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  1. TheWrongCat

    Worst ship in the game?

    Maybe a touch of Stockholm Syndrome here but I actually grew to like the Emerald towards the end of my grind with her. After realising that a gentle breeze was enough to sink her, I'd just declare at the start of the game that I would hug one of the BBs on my team. I'd hide behind that BB for the first half of the game, firing over the top of her. It was actually quite good fun, and one of the only times playing WoWS outside of a division where I've felt a really strong sense of teamwork.
  2. TheWrongCat

    HMS Dreadnought lives again!

  3. TheWrongCat

    Loot Boxes Feedback

    I don't know why, but it really bothers me that the containers use twistlocks, when these weren't invented until well after the end of WW2 :/
  4. TheWrongCat

    Ships that you will bring to Ranked Season 5

    Buki is bae. I'm hoping the Dragon flags will get my captain to 15pts before the start of the season so I can run her with CE and spot the USN DDs so the rest of my team can light them up. I'm seeing a distinct lack of people willing to field T8 cruisers in ranked.
  5. TheWrongCat

    Chatham dock event , whos going ?,

    This is actually the first I've heard of it. I'm really really tempted - it looks right up my alley.
  6. I have a theory for "Manners": Using "Good luck and fair seas" and/or "That was a great battle" voice commands in game. I'm going on this purely based on the name of the achievement.
  7. Actually, that one guy who said he got it without getting all the others provided no evidence to back that up. Maybe you're right. It certainly makes sense.
  8. They they got "Life and Soul" together with "King" makes me think that King is very much related to compliments.
  9. If "Life and Soul of the Party" is receiving one compliment, perhaps "King of the Party" is receiving multiple compliments? Say 3 or more? Or perhaps receiving a compliment from someone on the enemy team?
  10. TheWrongCat

    Royal Navy Tech tree Proposal

    By the way folks, what exactly is the current latest regarding ETA for at least some form of RN tech tree? I've been holding off on spending anything more on the game until they come out.
  11. TheWrongCat

    The Realm [RLM]

    Intro The Realm is a fully international multi-gaming community which started its online presence in November 2012. The group was formerly the construct of a bunch of bored college students who played games together. However, this changed with the group's foray into the MMOFPS Planetside 2. They found that numbers mattered in a game of such a scale, and began looking for others to play alongside them.The Realm continued to grow over a number of months as a Planetside-2-centric community, but eventually it was found that a lot of people were playing other games with their friends from Planetside 2, and so the logical decision was made to turn the community into a full multi-gaming community.Now, we have a significant presence in a number of games, and our loyal members are establishing branches in new games regularly.About UsWe try to maintain a very relaxed environment for our members. We do not impose any arbitrary activity requirements, skill thresholds, or age restrictions. We have members as young as 13 and as old as 54, who all get along famously.Don't be fooled by the '.co.uk' web address either. We have members from all around the world, including Europe, America and Oceania, enabling us to maintain a 24-hour presence which can indeed be extremely helpful in some situations.We cater for absolutely all skill levels, and members have the opportunity to kick back for casual games or work together to hone their competitive skills, or indeed just sit and chat for hours on end.Perks of MembershipThere are lots of clans and communities out there. Why should you want to be a part of ours? We like to think we've got a fairly unique thing going on here, and perks of membership include: Access to our 24-hour Teamspeak 3 server, on which you'll find a friendly, diverse bunch of people to play just about any game with. Full access to our online forums, which include some fantastic social facilities. This includes private areas not readable by the public. The chance to try out your journalistic prowess - we have a news feed to our new website which ensure that our members' fingers are kept on the pulse for games, deals and technology. The ability to contribute to and be featured on our YouTube channel. We have over 1,000 subscribers and welcome video submissions to the channel from all our members on any game. Having videos from your personal YouTube channel featured on our website. We average about 75,000 hits to our site per month, so that's a fair bit of potential traffic! Being part of a well-organised, relaxed, welcoming group of people who are here to have fun and enjoy our hobby together. How to Join UsGo to our website and click the "Register" button at the top-right of the screen - the site will prompt you from there!See Also: Our website Our YouTube channel Our Steam group Our Twitter account Our Facebook Page
  12. I feel bad for bumping this but I've seen a number of applications for our community come through as a result of this post, so I'm eager to try and get a few more on board
  13. Brilliant If you like that sort of humour you'll fit right in ;)