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  1. 0ldfield

    Need 50 million silver

    It's about the fact, that when you get to Tier IX or X in terms of xp, you can't afford it in terms of silver - at least I couldn't. (Well I afforded the Kagero by playing the US DDs and German and Japanese CAs - but after a while I got to Tier VIII in all these lines and suddenly the silver dries up, while the amount of lines, where I could buy me a IX or X rises.) While getting to Tier IX and X seemed to take ages, once you are there, you forget about it and get more patient I guess. Maybe things like "Don't advance so fast" / "Play the ships you have some more" one day no longer sound ridiculous, finally when I can accept the game as it is. I wish I had that bit of eastern wisdom you display: the way is the
  2. 0ldfield

    Need 50 million silver

    Sounds like about double the amount I get in the Warspite (most games I think 150k-350k depending on how well I'm doing). Guess I should have bought the Atago or the Tirpitz.
  3. 0ldfield

    Need 50 million silver

    I wouldn*t do that: 9 million silver is 6000 dubloons which is about 22 € (or more - depending how you buy the dubloons) - which is probably a lot less than you bought it for... - and while I don't have it, I think it's probably a good ships, because it's annoying to play against (- as long as you are not in a BB shooting at it's broadside with AP).
  4. 0ldfield

    Need 50 million silver

    Just for clarification: I sell my old ships. I once kept Minekaze for making money, but then they lowered torp range from 10 to 7km (- and I bought Warspite, which is my preferred Tier V / VI ship now). Well I guess it just shows, that you are a better player than me consistently, which I'm ok with, but doesn't really grant my wish. (And @ triumpghgt6: Yes, I'm also waiting for additional RN BBs to put my captain to a different use.)
  5. 0ldfield

    Need 50 million silver

    I'll play Warspite again after I'm done with that "Captain Extraction"-Mission,which requires Tier VII+.
  6. 0ldfield

    Need 50 million silver

    Hehe thanks, but no thanks. I already paid 70 € for 1 year of premium, and 90 € for 30k dubloons (so I can play around with captain skills and modules a bit more and retrain captains etc.), and 50€ for the Warspite (I bought when there was only the bundle), and 20€ to get into Beta (useless Yubari...). (Which reminds me that I actually used some of that gold to get free xp, so my ships would start out with all upgrades instead of stock - so yes: I didn't "fully" play my Tier VII and VIII german and japanese cruisers to Elite,which would have given me some more silver... - on the other hand: that converted xp actually did come from somewhere I actually played with Elite ships beforehand).
  7. 0ldfield

    Need 50 million silver

    That is easier said then done: if I don't go for the cap as DD I'm yelled at, and if I do, the enemy spotterplanes are already waiting for me there - or the russian gunboats, who are faster than my japanese or even US DDs... - but you are right: the games where I survive longer are the better ones^^ - and since I started playing the Hipper as dedicated AA I actually DO survive longer, since I stay back with CV... - but sometimes the enemy planes don't come and then I can only contribute too late, when 80% of the game is over / lost already... - well I'll stop whining now: everyone has a good game every now and then - even me ;-)
  8. 0ldfield

    Need 50 million silver

    I guess part of the problem is not only that I'm not good enough in this game, but that DDs survive the match less often than other ships, and since I played mostly Japanese and US DDs (- not to talk about the survivability of german cruisers who get citadelled often)... - I lost more money than someone who played ships that usually survive the battle. P.S.: Maybe it's only just, that after dying all the way up to Tier X, then it requires even more dying to get the silver, so that bad players have more time to learn the game before reaching Tier X ;-) P.P.S.: being the only one who rushes in / pushes forward often leads to dying first - no matter what ship I use: If I go in first as DD I get spotted by enemy gunboats or planes and get sunk by cruisers or said planes / enemy DDs. If I go in first as cruiser, I get spotted by DDs and sunk by BBs from far away; if I go in first as BB (which is hard to do, because of slow ship, but still happens) I get sunk by DDs and planes. P.P.P.S: on a last thought: I better give up on the whole "ship advancement" thing - all the premium players and Tier X players are playing for the fun of it and nothing else - why can't I do it in Tier iX or VIII...
  9. 0ldfield

    Need 50 million silver

    For average / slightly below average players like me, playing high tiers leads to a standstill in ship progression due to lack of silver: If I had 50 million silver I could buy a Shimakaze, a Fletcher and a Roon. Currently I only have like 8 million silver. Does buying a premium ship and using a premium account for farming silver help? Not really: I am on a premium account, and my Warspite has more than 1 million xp on it, approaching Captain perk 17 (30k xp away or so). I guess the only thing I can do is either cough up some more real money, or just keep accumulating more xp on Elite ships that I will never use for anything (the xp, not the ships), until I earned the money. OR: Wargaming improves the economy so much, that the lower 40% of players still keep playing instead of quitting. UPDATE: now I need 65 million silver: could buy the Ibuki in addition to the Roon, the Fletcher and the Shimakaze... - (currently I have 10 million silver).
  10. 0ldfield

    famous ships

    After reaching 1 million xp in my Warspite I'd really like to see another RN BB to use my captain with... - I guess KGV class would be Tier VIII?
  11. 0ldfield

    Top Tier DD Infestation

    I think the OP is a reasonable suggestion: just limit the numbers of DDs per side to 3 or maybe 4. DDs aren't as easy to play as some make it sound here: you can be spotted most likely by planes or enemy DDs; if you are close to a cap point and don't want to retreat or close to the border and have no place left to go, you are often spotted even by BBs or cruisers. And more often than not I get my Kagero sunk, which means loss of silver (- unless I'm 1-3 in the list of the winning team). Although I have to say: I DO get the most fun out of playing my Benson, Kagero and Warspite over my humble but painful attempts with Mogami and Yorck right now. But it's true: games with more than 3 DDs per side usually aren't much fun. I guess people need to start playing CVs more - you want one per side, so your AA cruisers have something to do, and DDs actually do get spotted more often.
  12. 0ldfield

    Matcmaking, losing credits

    It is quite common that you need to play Tier V / VI in addition to playing Tier IX or X (- or some days even Tier VIII) for like 3/4 of the players - even with premium account / time you hardly earn any silver. Wargaming designed the game that way to earn money. Tier IX or X is only "free to play" for like the top 25%... - and no, not everyone can be top of the list: a lot of players have to be sunk, so that the skilled players can earn their silver. And yes, that doesn't feel good for 75% of the players after all the grind needed to get to high Tiers. - OK maybe it's a bit unreasonable to think that the winning 25% are always the same... - but still... - sometimes it just feels that way. I think iirc I spent 20 Euros to get into Open Beta, 70 Euros for one year premium, 50 Euros for the Warspite, and another 100 Euros for 30k dubloons or so, just because I wanted to reskill, retrain, unequipp stuff more often. That means I still don't have the 10 or 15 million silver I would need to buy the Fletcher, that is waiting to be bought for months now... (- instead I started playing 2 cruiser lines to 7/8 because I wanted some new stuff faster...) That's more than double the amount of real money I would have spent per year during my times of MMORPG addiction 2001-2009... - and all this for playing a game where I spend half the game in port, in queue, in result-screen. Also in game you hardly feel part of the community: most players don't react to chat, others don't like my "whining"... - sorry, I'm a MMORPG guy / pre TS-3: I like chatting about what I achieved, or when I failed... - and wishing that other players would play more aggressively or more defensively etc. is a very normal thing: not talking about these things but swallowing my anger seems to be wrong to me. P.S.: As a MMORPG player I tend to look at games through the "Bartle Test": the only type of player having fun with this game is the "killer". But I would still like to be partly socialiser / achiever / explorer. Nothing to explore here, not much socialising (probably unless you join a team and use TS3 I guess?), and achieving is really unrewarding: a lot of grinding if you want to try out the whole tech-tree / ships, with exponentially larger time investment in the higher Tiers, and once you are there, you have to constantly pay to keep playing: I'd rather pay a monthly fee and not feel punished during 80% of my games in high Tier.
  13. 0ldfield

    Some games are ending for no obvious reason?

    Oh! I didn't know that. Might be it. Will watch out for it next time.
  14. "Your team / the enemy team completed the mission!" -- what mission? The enemy ships were not sunk, the capture points were not completely taken over, the counter hadn't reached 1000. Are there events, that give like 400+ points at once? Is it lag? Do others too get these surprisingly fast endings every now and then? Maybe the server needs to kick us out for whatever reason and awards the team in the lead? I don't get it.