, will they not?
  7. Br1ckbuster

    Cleveland AA is way Op needs a nerf ASAP

    It has been noted that the Cleveland will have its tier changed. Not sure if this is true.
  8. Br1ckbuster

    French Navy: Any thoughts on it?

    Ah, the French navy. Here are the battleships that I know of. Dunkerque Class- Maybe around tier 6/7? Richeliu- Maybe 7/8 or 5/6? Just some Ideas
  9. Br1ckbuster

    We need static invite code for EU server

    God help us if they gave away the Albany Edit- I know it isn't in the game anymore.
  10. I would post mine, but they're too crap to post!
  11. Br1ckbuster

    How has your "OBT" started?

    Aerroon, on 27 June 2015 - 06:03 AM, said: Me too, I lost two games in my Ryuujou in a row. :S Well, I've lost about 5 games in a row with the St Louis. (Edit, was on the CBT.) Haven't even been able to download it yet
  12. Br1ckbuster

    E3 info: OBT starting end of June

    I was just asking if players who met the requirements would get it, but I obviously didn't work it right. Relax, your time will come. First we have to put up with the USSR tech tree, then the RN () and finally, the Kreigsmarine.
  13. Br1ckbuster

    E3 info: OBT starting end of June

    And will we get the Arkansas?
  14. Br1ckbuster

    Public test 0.4.0 General Feedback

    Well, I'd love to say I have tested it. Only to test the loading screen before the login page- it won't load and crashes all the time.
  15. I personally think that CVs need a buff, after they've constantly beed hit with nerf after nerf after nerf, it might be an idea to revert some changes. I've seen some players have said that they don't want to play carriers anymore, and I'm one of them. Please let others know what you think (without over the top language) Thanks!