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  1. Congrats WG, i wasnt playing for over month, i even downloaded every update to come back when i would see some good change, but for me you are lost cause, and theres nothing you can do to fix that. Things you say, lies. Apologies not sincere. Well i wrote more stuff but i deleted them cuz i think they were very brutal. After posting i will delete game, but this time i wont install it again like i did in the past. I wish i could know real working voodoo. Exploding diarrehea on demand, for starters. I will still watch Flamu and Fambass and some smaller creators, to support them not you.
  2. Let me guess. 100 euro - monopoly euro money Headset - probably used and very cheap and not working Minitor - Monitor probably also not working. In the end you will blame everything on miscommunication.
  3. Dante_AK

    LIVE Reveal — New German Battleship Branch!

    The concept of the alternative branch of German battleships rests on short-range combat due to their low concealment, decent secondaries, and small number of main battery guns with a low range of fire. The ships are also armed with long-range torpedoes. When can we get more detailed stats for guns, torps, AA and ofcours secondaries. From this discription its more like more meat for everyone else, or just kamikaze style like paolo emilio, if you even get to other side alive. This looks and sounds terrible. Any fun gimmicks that would make me grind that new line? German bbs, are we joke to you WG?
  4. Dante_AK

    Dry Dock: Ägir

    "World of Warships is the largest virtual shipyard in the world." hmm, something wrong with this sentence, if i replace "P" with "T" in word "Shipyard", yes now its good.
  5. I play only 2 ships everyday, one to generate elite captain exp (cuz its my only 21 cpt), and second ship to have second 21 cpt. Whole day 200% bonus would be more usefull. Hehe nice try, but nope. Hehe nice try, but still nope. I will not waste my free 100 doubloons. i dont even remember how i got them. It would be better in reverse, 50% for tier 8-10, and 15% for tier 2-5. Huh? So few past weeks what was i getting when logged? Was it in my dreams? Matrix error?
  6. Dante_AK

    Why CV's Suck

    Well it worked in war thunder (also ww2/post war multiplayer game, also made by russian with no real competition), they probably saw how ignorant they can be to their playerbase just by releasing/changing/nerfing/balancing things nobody ask for, releasing new ships with new stuff (hybrid, airstrike), and even get more players to play by that, and more whales = more money, more money = more stuff/changes nobody ask for, more stuff/changes/ships = more stuff whale can spend money on. And repeat. Also some time before wg started buffing (cough nerfirng) premium ships war thunder did that before them recently, coincidence? don't think so. And watching general skill of wows players going down and down is just hilarious and sad at same time.
  7. If i will suck too much on higher tiers and it wont give a bit tiny amount of fun i will stop playing them just like carrier, i liked usa carrier till lexington, but midway (i know its good), didint felt right for me, my last resort would be now free exp riga and play it till petro, but who knows maybe submarines will be something for me, or those airstike cruisers, i think im trying to try everything again if it will renew my interest in wows again, or will to play more than just 2 sometimes 3 daily exp chest, im slowly getting on edge of quiting but at same time i dont want to quit.
  8. I think i forgot to mention why i want to play dds now. As a mostly german bb player i always liked to help friendly dds, and sometimes cover part of cap with secondaries, but now after cpt rework im less effective in that, and with long range meta im not always able get close to not risk being focused by everything as a easy german target that went too close. So i was thinking ill try again carrier, nope still dont like them, then i decided ill go baltimore and grind it till desmoins, but yee t8 are new t10 and even if i get good position i cant help dds like in bb. And i cant help them in bb, carrier or thing like baltimore cuz i cant prevent them from doing stupid things, like they go on cap smoke up and they spotted radar cruiser before that and yet they sit there suprised and soon dead, or eating enemy dd torps cuz they decide sit broadise to enemy dd, or my favorite, when friendly dd survives and enemy dds dies or get damaged and leaves for now, friendly dd was able to cap, and then he leaves whole flank blind, plenty of times. Or those matches where we lose 3-4 dds in like first five minutes of games, and more and more. Yeah i know that there are also bad cruiser players and bb players. But me as bb player i kinda need dd to spot and be alive. And theres too many daka dds that need others to spot for them. Every evening in wows is tragic, in weekend its masochism to play, so i decided that even if i will suck as dd player i will fit perfectly with current low skill lvl. I know that there are still some good dds players, and sometimes luck left them, or RNG decided against them, but its not many of them left.
  9. I would like to try and play some dds, i did try them when i was starting playing wows, it was bad experience not knowing anything about game and yeah, torping some friendly players. So are there like in title good starting tech tree lines? I remember long time ago flamu or flambass saying that german old tech tree line is good cuz its like jack of all trades, not great in anything but also not bad in anything, is it still actual? So i would pick german one and no clue what should i pick for second line, when one is in battle. I was checking some other tech tree lines of most played dds in randoms, but some of them dont have smoke at all, are dds without a smoke harder to learn? Also dds with deepwater torps seems ok. Can they defend themselfs against enemy dds with only guns? In general im looking something that have smoke, normal torps with some range, and can defend itself against dds, or at least have some chance in 1vs1 dds fight. I dont want to play shima and similar torp dds with bad guns. Or should i?
  10. Dante_AK

    beginners ( less than 8 weeks play) and matchmaking

    Do everyone a favor and stop playing carriers.
  11. Dante_AK

    Premium disappeared?

    I had recently 4 hours left of free 24 hours premium, and when i opened something i did get 24 hours, but under my nickname game was showing 2 days. Thats probably problem.
  12. Dante_AK

    What's going on with clans section ?

    Did game engine already gave up? will it overload and explode? For weeks now i have to load armory and clan section twice, cuz it always stops loading and only shows port with ship but no UI. Is it the end ?
  13. Dante_AK

    Credit making armory ships values.

    I just wanted spend coal on something i would enjoy at least a bit and earn some extra credits while playing it, but yee seems its better to wait.
  14. Dante_AK

    Credit making armory ships values.

    So Moskwa would earn same amount credits when it was tech tree ship but with premium camo ? And i almost bought Moskwa with premium camo for coal? Darn now i see it in armory, t10 coal ships have white icons in yellow circle, and everything else tier 9 and below yellow icons in yellow circle. So my best choice would be marco polo or 2x tier 9 dds, and i dont play dds eh :). And i reallly dont want fourth coal battleships. I wanted so badly some cruiser.
  15. Dante_AK

    Credit making armory ships values.

    Is there topic or any other info source of armory ships and how much credits they are making? I have musashi as my credit maker, but im interested in moskwa, but i dont know how much less or more credits it would do. Or maybe yoshino would do more ? I know there are YT lists of best credit makers, but some lists are outdated or some ships in them are not avaible, or are in containers. So are same type same tier credit making coal ships making same amount of credits? Example - musashi and georgia are making same amount of credits if both fight against t10 and both would make 1 kill, 120k dmg? Or every coal ship have different credit making number? If yes where i can see that?