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  1. redlockk

    Update 0.10.5, Clan Battles restrictions

    Limit and dds now to no more than 1 .
  2. Hmmm that is a bad move wg 😊Bad boy wg Bad boy 😊
  3. Then we get nothing with the achievment ? I insist only becuse i hear that from my team mate. I dont pay atention on flags rewards becuse i have some.
  4. When we get achievment now we get a mission?
  5. redlockk

    Brawl 5 vs. 5 at the Helms of Tier X Ships!

    Poor rewards . CV harasment. Waste of time and flags. What can wg ofer more. Shame on you wg for youre poor experience to keep the players in game.
  6. redlockk

    Clan Battles: Tears of the Desert Season

    Ciclone dont help CV players and that is the way to wg. You must sufer all the time if you play that game.
  7. redlockk

    Clan Battles: "Greece" Season

    You ruin my dreams 😂😂😂 have a nice day 😂
  8. redlockk

    Clan Battles: "Greece" Season

    Hello i m abusing you. Pls inform wg we want to have daily missions complete in clan battle and clan brawl We play for 4 hours cb and its anoyng to see you dont finish them. Thanks
  9. redlockk

    Clan Battles: "Greece" Season

    Yes, only now we fight against dds and in setup we meet only 1 cruiser.thank you for your attention. 2 bb, 2 dd, 3 cruiser limit =balance 😎😊 have a nice cb to all im out 🤐
  10. redlockk

    Clan Battles: "Greece" Season

    Not to sub-classes just do not see same ship twice or 3 in setup
  11. redlockk

    Clan Battles: "Greece" Season

    We doing that becuse we are forced to. The problem is bb dont plays. With 4 dds bb lets say we put 1 in mid then we spot on left flank 3 dds until he turns guns, he fire 1 salvo poor dmg ,then they use smoke, no other ship spoted on the map then bb try a hit in smoke result 1 shell hit poor dmg. Meantime bb is farmed by 2 dds and 1 bb enemy behind somewere. At the end you feel useles as bb player on the map even if you win
  12. redlockk

    Clan Battles: "Greece" Season

    This is a game where you must grow youre fleet in time and cb is competitiv way to play. I think all the team for taifun and huricane they have no problem to play others ships. Others clan i beleve they strugle with this isue already not all players have all the ships. In time if they continue to grind they will.taifun and huricane clans they will adapt on every changes. Not forcing to play Alaska but if 1 team mates pick Alaska then you must pick something else etc .Alaska its just a example could be ibuki or other ship .no more than 1 cruiser type so we can fight against 3 diferent cruiser
  13. redlockk

    Clan Battles: "Greece" Season

    I meant 1 Alaska1 Kronstadt etc if they dont have they will play something else. If they dont have it even now they cant play it. And we all can see others setups with others ships in game lets be onest for 4 cb we see the Same ships in all setups in all the games. Its boring but when we meat a roon we all say ooooooh becuse its diferent 😊.nobody likes to see 4 Stalingrad 4 Venezia 4 petropavlosk 4 mogador in same time we are forced to play the same build. With 1 limit for cruiser pick and others will be nice to, we can meet others ships to play. I prefer to have players feeling good in what they play and not force them to play dd when he perform in azuma for example. .then we can have restriction after 1 month to see something else until cb ends .in my opinion
  14. redlockk

    Clan Battles: "Greece" Season

    In random wg put a limit to 4 when we face 12 enemy in cb we are 7 and face 4 dd .wg must undesteand there is hard to play bb becuse reload dont help and even you punish one dd they disapear becuse concelmant and speed help dd to disangage. After 1 game you look at dmg and 1 bb deal 50 k dmg and1 dd deal 120k .to have more balance in cb i can sugest to have limit on 2 BB 2 dd and 1 cruiser pick only so we can face something else and all players have the joy to play cb.with 1 cruiser pick we will see only 1 type of cruiser ex.1 Alaska Kronstadt 1......to others the same option will be good to .Right now some of us having fun but 2 mates just siting there on the map and hope all be fine. I want to congratulate my bb player when he fire a nice salvo .in the state of this meta dd rush we cant do that. Sory for my english .thanks
  15. redlockk

    Clan Battles: "Greece" Season

    Why we must play bb when we face only dds? 2 bb and 1 cruiser and 4 dds .what can do a bb to counter 4 dd with slow reload and slow speed. Where is the fun to play bb?where is this fun when you cant push becuse there is 2 or 3 dds in front. Where is the balance in cb? Why you (wg) dont put limit on dds to 2 . Thanks