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  1. chaplainDMK

    Massive desync

    I don't have any FPS drops at all, it's rock solid 60 fps all the time with mostly 30ms lag with slight spikes here and there. I'm not also getting much packet loss at least in the in-game indicator. It's not FPS or game performance at all. The deal is that the game just seems to be out of sync with what I'm seeing on screen, basically the game's engine renders everything 5 seconds after it happens or some weird convoluted craplike that. Like when I'm shooting at enemies I have to aim so that my shells hit the bow of the enemy ship to hit the actual middle of the ship in reality. Basically where the game renders the ships bow it's pretty much the center-mass of the ship in reality. If I heat the stern I will not register hits at all, they will just pass through. Same with torpedoes, they just simply go through the ship in the aft half.
  2. chaplainDMK

    Massive desync

    I have lately gotten massive desync issues or something, basically my ping is in the 30ms range, but the input lag is up to 5 seconds easy. Even in a DD if I go hard to one side it will take a few seconds AFTER the rudder indicator shows the rudder hard to one side before the ship starts turning.
  3. chaplainDMK


    Pensa is horrific, I cannot understand why it has to have SO MANY negtaives. It has no armor to speak off, it's citadel is freaking huge, it has pretty meh range (a Cleveland with the 155mm gun range boost captain skill outranges you heavily), the guns don't seem to be THAT good, and stock the traverse is insanely bad (45 seconds, what the hell?). It also seems to bleed speed like crazy in turns, much more than the Cleveland. All this coupled means that I find it incredilby hard to actually kite with the Pensa, as any movement will just throw my turrets off, and i'll loose 15 knots. The best situations I've found for the Pensa is to just ambush cruisers at extremely close range, basically like a US destroyer. Pop out from behind an island, AP loaded, and just unload into the citadel of the enemy cruiser. The damage potential and DPM of the ship is pretty significant if you can do that, and it means you don't have to manouver so much, so your turrets can stay on target.
  4. chaplainDMK

    Proposed British Aircraft Carrier Branch

    Actually RN carriers on average carried better self defence armament and heavier armor than any operational carriers of the time. Apart from I guess the Lexingtons in their early set-up with 8" guns. Until the Essex US carriers (apart from the Lexingtons) carried only 8 single 5"/38s, while the Royal Navy carriers since Eagle carried 8 dual 4,5"/45 turrets. So even with the Essex the Royal Navies carrier would carry 4 more 4,5" guns. The 4,5"/45 dual purpose turrets weird flat shape was specifically designed so it could be moutned at flight deck level without creating obstructions. It also fired a heavier shell than the US 5"/38 and had better range by about 3km (16km vs 18,9km) in vertical fire and a 1 kilometer higher ceiling in the AA role (11,3km vs 12,5km) Generally I'd expect Royal Navy carriers to be much much more survivable than other nations carriers due to better armor and better compartmentalization, as well as having great AA, but sacrifice airwing size
  5. chaplainDMK

    What am I doing wrong?

    So generally I have low damage and high survivability, e.g. I'm a bit of a pussy I guess that is a bit to be expected, as I generally play my Cleveland as a support escort, giving AA cover and DD screens to BB's and only start pushing when I feel like the BB's can handle themselves. Though I guess one thing that could play into it is that I have bad experiences with BB's, so I'm generally pretty reserved with them. I also have some tunnel visioning problems at times, specifically when engaged I sort of forget that there are other ships on the enemy team, so I often blunder straight into the entire enemy team and have to high-tail it out fast. Basically I imagine I spend too much energy just running away from such situations instead of actually damaging the enemy. I understand AP/HE and citadles very well imo, I can reliably nuke cruisers in my New York, and I could almost always 1v1 any T5 enemy cruiser by just out-DPMing them with citadels. Though right now the Cleveland is appaling for AP, I just can't make it work, I guess it's the high trajectory of the shells. Anyhow thanks for the suggestions everyone.
  6. chaplainDMK

    What am I doing wrong?

    As I said, I was asking if anything was specifically wrong, like having low average cap/decap points, low kills, low survivability whatever.
  7. chaplainDMK

    What am I doing wrong?

    It's 50,36% on EU apparently. Again I dont mind much, just surprised that it's only 47%. I was expecting it to be at least a bit over 50% like I have in WoT, though I agree I'd expect lower average winrates due to draws. But the average is still 50,36% apparently.
  8. chaplainDMK

    What am I doing wrong?

    I think my stats are pretty much average to slightly above average; Overall Past 24 Hours Past 7 Days Past 30 Days Past 60 Days Battles 342 0 0 0 0 Avg. Tier 4.48 0 0 0 0 Victories 161 47.08 % 0 0 % 0 0 % 0 0 % 0 0 % Survived 124 36.26 % 0 0 % 0 0 % 0 0 % 0 0 % Warships Destroyed 387 1.1316 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Aircraft Destroyed 530 1.5497 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 K/D Ratio 1.78 0 0 0 0 Capture 564 1.6491 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Defense 3077 8.9971 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Average Damage 34,823 0 0 0 0 Experience 327,294 957 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 But I still somehow have a 47% winrate, which is pretty sad imo. I'm not much of stat-*****, but I wonder if there's something I'm doing wrong that results in my team loosing more often? I try to capture bases and generally play towards victory (e.g. dont tally-ho off to somewhere in domination and forget about caps, try to cover our BB's as cruiser, intercept enemy TB's and DB's, communicate with my team etc.) but it seems on average I still loose/draw more often than not.
  9. chaplainDMK

    BB's need a huge buff against cruisers.

    Wait how am I biased? I have nearly a quarter of my games in a BB, a quarter in DD's and half in cruisers. I just think the stupid dispersion makes them feel like floating slot machines, and I sadly don't have a gambling problem to find them enjoyable.
  10. chaplainDMK

    BB's need a huge buff against cruisers.

    And yet shells still dip like crazy and two shells from one gun can fly both infront AND behind a ship at like 7 kilometers. Battleship dispersion is a freaking joke lol. At long range it's workeable, but at semi-close range, you can get such absurd spreads that I just cant bother playing BB's anymore. Also what I love the most in all these threads is how people go "Nu uh, BB's are okay, just play at either super close range/medium range/long range". The RNG on BB shells means that actual skill in shooting is only really somewhat knowing to lead, being succesful in BB's is mostly down to just not getting caught with too many people shooting at you at once, pounced by DD's or torp-cruisers, and being careful about where TB's are comming from. But how little actual influene you have on gunnery duels just makes it pointless to me, because one round I can nuke cruisers like nobodies business, while another I'll just overpen everything because my spread decides to throw all my shells at the superstructure, bow and stern and leave the juicy and sensitive mid-section alone, because my BBs dispersion cares about the feelings of others.
  11. chaplainDMK

    Manuel Topedobomber drop/ minimum Rang Balance

    + a proper attack animation
  12. chaplainDMK

    Opinion regarding the released German cruiser line

    Everything is legit in his post Anyhow, Leipzig class does seem a bit light for tier 6. Though at the same time, Cleveland does feel a bit heavy for tier 6. I do hope that Cleveland goes up to tier 7, and tier 6 US is something else, Pensacola or something. Or tier 6 US is Juneau, tier 7 CL is Cleveland, with T7 CA being Pensacola. Or something. Just the weight difference between Aoba and Leipzig vs Cleveland is telling, 8,9k tons vs 11,8k tons
  13. chaplainDMK

    Main Battery Destroyed

    I agree, there should be a major and minor turret incapacitation, but both should be repaired. Minor should be as it is now, 30s or something, while major should be 2,5-5 minutes which should replace the current destroyed turrets. Imo at least.
  14. I'd give you +2 just for the Tom Waits avatar. But yeah, good riddance. The only mods I think should be in are ship skins, and even then you have people with hitbox skins. So probably no mods is best. Just fromt WoT I despise XVM since people whine and ragequite because they will certainly loose if XVM calculates a 45% win chance; zoom mods and mods that give you info on the enemy tanks reload and true armor values are just plain cheating imo (it's not that hard to remember which tanks shoot fast and which dont, and which are armored and which arent, or is it?) and before the enhanced map info was available in vanilla it also sort of was unfair to people who didn't bother with it. Basically I agree, mods in MP games, unless everyone has them, are BS.
  15. chaplainDMK

    US Tier III - the first major obstacle

    St. Louis is murder for anything that gets in range. Phoenix will get eaten if it gets under 10 clicks of a St. Louis, and even an Omaha will get a good chunk of it's health taken away. SoCal is decent, certainly better than Kawachi. But low tier BB's are just crap, you get eaten by cruiser HE. I didn't really like the Wyoming that much more, and I'm not liking New York either. Just slow, poor to react, and totally at the mercy of RNG. Had one round where I instagibbed 2 cruisers in a row from full health at 10 kilometers, next round I got eaten alive by a Phoenix because every shot I fired at it overpenned for the glorious 830 damage rolls, while he wiped 1-2k with each salvo + all the fires he set. Wickes no idea, I liked it.