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  1. Hat geklappt, danke!
  2. I bought an Admirals container and received a Gremyashchy!
  3. Hab mir für 5€ einen Container gekauft und das bekommen: Bin glücklich, danke WG!!!
  4. A few weeks ago I had such a battle with my Gneisenau. I was astonished that this is possible at all...
  5. Today I received my 2nd supercontainer: 250 detonation signals I selected the credits container this time
  6. I received 10.000.000 credits in my 3rd crate today!!! I always chose the last option with the highest chance for a supercontainer. Was a nice compensation for a day full of defeats...
  7. Hast du heute "Erstes Blut" evtl. schon einmal bekommen? Soweit ich weiß, ist es nämlich so, dass man die Flagge(n) nur einmal am Tag erhält.