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  1. Not necessarily, the error you're seeing means that a secure connection to 2 (out of the 3 sites) could not be established. Probably because the SSL certificate could not be verified. Have you tried clearing your browsing data (specifically clear cookies and other site data as well as cached images and files)? If that did not work, clear your SSL state in the Windows settings (Start Menu > Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center > Internet Options/Properties > Content > Clear SSL state). Also make sure that you're system time is correct (i.e. the clock in the bottom right corner shows the correct time).
  2. Oh yeah, you're right, I remember. There was an issue in February 2022 where some Turkish ISPs supposedly blocked an entire CDN service on behalf of the Turkish Football Federation as an anti-piracy measure. I found some reports here on the forums as well as a report by the service provider at https://status.gcore.com/incidents/83l8g2f0sl05.
  3. This sounds like a network issue. Images, style sheets and other static assets are served through CDNs at wgcdn.co or gcdn.co. Check whether you can access the following domains https://frm-wows-eu.wgcdn.co/ https://glossary-wows-global.gcdn.co/, or https://armory-wows-global.gcdn.co/. I suspect that access to those sites is blocked. There are multiple reasons why this may be the case: your ISP, your network settings, your device(s), any threat-detection software etc. You can try accessing them in a browser and see if you get any helpful error message. This may help with troubleshooting.
  4. k1llf1rst2

    Public Test 0.11.2 - Bug Reports

    Hey there! Similarly to Kysmet's post #49, I'm experiencing regular and frequent crashes when multiple battles are ongoing. The game seems to crash whenever multiple battles are going on in parallel, i.e. I died in ship A and left battle #1, launched into another battle #2 in ship B while battle #1 was still ongoing. Until battle #1 wasn't finished, I couldn't load into battle #2 without the client crashing. I can upload a WG check report, python.log files, full crash dumps for every crash I encountered to Google Drive if needed for debugging.