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  1. lorus93

    Comprehensive List of Design Flaws

    Yes, I was trying to make a "humor" and theorize what I would do after the removal of stealth firing.
  2. lorus93

    Comprehensive List of Design Flaws

    You know what, I agree with you . WG should remove stealth firing mechanic and make it so that you get spotted every time you fire. Now that my Gearing and Fletcher have been nerfed to death, I will of course sell them. Next, I will use free xp to get myself a Shimakaze and start punishing high tier BBs in another way.
  3. lorus93

    Comprehensive List of Design Flaws

    M8, no matter how good you are, a bow on Montana has NO CHANCE against a bow on Yamato. I think you are the one who doesn't get the point and can't see the hypocrisy of some players.
  4. lorus93

    Comprehensive List of Design Flaws

    In addition to this, ships stop taking HE damage after a while so the only way to kill a BB is with fires. So, even if you manage to hit your target, you still need to get lucky with fires. Multiple fires are needed to do any significant damage and you can stop fires and repair the damage. And since the target knows where your shots are coming from, you probably won't get any torpedo hits on him. Yamato deletes a bow on Montana in one salvo? Totally balanced! Gearing melts a Montana in 10 minutes? OMG, OP AF, NERF NOW!!1
  5. lorus93

    Bad Cruiser Drivers are the Worst!(?)

    Staying at max range and setting enemy BBs on fire is currently the best thing a CA can do to help. From what I understand, some BB captains want CAs to be along side them in a fight and spot the torps and ruin CV attacks aimed at the BBs. My post was meant to explain what happens when CAs actually behave like that.
  6. lorus93

    Bad Cruiser Drivers are the Worst!(?)

    A CA sees allied BBs fighting enemy BBs ---> The CA fires at one of the enemy BBs and gets detected ---> All enemy BBs instantly focus on the CA ---> The CA gets his citadel penetrated from the front and dies ---> The enemy BBs re-engage allied BBs ---> The CA gets a repair bill 2 times larger than his earnings. I don't blame any CA captain that sees enemy BBs and has this reaction:
  7. lorus93

    Myoko challenge stage 2

    "Set fire to 300 ships" After reading this I thought that I actually had to set fire to 300 DIFFERENT ships, as in, setting a single ship on fire two times would only give +1 to the progression. I played 5 games in my Cleveland, cycling between targets to get HE hits on as many of them as I could until I realised that in reality, any fires I set will count towards reaching the goal. Did anyone else understand the goal this way or am I the only one?
  8. lorus93

    High tier CV exploit

    I would actually prefer a gentleman's agreement between carriers where they only go at eachother when there is nothing else to kill.
  9. lorus93

    How i got my 1st report....

    I once had a game where I was alone in a Benson against 6 enemy ships. I could see 3 opponents in my cap and I knew there was no point in shooting them and reseting the counter. Suddenly, one of my teammates started reporting my grid location and moments later, the enemy Shokaku had swarmed me and left me burning and unable to move. The only thing that saved my ship was the fact that the 2 BBs in my cap were too slow to get out and reset.
  10. lorus93

    Invis smoke firing

    The DD inside the smoke isn't actually spotting the targets, some one else is doing that.
  11. lorus93

    Ship Names in Capital Letters?

    The game is yelling at you because you haven't spent enough money on it. Buying a package will fix this problem.
  12. lorus93

    The main problems of the game

    I'm not sure, but I think the original text was in Hungarian.
  13. lorus93

    when do carriers get nerfed?

    He has played 311 games and claims to not understand how concealment works. Bad troll is bad.
  14. lorus93

    Japan navy flag?

    Unfortunately some SEA players get triggered at the sight of the IJN flag because the Japanese did some naughty things 50 years ago. Meanwhile, my grandparents were sent to a Soviet gulag but the USSR flag is proudly represented in the game.
  15. *heavy breathing*