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  1. Cald0

    Where's my Warspite?

    Hi chaps thanks for all the answers. After a bit of back and forth with tech support it is indeed the case as you guys suggested - I had it in beta and it was removed when the game went into full release (although I honestly can't remember that at all). As we apparently had a 'long chance' to buy it back with my dubloons all those years ago I've basically missed the boat and I am SOL. Coincidentally as you guys have rightly said it's on sale today - but only for real money which is a bit frustrating as I've already 'paid' for it. I liked that big old boat but I'm not sure I liked it enough to pay more for it...
  2. Cald0

    Where's my Warspite?

    Thanks guys, ticket submitted. No doubt the Warspite will be a victim of powercreep by now but still I would like it back.
  3. Cald0

    Where's my Warspite?

    Hi guys, I've had world of warships since the beta in 2015 - after a long break I re-dowloaded it to see what's new. Given that I've not played since late 2015/early 2016 there's a whole new bunch of changes. Most significantly my Warspite is missing from my port? Can anyone fill me in if this should be the case? I've read some posts about the Warspite being removed from the shop but I can't see any about it being removed from the game?! I also bought the Gremyashchy back then as well but its still here...
  4. Cald0

    Module Researching not Shared

    Makes sense, the explanation is far too simple
  5. Cald0

    Module Researching not Shared

    Not sure if this is just an exclusive example; I've noticed that the Type4 mod 2 firing control has been researched and mounted on my Kuma. However the same module is not unlocked on my Isokaze, should these not share an equal unlock? I've attached images showing this below. I'm 99% sure it worked when I bought my Kuma, it comes with Type 6 torps by default, which automatically unlocked the Type 6 on my Wakatake.
  6. Cald0

    Gun turrets made out of playdough?

    I've seemed to notice an increase in it happening to me as of late, especially on my Warspite. Which really suffers with it being a tier 6 battle ship with only 16km range so you have to get up close and personal every time. Not even from BB hit, cruisers seem to knock out one turret and then another an awful lot. Ironically the Warspite has one of the chunkiest turrets IIRC.