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  1. GBDarkAngel

    When a Team doesn't know where to go...

    That is 90% of random games now. They lemming train left or right then group up and die. Random needs to be removed from the game and replaced. Its a cesspool of toxicity. More often than not you will find you have quite a few ships further back from the enemy than when the game started.
  2. GBDarkAngel

    AFK'ers Any suggestions on how to deal with them?

    Its a Scottish thing m8.
  3. GBDarkAngel

    AFK'ers Any suggestions on how to deal with them?

    Ok..Lets change to "absent from the majority of the battle". Does that fit better?
  4. GBDarkAngel

    AFK'ers Any suggestions on how to deal with them?

    You obviously werent AFK then for the entire battle. Were you.....DOH !!!!!!!!
  5. First two games this morning and we have a total of 7 afkers on our team and the opposition claiming to have a total of 5. So lets say i report the 7 on my side in the first two games. That's all my reports gone (not that i use them). Self policing is obviously not working so i feel it should be down to WG to devise a system to detect afkers and deal with offenders harshly. By harshly i mean 5 days away from random if you are caught a couple of times in one day. Nothing worse than planning tactics only to realise 3 of your team mates are clawing the head off it to WG Manga schoolgirls.
  6. GBDarkAngel

    Chat Ban for Complaining!!!!

    So i was in a game and a few minutes later it says i have a chat ban due to complaints. Any idea what this is? I made complaints against a couple of idiots in the game but that was it. I have attached a screenshot to show why i complained about them. I personally think it was warranted.
  7. GBDarkAngel

    Transfering Premium ships between accounts

    You could just claim your cash back that you have spent on the other account. The account will be banned though but as your not going to use it again then i dont see the issue. You would then be free to spend the refunded money on the account you use most often. Obviously this depends on what payment method you use for Warships.
  8. Wow... man you are a true Hero !

    1. GBDarkAngel


      Did i upset a few people?


  9. GBDarkAngel

    Citadels and Damage

    Hi Guys Im a little puzzled by something that just happened ingame. I came up against a Neptune who was sneaking round the back of me. I was in my Seattle. He had approx 15k HP left. I switched to AP. Got 24 hits on him for what the game tells me was a total of 23,328. I also got 6 Citadels on him. Now he killed me with his torps but I was a little shocked to see he still had 14,300 HP left after my hits. Can someone who is familiar with the game mechanics explain that to me please? Ive included the screenshots. Thanks
  10. GBDarkAngel

    Chat ban - seems pretty ridiculous

  11. GBDarkAngel

    Chat ban - seems pretty ridiculous

  12. GBDarkAngel

    Chat ban - seems pretty ridiculous

    The difference is when i play a game that requires you to be 18 or over to register etc then I accept there is going to be some good old fashioned banter. You are the very definition of a that most modern annoying thing "A snowflake". If someone says something in chat that you can take two ways (banter or offensive) you will always choose offensive and go crying to to the Devs. Some of us live in a real world where all manner of things happen. We deal with it. We move on. We don't go crying to anyone who will listen.
  13. GBDarkAngel

    Chat ban - seems pretty ridiculous

  14. GBDarkAngel

    Chat ban - seems pretty ridiculous

    Chat bans are a joke. If you need a "safe place" when anyone swears or calls you a moron, retard, f"^ktard or whatever then you really shouldn't be anywhere near the internet or people in general. *edited Just saying.