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  1. Nahkis_

    Myoko consumable

    Myoko is by far my favourite when it comes to DD hunting (which I like to do alot, even with battleships) so hydroacoustic is my pick. I feel like when I go DD hunting the carriers do not even target me and they go for the bigger, slower battleships instead.
  2. +1 Scared the crap out of me (playing on high volume) when series of these sounds striked my years! They don't even fit the WW1-WW2 era of this game at all...
  3. Nahkis_

    ARP HARUNA 1st battle nice dmg

    It should be on your Yokosuka port (change port from the upper left corner)
  4. Nahkis_

    New York ... why?!

    I don't like this ship either but I guess I need to give her more time... not that many battles fought. Kongo has better speed which I like, if scene of the battle changes and I need to relocate my ship to other side of the map its very slow to do with New York. Kongo compared to New York:
  5. Nahkis_


    Fuso is THE battleship. I average on 80k damage per game and best ever was 219k. And I think that Sander93 is right on his comment but I don't want to see any nerf on this ship, it's so fun now.
  6. Nahkis_

    Mogami and its Citadel

    Im with Caferaca here. Mogami is my favorite ship by far. I tried the 203mm guns but I did not like them... Yes the bad thing of the ship that its made of one big citadel, but finally after 83 battles im starting to get used to it. Like I posted in another thread this is so far my best game with it (155m):
  7. Nahkis_

    Mogami: 155mm or 203mm ?

    So far my best game with Mogami (155mm guns) I might try 203mm today for the first time and see how it goes. EDIT: I already want to go back to 155mm guns...