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  1. _The_Seeker_

    XVM? Nope, stats will be hidden after all

    Sharana, on 16 December 2015 - 06:56 PM, said: - they have prototype of weather and it looks promising, STs will be able to see it relatively soon that means I'll be able to see it soon too, this makes me happy :^) Zgicc, on 16 December 2015 - 09:16 PM, said: In short, XVM is a mod, which compiles your stats using a complicated equation into a value ranging from 1 (Literally braindead - Leaving every match at start of game) to 3000+. The better you are, the higher the value. Depending on the value your ingame name gets a colour; elite players get Purple (Called Unicums), Blue means very good, green means good, yellow is average, red is bad, black is terrifyingly bad. This lead to a lot of things which are very toxic to gameplay; As soon as the game loads if a team has better players than the other some moron on the team with worse players will type in "gg MM" and just give up at the start of the battle, sometimes even going AFK or just suicidng. The better player will get focused to hell and back. Everyone focuses him first even if he in a less threatening ship. In WoT arty focuses on you (Same concept of CVs in WoWs - Sit at back, click on people). In WoWS this would translate into 2 CV players making a beeline for your ship. ignoring everything else and taking you out just because they can. While in WoT there is some form of cover in WoWS its close to impossible to hide. Better players sh--talk bad players, because they're bad and expect them to perform at a better level. Can't blame the better players for wanting someone who is not clueless but you can't blame the terribad who just wants to chill after a day's work either. Not everyone is looking to be competitive. Better players just get reported for any reason straight out the gate just because some people cannot accept that they're terrible at a game and obviously that purple/blue/green dude is cheating. Very much like this genius I encountered in WoWS lately. it also uses the API, and not the stats that the game provides, making any in-game "stat-hiding" basically meaningless
  2. _The_Seeker_

    REAL 5.03 patchnotes, or how russian DDs are screwed...

    it's in degrees/sec afaik, so that's a 33% buff there's also a parameter that determines if bombs are AP or not - so, even though we don't have AP bombs currently, the mechanics are already modeled
  3. _The_Seeker_

    REAL 5.03 patchnotes, or how russian DDs are screwed...

    it's a python pickle that's been deflated and written in reverse, byte by byte extract this to a folder, move your gameparams file to that folder, and run reverse.py, inflate.py, and then everything.py in that order, and the output should be a readable gameparams.json file - changelog.py is the script for comparing two different versions of the gameparams file, and shipids.py compiles a list of all the ships in the game you'll need python 2.7 edit: redownload the .zip, I forgot two include two things in the first one
  4. _The_Seeker_

    REAL 5.03 patchnotes, or how russian DDs are screwed...

    I made the extended tech tree mod - I decided against including the italian and french tech tree tabs in the release because there's nothing in them currently, and because they're absolutely hideous (the transparencies aren't finished, as you can see). if you want them though, put this in the shipstree.xml file in the res_mods>gui>lobby folder (before the last line, "</ship_tree>")
  5. _The_Seeker_

    REAL 5.03 patchnotes, or how russian DDs are screwed...

    I am the source, and the data is perfectly reliable - it's from the gameparams.data file in the client. I don't know what the difference is, between the calculation of the rudder shift time in the game and in the gameparams file - I know they're proportional though.
  6. _The_Seeker_

    Bow wave and boat wake improvement ?

    if you've ever been in a ship going 40 knots, you'll also know that the stern rides really, really low
  7. _The_Seeker_

    Will Katori and Erie be replaced?

    Katori also historically carried 2x2 torpedo tubes, I agree it should be tier 2 instead of the Chikuma.
  8. _The_Seeker_

    Mutsuki tier placement

    I believe the mutsuki and the minekaze should have their tiers swapped, the mutsuki is worse in nearly every way. Mutsuki has slightly better AA and survivability, however, it fires 6 torpedoes at 63 knots, for 6 km, that do 14600 damage, at .6 rounds per minute - or, it fires 6 torpedoes at 59 knots, for 10km, that do 16267 damage, still at .6 rounds per minute. The minekaze, however... it fires 6 torpedoes at 68 knots, for 7km, that do 14400 damage, at 1.3 rounds per minute - more than twice as fast - or, it can fire 6 torpedoes at 57 knots, for 10km, that do 14400, damage, still at 1.3 rounds per minute. Why does the mutsuki take over twice the amount of time for her torpedoes to reload, if there's the same number of them on the minekaze? Compounded by the fact that the stock torpedoes of the minekaze are far superior in terms of range and speed, and the upgraded torps are slightly inferior to the mutsuki's, but not enough to warrant a change that large in reload time. I'd like to see their tier positions switched, mutsuki is simply not as good as the minekaze.
  9. _The_Seeker_

    Battleships underpowered and torpedoes OP

    the destroyer has three qualities that make it good: 1. speed 2. torpedoes (or, in the case of American destroyers, decent guns) 3. stealth remove any of the three and you've got a terrible vessel torpedoes are already easy to dodge if you've got the captain's skills good enough, you can see them sufficiently in advance.
  10. _The_Seeker_

    My first impression.

    You didn't collide with island, you collided with seafloor
  11. _The_Seeker_

    My first impression.

    I'm not home yet :s
  12. _The_Seeker_

    Message to all Newcomers & Beta Testers. (Updated 25/04/2015).

    by some miracle, I got in :^)
  13. _The_Seeker_

    If i play beta will it save it to the official release

    I suspect they will give you partial compensation, like, being able to keep your crews or something like that. It'd be maddening if they made a complete wipe at release. Now, we'll probably get a complete wipe between CBT and OBT, but that's different from release.
  14. _The_Seeker_

    Anyone know if i can switch from NA to EU server?

    Aye, there was only one instance of players allowed to transfer their accounts between servers at their whim, when the Asia server was introduced, and the people living in the region were allowed to transfer their accounts from NA to SEA. I do not know what happened to the roaming supertest, but I really want to see that implemented still.