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  1. i can't get the missions done i only play about 5 a 6 hours a week and the missions are impossible WG made it really pay2win
  2. hi i'm looking for a fun clan with active members i'am in a clan now but they are never online or don't want to play
  3. rudeflounder4

    Wtf is up with the servers?

    yep sometimes i get a drop to 0 and then to 71 fps its annoyinh
  4. rudeflounder4

    Space Ships

    hello, i was wondering if WG is going to do a space thing like the game had before i missed it but it looks so awesome i hope that they do it again now that the game has improved so much since they did that
  5. rudeflounder4

    Ranked has started

    i played some ranked today won the first 2 rounds and after that only losses i am already done with this season
  6. rudeflounder4

    MM need to change

    hello captains, today i played world of warships and i noticed the MM was totaly crap i only won 3 of out the 20 matches today that's a really high loss rate normaly i get balanced or a bad MM and then A a good MM i thinks it needs a change it's annoys me. what do you think
  7. rudeflounder4

    economy system is Crap

    i have a premium account and some premium ships ofcourse but maybe i don't know how the system works with the credits what is the best way to farm credits in a battle is it damage or kills
  8. rudeflounder4

    economy system is Crap

    maybe this topic has already being posted by someone else i don't know but i want to say that the economy system in the game crap is ship cost way too much when you see how much you get from battles only if you have premium or premium ships you get alot of credits but that's not why i play the game for some premium ships i want to play with the yamato or with some other ships not grind the xp and then i need to grind credits to get the ship itself let me say i am a tier 8 BB and i have done 150k damage i get at most 300k credits with all the flags and camo and i don't get it why DD's and BB's have the same service cost wtf WG a DD is much smaller and needs alot less service compare it to a BB it needs alot of service ect maybe decrease the cost of the other ship like a DD cost 60k service and the BB stays the same And the CV also make the cruiser have 70k service cost what to you think guys
  9. rudeflounder4

    Clash of the Elements Commemorative & Winning Team Flags, where?

    i didn't get any coins i had 250 last time and now i still have 250
  10. rudeflounder4

    what's with the submarine

    what's witht the submarine you can't enter it in battle or is wargaming waiting till april 1st
  11. rudeflounder4

    TK System

    yes i have an replay and i don't care if i get a pink name but the point was he was far away from my torps he was smoking my aim and ran into them i didn't know he was sailing there i thought he is going to stop and sit in his smoke for a minute and i knew there was a enemy smoke stack in front of him with a DD in it so i fired my trops at the enemy smoke stack
  12. rudeflounder4

    TK System

    So i was playing my atago and fire some torps at a smoke screen and a friendly sims just ran into them and he was blaming me for TK him he can see the torps from a far and he gets a warning he ran into them on purpose i think this system is broken because now i am punisched for something that was a accident
  13. rudeflounder4

    new russian DD line

    wut so i get one ship extra nice
  14. rudeflounder4

    new russian DD line

    hello fellow captains, i was wondering i have my now tier 6 russian dd will this one go to tier 8 or will i get the now the tier 5 DD replaced
  15. rudeflounder4

    NA already updated

    i didn't know that i just started playing on NA