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  1. redlockk

    ST 0.9.7, Unique Upgrades

    That is just unique trash
  2. redlockk

    RO-RN only romanian players

  3. redlockk

    Results of Clan Season IX: Warrior's Path

    If this season is boring like the past season ,we (RO-RN) we have no problem to play GTA again
  4. redlockk

    Continous chat bans

    You all complain but even wg in 1 movie from how its works say you all stupid i dont remember exactly i just watch it with one guy from academy and in that movie in chat you can see the words all stupids from wg 😎
  5. redlockk

    Clan Brawl 10

    If wg wants to bring something intense and interesting give us more rewards. Lets say we use 15 flags for 1 battle and we get nothing back. 15 flags for 15 battles and we won 3500 coal 😷😷😷😷. with 3500 coal we cant buy nothing. my 2 cents
  6. redlockk

    Games over in under 10 min

    Wg love it becuse is the only way to not giving nothing to all of you .Short game =no achivements = you lose flags .camo= you need more flags np buy it ...easy 🤑🤑🤑
  7. redlockk

    Clan battles season 9

    The best play mode in cb was with ciclone much more fun with beautyfull close combat .this season we stop playng Max boring to see only 3 ships all season even we was close to huricane nobody want to go on so we move to play GTA thanks to wg 😎
  8. redlockk

    500000 oil in clan

    What is the point to have so much oil if we cant use it?. DEEEVS!!! Focus to do some new buildings in clan base?
  9. redlockk

    RO-RN only romanian players

    Bim bum bam
  10. Why you cant make a update without any issue. Why we always have problems. Why we must get sick of youre apologize why why whyyyyy
  11. redlockk

    RO-RN only romanian players

    Te contactez diseară pe joc
  12. redlockk

    Too much toxicity

    With 108 k dmg with yamato in rank sry but that guy tell you something true. You must improve youre stile to play this game
  13. redlockk

    RO-RN only romanian players

  14. redlockk

    Oil in clan base

    Hello ,i check last night and we got more 260000 oil now 🤪 can i sugest with the release of submarine to build something new in clan base and maybe one building for capitans with 19 points to improve the skill at least 1 skill on player choice something like 1% or more 🙂.I have more ideea 😎 i embrace youre atention and i wish you guys bring something new thanks
  15. redlockk

    Oil in clan base

    I got all the ships from tier 5 to 10 all and yes i dont have problems with credits and free exp but some of us want to use that oil since we have tresory .