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  1. Kevon_Le_Tonque

    level 12? where are you?

    so since i've been leveling up steadily untill i've hit level 11, since then i've grinded plenty without any leveling, i kinda miss these rewards, and im pretty sure they still need to be added in a new patch, so does anyone know when level 12+ is coming?
  2. Kevon_Le_Tonque

    under water damage

    i rarely get hit by enemy torpedo's theres a simple sience to improve your survivability. first off, know your enemy, simply knowing the maximum distance at wich the enemy can launch a torpedo effectively at you is a must, i know in my head(im playing tier 3/5 atm) japanese: 7.0km, american: 5.5km, german: 5.5km russian: 3.5km, i could be wrong about the russians never really paid attention to them but i know their range sucks. seeing an enemy isokaze=japanese at 6.2km distance means he can, and probably will try to hit you with his torpedo's, so before you can even see where he is launching at, just start altering course and speeds. this way you can avoid collision course with the torps if he had already launched. if he's still aiming just alter your path anyways because it will be harder for him to aim. also, in case of the japanese DD's they have 7.0km range and they are detectable at 6.2km wich means they can launch torps at you undetected. wich is why i reccomend having situational awareness. also a decent tactic is that if you are slow/slowish like a heavy cruiser or a battleship, allow the faster ships to go in front of you so they can fight enemy DD's whilest having a better chance at dodging enemy torpedo's. good luck and fair seas!
  3. Kevon_Le_Tonque

    Best defeat ever

    was a tier 3/4 battles, both ships i sunk were tier 4. total of 62k damage in a tier 3 ship.
  4. Kevon_Le_Tonque

    Where is the system rock, paper, scissors?

    i got a great idea, how about we make like 4 different types of ship, each with its own pro's and cons so players can test all of the types out and then figure out what they like best. ofcourse with the differences these types of ships have they have more advantage over a certain type of ship and another certain type of ship has advantage over them. ofcourse this doesnt mean it will always be this way. the main feature is that every type of ship will have a number of health points, and a way of doing damage to the enemy, so that means that even with disadvantage you can still outplay your enemy if you have...lets say...more skill than your opponent.
  5. Kevon_Le_Tonque

    Real Pro Tips!

    10.) launch torpedo's while you are still behind your team, not only will this make your team mates feel safer knowing they are protected by friendly torpedo's that are close to them, this will also prevent enemies from getting in close combat with your team mates knowing that out of nowhere your torpedo could strike them that was being hidden by your team mates ship.
  6. Kevon_Le_Tonque

    What is your comfort ship?

    my highest tier so far is tier 5, but i do have a comfort ship. i just love playing in my st louis. having a bad habbit of rushing ahead of my team the 22kts. top speed holds me back and gives me more armor and more survivability in return, and unlike battleships, this ship has more small calliber cannons wich means you can use the first shot to aim and judging on where it lands you can adjust aim for the next shot. also you can spread out your salvo incase an enemy cruiser/dd keeps turning his ship.
  7. Kevon_Le_Tonque


    well guys, i've been reading your comments and how to play and i must say switching to AP does make a massive difference, i've had a single salvo with 3 citadel hits. and a total of 45k damage.
  8. Kevon_Le_Tonque


    Tyrendian89, on 04 December 2015 - 12:20 PM, said: well you shooting HE at cruisers (dafuq?!) is a biiiig part of the problem - I almost never shoot HE on any KM cruiser, not matter the target, because it's just soooo bad (Dresden and Kolberg being somewhat of an exception, but even on them I found AP worked better for me at least). But you're also right, Karlsruhe is probably THE worst ship in the game right now bar none. I haven't found a single thing it does well. The guns are fine I guess, but far from being good enough to balance out all the other failings. But, and that's a big but, what comes after it is more than worth the pain! Königsberg is one hell of an amazing ship, and Nürnberg is also much better than her reputation - she's just unfortunate to have to measure up to the I-should-be-Tier-8-but-am-Tier-6 Cleveland, and even that's a duel I've won regularly depending on player skill. German AP is just that good. do you reccomend shooting pure AP or should i make an exception for DD's? Look up in the Cruisers section on forum. There are already a lot of topics about Karlsruhe and German cruisers. You might find some useful tips there
  9. Kevon_Le_Tonque


    i loved my dresden, i enjoyed my kolberg, evne tho i found the cannons to be slightly weak, but i was looking forward to the karlsruhe, because it had bigger cannons. but this ship is dissapointing me in everyway. firing HE on enemy cruisers half of the time didnt even do damage. then when they fired at me every shot did a lot of damage, and even when i hit 75+ shots i still did do less damage than my ship has in hp, whilest the enemy only had to hit me like 30 times to kill my ship completely. i honestly dont get why everyone was talking so good about this ship. but this ship, unlike all the others i've played made me lose trust in the developement of german naval engineering. its not a usual thing for me to blame my ship, and since other have been quite positive about this ship, im willing to accept that it could be the way im playing this ship. so the reason im making this topic is i want to know if there are any players on the forum who haved played this ship and managed to make it work? and if so, what are some good tips and tricks on how to play this ship?
  10. Kevon_Le_Tonque

    Cost of repairs Tier VIII up, is gamebreaker

    ''top heavy prevention'' i stopped playing wot because of the credits consumption. i had elited all the tier 1/4 tanks and barely had enough credits to afford myself the grind towards my first tier 10 tank. and then i still needed to buy and equip the tank. that was before the income got nerfed again, twice. now with the current income i find the joy of playing tanks is overwhelmed by the worries if it will be affordable. i cant play high tier platoons anymore with friends and the only thing i still log in to wot for is either skirmishes or clanwars at tier 6, and even low cost repair tanks on a skirmish can create negative digits if the team loses and i use 1 consumable but no gold. ofcourse if i would spend some real money everything would be much more affordable, from that point of view it seems more like ''free player prevention'' to me.
  11. Kevon_Le_Tonque

    I think the report system needs a update

    had the same problem, someone on purposly launching a salvo in my direction with no enemies detected, i dodged it and then he turned and launched at me again. it killed me and he got absolutely no consequences and in the reporting system there was no option for team damage. i just decided to go for the option that seemed the closest. playing poorly (killing the wrong team is a bad way to play the game) but still, despites having a good experience most of my battles, sometimes i do miss a few reporting options.
  12. Kevon_Le_Tonque

    Too many dds!

    i would like to see less DDS per side per battle, im a DD player myself and having too many DDs on both teams just really ruins my stealth. i have a hard time staying stealthy if i spot and get spotted at the same time by enemy DD we both then lose our stealth completely and become the prior target by anyone with torpedophobia, wich is almost everyone. having less DDs around gives me the option to remain stealth and target the big ships.
  13. Kevon_Le_Tonque

    i could use some advise

    i'll be both your friends
  14. Kevon_Le_Tonque

    i could use some advise

    actually i have had quiet a nice time in my japanese destroyers. i learned how to deal with survivability. only having 10k health points is really not something you want to spend very generously. so i learned to play stealthfully, knowing my detection range. and the range of my torpedo's. learning to launch my torps in the right direction at the right distance so they would meet the enemy before they run out of distance without me getting spotted. with this information at hand i have been succesfull at predicting a launch and dodging it before it came on my radar. sadly that only was once.
  15. Kevon_Le_Tonque

    i could use some advise

    so i have the myogi now. im trying to reach my first aircraft carrier(hosho) basicly just to see what its like. but with the big innacurate guns i have the feeling i should be close to my enemies. but then if i fire, im eating damage for 30 seconds and then i can fire again. if im too far away i wont be able to hit anything. but if i get too close i suddenly see a bunch of lines going trough the water straight at me, and then i am just counting down my death. either way. most of my games result in less than 5 shells hitting the enemy and then im gone. im pretty sure this is not how battleships are supposed to be played. can you guys give me some good advise on battleships because im rather not a burden to my team.